Sunday, 29 March 2015

Invisalign Braces #2

Hi everyone. Just a quick update. As promised I said I'd keep you all up-to-date with my journey to better teeth!

In my first post I talked about why I wanted Invisalign braces and what they essentially please see that if you're curious.

After having my moulds and x-rays taken it was a waiting game to see if I was indeed eligible for the braces. If you are, they then go about creating a digital version of your teeth. I was later invited to a free appointment showing my teeth on the computer. It was very strange to see them on the screen and my dentist then hit the 'play' button which showed how the braces would slowly move my teeth. The finished result was incredible and I knew right there that I HAD to have them!

However due to my situation at the time (the whole quitting my job saga!) I knew on paper I'd never get a loan with Medenta like I had previously planned. My dentist told me I had 100 days to decide whether to go ahead with them as after that time your teeth can move a bit and I'd have to have the moulds redone!

I went back to the dentist on 21st March (still within the time frame) and decided to pay in cash. It wasn't even a question of whether I wanted the braces but luckily my business has taken off and has allowed me go ahead!

If anyone is considering them, mine have cost me £3200 (yet I'd already paid £1000 for work prior, to then be given the green light to get them!) and generally all Invisalign are around the same pricemark.

The next available appointment isn't until the 23rd May so I have a bit of a wait! However I'm very excited to know that it's all finally going to be happening!!!

Soon I can do this> :D confidently!

I've been quoted that I'll have to wear the braces for 40 weeks to get the desired result which is less than I expected to be honest.

My next Invisalign post will be when I have them!!! Watch this space :)

Friday, 27 March 2015

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Trio: Limited Edition

Hi everyone. So I went shopping last weekend, for a dress actually, but ended up in the makeup and skincare department of John Lewis! Like you do! :)

I'm sure I don't need to go into how special Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish is and it's been a holy grail product for me for some time. However if you haven't had the pleasure of experiencing it then in a nutshell it literally melts off your makeup in such a sensitive fashion. It's the only thing I've ever found to remove my mascara and eye makeup successfully without any stinging whatsoever!

So, I knew I was running low on my Cleanse & Polish and planned on simply repurchasing my usual one. It's pretty decent and lasts me a fair few months. Yet when I got to the Liz Earle section the special edition ones immediately caught my eye. Unbeknowing to me, they are currently celebrating their 20th anniversary and have a special set as pictured above available for a limited time only.

Upon smelling the added flavours to the original Cleanse & Polish, I knew I had to have them! They're gorgeous! I'm yet to try them as I'm waiting until I run out of my normal one...but I'm in for a treat for sure!

The set retails at £50 which is a little more than I was looking to spend but I know they'll last me ages! Here's the link if you'd like to have a nosey :)

Does anyone else have these?


Sunday, 15 March 2015

2 months, 2 promotions!

As I'm sat writing this, I'm realising that I need to start back posting regularly again. Each day in my business we hear all too often how being consistent is so very important and I believe the same goes for blogging. 

I love how therapeutic it is to write your thoughts down.

So in my last post I talked about how things don't always go as planned but how important it is to remain positive and focus on the things that make you happy. This is what I've done.

Rewind to the end of February and I got my second promotion in my FLP business...

I've said it before and I'll say it again, but I've never known recognition like what this business offers. The congratulations and well dones are endless and I had a great day being recognised at the Success Day event at the NEC in Birmingham on the 28th Feb...

But why stop at Assistant Manager?....

7 months ago I signed up to an opportunity. An opportunity that everyone around me was skeptical about and said wouldn't work. Even I wasn't sure. In my first planning meeting I chose Supervisor level to aim to get to. Not so ambitious! But I didn't believe I could get to Manager level. 

14th March 2015 I HIT MANAGER!!! 

I am still so overwhelmed by what this actually means to me!!! I'm learning everyday that anything you put your mind to is achievable. There are no short cuts. Hard work, self-discipline and motivation. A positive mindset. Whatever you think you can, you will! 

In all honesty though...I could not have done it without my AMAZING TEAM! Everyday they make me smile. I cannot thank them enough!

Now, I better get dress shopping (for the next recognition day!)... Your recommendations on sites/places that sells beaut dresses? :P