Thursday, 27 November 2014


Happy BLACK FRIDAY everyone!!! I don't know about you but I love a good excuse to go shopping! :P

Some great deals in my business for TODAY only.

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Health, Beauty & Lifestyle- Ellie Cooper

Have a great day!!! And it's Friday! :)


Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Link me in!

Hello! So I'm working on my networking, new business and all, and I've just joined Linked In.

I'd appreciate any adds on there from yourself if you're apart of it, or alternatively why not check it out?!

Cheers me dears! :)


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Happy Monday!

Many people are truly depressed by the fact it's Monday...the weekend seems so far! However I say, smile! It's only another day.

If you aren't smiling you're doing something wrong. Maybe time for a change?

This business makes me smile.

And the fact I only have 4 more Monday's like today...

If you don't like what you do, only you can do something about it and change it!

Have a great day!!!




A good busy week

Hey. So I guess I'll start from the top, with Monday.

My week didn't begin too well as I woke up absolutely shattered with the onset of a migraine. I returned back to bed and called in sick at work. Was definitely for the best. Children and bad heads are never a good combo!

After dinner I came round a bit and later managed to do my standard core class followed by body pump. Smashing sess!

Tuesday. Back to school. Highlight of the day was being reunited with my bed and napping! :)

Wednesday (like most days to be fair) was all about the evening. I hosted a Christmas gift party for my best customers. Was a nice night and I even got to dress up! So did my sister bless her. Check out my Christmas gift page.

Thursday...I got through the school day, as long as it seemed, and headed to a team member's house to do her a launch party for the business. Again a lovely evening!

Friday! It always makes me smile. After school I got to see my little pidge...
Also known as Brooke my niece. I love her to absolute pieces. After cuddles and as tired as I was I didn't stop and instead made the most of the evening and showed the business to someone interested in earning an extra income like myself. It went really well and she is going to be in my team! :P

Saturday. I slept in until 8am! Wow :) Caught up on Hollyoaks and cried my eyes out! I went Christmas shopping. Then did a party for another team member over Skype! Love technology. Was really fun! Then I got dolled up for a night of clubbing...

Was a great night and I'm sure I'll be finding glitter for the foreseeable hehe! :P

And today, Sunday. Supposedly the day of rest...but been quite busy! After getting in at 3am I didn't wake up until around 9am. However I felt pretty fresh. I headed straight for a Mcdonald's breakfast and then went to visit my Grandma! I then returned some products I'd borrowed to my team. About 1pm I decided to take a nap. I LOVE a good nap! Woke up, had lunch and then went with my family to see the new hunger games film. I really enjoyed it! Worth a watch I say :)

I hope next week turns out to be as good as this one! I sometimes feel like a rest but I genuinely enjoy being busy and being busy in my business always leads to good things! I just watched some fantastic training online tonight. Truly inspirational. Feeling very positive and ready for the week ahead.

Have a good one everyone!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

More Fantastic C9 Results!

A Tuesday Night Thought.

Tonight I did something for a work friend of mine. Nothing big. A little gesture with the sole purpose of making her smile.

I won't go into what it was as that's not the important thing here, but it was so worthwhile.

I know that right now she'll be smiling (once she's got over the crying...happy tears!) And she told me that it has 'made her night'.

Ironically, it's also made my night!

Just thought I'd share with you all.

Sweet dreams

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas Gift Sets!

Hey everyone! So I'm really excited! I've had such a festive weekend, putting up my Christmas tree and decorations etc. And you might think WHAT?! It's only mid-November!


However Christmas has had to start early in my house this year in aid of the wonderful Christmas Gift Sets I'm doing, along with my special Aloe Vera Christmas parties. Sure, I'd love to invite you all to these but as a virtual friend/acquaintance/blogger it sadly isn't possible!...

Nevertheless I can still share with you the wonderful gift sets I have on offer, along with the option of personalizing a gift set to meet your present needs! In terms of delivery, if you are not local to me this isn't a problem as I am willing to come to some P&P arrangements! :)

Please have a nosey at my Christmas Gift Facebook Page for lots of ideas or alternatively have a look at my Online Shop for all products, so you can build your own set and tell me what you'd like!

**I am discounting the Gift Sets (A Christmas special) so your order will always come to less than the standard retail price with added extras such as chocolates thrown in for free!

Below are a few of my personal favourites.

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Last Sunday was AWESOME!!!

Hello! So I've been wanting to do this post ALL week but I simply haven't had chance until now. So last Sunday, after the exciting few days I'd already had (see here), I woke up early to head down to Warwick for my business training day. I was excited to hear from the special guest speakers and also mingle with people in the business. Once the room filled, (@ the Hilton Hotel) there was approx. 250 guests.

I had absolutely no idea that the presenters planned to do a little celebratory recognition for people who had reached certain positions in the business. As I have recently become Supervisor I had to go to the front along with others like myself. Pretty daunting with a room full of people.

The opportunity arose for two of us to share our story. My heart pounding I decided to volunteer. I promised myself a few months back that I would say YES to more things and take any good opportunities that come my way. It's not everyday that you talk in front of a bunch of strangers!

Over the course of the day I gained so much knowledge and fantastic tips to help expand my business. The speakers were all so brilliant! ...

Then came the prize draw...

One of the many things that this business does well is: RECOGNITION. Already many of us had been applauded and praised for doing well in our businesses, but it didn't stop there. As an extra incentive for the month of October, some of the top people in the business had arranged a raffle type prize draw. There were so many brilliant prizes up for grabs, with the top prize being an iPad Mini.

Around 500+ tickets were in the hat, of which I had 14 of them. After a few announced name came out and I won a lovely Forever Aroma Spa Kit (which I would certainly recommend). Very happy, I went up and collected my prize!

Never did I expect what was to come...

I only went and won the main prize!!! Completely overwhelmed and shaking like a leaf I went up and collected my Brand NEW iPad Mini! Chris (a very successful lady in the business) asked me if she could ask me a question. She said 'has anybody ever given you a free iPad?!' To which I replied 'NO!!' Again, it was quite daunting in front of all those people but completely amazing at the same time!

It's safe to say I went away from the event absolutely chuffed to bits! I still cannot believe the day I had!

I love this business! :)

Take a peek at it here.


Thursday, 6 November 2014

A little positivity...

Hey. I've just seen this lovely little motto and wanted to share before bedtime. I'm all about positive thinking right now. I've seen what it can do and what can be achieved when your mind is in the right place. So strive towarrds your dreams and desires, but do it with a bit of style and sparkle ;)



Saturday, 1 November 2014

Halloween, Promotion && New Baby!

Hey! So if you've been following my recent posts you'll know I've been having the best time just lately. And things just keep getting better! I'm going to ignore the little feeling that's saying "things are going a bit too well", and enjoy it!

Sooo...Halloween! Let me tell you...I LOVE this holiday. It's my favourite actually. I'm a huge horror, blood, guts, and gore fan (as long as it's the fake kind that is!). So I definitely HAD to dress up.

After last year's Halloween Dorothy and Zombie 'Boot-Camper' (I did a fitness class as a zombie lol)...

...This year I went with Zombie Prom Queen :)

I went out with some friends and had a really good night :) There were some absolutely brilliant costumes and I loved seeing everyone's efforts!! It was also a great opportunity to celebrate my new job and earlier in the day....

...I got promoted in my business!! 

I worked really hard in the month of October to climb to the Supervisor position in my new business. If you bare in mind that I only started mid-August time, you'll appreciate the feeling of achievement I have! If you would like to have a nosey at what the business is and maybe look at earning an extra income like me, then please check out my website here for more information.

And then if a promotion and a Halloween night out wasn't enough in one day, my sister went into labour around 4pm! After a gruelling 19-ish hours... baby Brooke was born! Weighing a mere 5lbs 14oz. (and that's 2 weeks late aswell!) I am one proud Auntie! I don't think the picture does her teeny tiny size justice but believe me she is itzy bitzy and super cute!!! 

I'm literally struggling at the moment to stop beaming like a fool. 

How has your week been? Any good Halloween pics? :)