Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Body pump and the weigh-in!

Hey everyone.

After deciding I wanted to try out a new class again, I booked onto onto Body Pump. I wasn't really sure what to expect but yesterday I went, feeling a bit anxious. Much like I was when I tried Boot Camp the other week.

I knew the instructor as she also teaches Zumba at my local leisure center, so that was somewhat reassuring. As I arrived some of the other women were collecting various bits and pieces out of a room? A long bar, some different coloured weights etc... Hmmm. Rather awkwardly I followed suit and some of the women recommended that I get two yellow weights and two green, yellow being the lightest.

After collecting the various things, including a step, a mat and then going back to get some clips, to of course hold the weights on the bar, novice alert! I was finally ready to begin. Eek!

We started with a quick warm up e.g. side stepping and marching etc etc... After that, the class generally consisted of lifting weights in various ways. For example, we lay on the step and pushed the bar, with the weights on either side, up and down in varied ways, up for 2 down for 2, up for 3 down for 1, yada yada. That was a particular killer and I only used the yellow weights! I need to remember to look at the colour values next time for you really!. 

We also held the weights over our head so that the bar was resting a little on our shoulders. Then with this we did some lunge and squat/bend exercises. I actually really enjoyed this...but then again I am a lot stronger in my legs than I am in my arms. They get more use, I guess! Which is also why I'm aiming to improve my arm strength, equal it out a little. 

Another exercise that I liked, which I'd never have thought of doing myself, was to place a weight, this time I used a heavier green one, on the stomach whilst doing stomach crunches and sit ups. Brilliant! I also like working my stomach...again, stronger than my arms hehe!

Overall, I did enjoy the class. It was a very different kind of workout though. I'm used to high impact cardio with lots of jumping about and sweating like crazy! This wasn't as 'sweaty' or quick paced but afterwards you could definitely feel the work-out. This morning my arms were particularly achy, however nowhere near as bad as the ache I felt after my first Boot Camp sess!

All in all I'd def recommend people to give this class a try, especially if you're looking to get into using weights a bit more. The good thing about this class is that it shows novice's, like me, how to correctly use the weights and gives you ideas for the different exercises that can incorporate them, such as sit-ups! I may go and buy some weights of my own at some point...so I can continue using them when I have to return to uni and stop doing the classes. Not looking forward to stopping my routine, AT ALL! Guess I'll just have to create a new one!

Now...for the dreaded weigh-in! Well, sadly it wasn't great this week. Nothing happened! Yes, unbelievably I stayed the same. I still have no idea for why this is. I did everything right as far as my ProPoints were concerned and amazingly the only real thing I changed was 'up-ing' the amount of exercise I do. Last week I did AT LEAST 1 hour of intense exercise and unlike normal I didn't have a day off (usually Saturday). I got bored so decided to 'gym it'.

Doesn't make sense, right?! After speaking to some WW members they have suggested that I may have retained more fluid from the increased exercise or it's possible that I should have eaten a few more points to fuel my body for it... If anyone has any other theories about why I only maintained, then please share.

Don't get me wrong I was disappointed...seeing the scale go down every week is an amazing feeling. But, oh well...let's hope my next weigh-in will be more productive!

Onwards and upwards guys!

Stay stong this week ;)

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