Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Beauty Wishlist

Hello :)

As always there's a lot of beauty things I'd like, but just lately I feel that the list of 'definitely getting at some point' is mounting up! So, I thought I'd get them down on a blog post to ensure I remember what they are and also share my beauty desires with all of you!

I've heard good things about Bioderma, as I'm sure you all have!? Bloggers have gone mad for this bottle of solution and I can't help wanting to get my hands on one. I've found a few of these around eBay for £16-£20, but apparently it is launching in the UK soon, (it's mostly available in France atm). So, I think I'll keep an eye out and ear open for this!

Next up, Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara. This seems to me like such a cool and handy product to have. I mean, I'm always smudging my mascara when applying it to my bottom lashes and it seriously annoys me! However it's definitely not a beauty 'essential' I guess, so it's whether I can warrant spending £11 on something I don't actually need. But ohhh...I do want it :)

Ohhh what a beauty! As soon as I heard about the Naked Flushed Palette I got excited! Like a lot of you I imagine, I'm a huge fan of the Naked eye shadow palettes and couldn't imagine eye makeup without anything paletted and titled Naked would most likely appeal to me. That being said it is £20, so for now I will have to lust over it!

The YSL Glossy Lip Stain. To be honest I love everything about these. The packaging is fab with the shiny gold lids and I love how they've included a little window in the base so you can see a pop of the shade colour! From drooling over these in store, the applicators seem good and the formula seems very smooth and easy to apply. However although I said I loved everything about these, I guess this isn't true because their price tag is a little off-putting at £22.50-£23.50. ...One day...

For a while now I've been thinking how unsightly my cuticles are! However I literally cannot stand the feeling of pushing them goes through me! *Shiver* So, I'm thinking this might be a good solution? Anyone used it, or something similar?

Nars, Nars, Nars! I'm actually yet to own or try anything from this brand! I know, it's criminal...especially as I've heard so many great things, time and time again, about their blushes! The shade I'm after is Super Orgasm, which has received a lot of good press...haha press...pressed powder...sorry, bad joke alert! :P Anyway, at a little more than £20, I'll admire from afar...for now.

And last but certainly not least, the DiorShow 360 Mascara. My friend Gina pulled this amazing tube out of her makeup bag the other day, and as soon as I saw it's rotating brush head I knew I needed this in my life! Does anyone remember Maybelline's 'vibrating' mascara a few years ago?! Well I absolutely loved that! It made my lashes twice as long and I never found any clumps! I'm imagining that Dior's moving mascara will recreate these results!?

And there we go...I'm 100% sure there's more I could add to the list but for now, these are my wishes :)

If anyone owns any of these, please let me know what you think of them?! Or if any of you have them on your wishlist!?

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Travel home make-up

Hello lovelies :)

So, last week was half term in Nottingham which meant I got to go home...see my mum & dad and all that :P

Above is what I call travelling light. In fact, I did take more makeup home but I decided to only include what I actually used whilst there!

I love my Paper Planes by Disaster Designs Wash's not only cute in the form of a parcel but it's rather large so it can hold a lot. I bought mine here

I'll start with essential brushes. 

From the left is my Mac 129se which I love for applying blusher; 
my Sigma f82 rounded top kabuki great for foundation; 
another Mac 129se to apply my face powder; 
a cheap angled-eye brush for my brow kit; 
and finally the brilliant Mac 217 blending brush for eye shadow.

Face stuff.

From the left... No More Shine Setting Spray by Skindinavia. This is one of my holy grail products. A must have to keep my makeup in place and take away that powdery finish. I ordered mine from the Skindinavia site but it's cheaper here.

Pressed powder by 17. It does the job and it's pretty compact :)

Enzymion moisturizer from Lush. I love the citrus-y scent, it's brill for oily skin and helps prep my face for makeup. 

A Bobbi Brown blush in Slopes. Pretty colour.

bareMinerals Matte foundation. I used this the most whilst home...on those days when I wanted a lighter finish.

Benefit's Porefessional. This is a brill foundation primer...however I only used it once as I find it doesn't work too well with mineral foundation.

Chanel Perfection Lumiere...I love this foundation A LOT. However I only needed this heavier duty foundation on the one occasion whilst home.

Lastly, Mac's Studio Finish concealer. Very important for me, especially with my recent acne outbreak!


The Naked palette by Urban Decay. Enough said. 

Max factor's Clump Defy mascara. I'm enjoying using this purple tube atm!

Urban Decay's 24/7 glide on eye pencil. I'm all about the black eyeliner and this one is a beauty. It has serious staying power. Next to it, I also took home my liquid eyeliner by Rimmel which I used on the same occasion as my Chanel foundation (I went pubbing it :P)

Benefit's Brow Zings has been a part of my essential makeup for over a year now and I can't imagine ever not using it!


As you can see I was quite strict with myself in terms of lip products. 

Generally I just used Lush's lip scrub in Popcorn flavour. This is simply delicious and it helps keep my lips nicely exfoliated. 

Afterwards I'd put on a bit of my Pomegranate lippy lip balm, from The Body Shop, to moisturise my lips and keep them nice and soft.

Finally, on more special occasions, I applied my Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stain on top to add a pop of colour. I love the build-able red colour that the shade Romantic gives!

...And that's a wrap!

Saturday, 23 February 2013



In my chocolate alternative post I talked about my family trying a new fruit each week. Well, this week was the turn of the Papaya fruit.

Pictured above, I had high hopes for it because it looked like it would be sweet and certainly juicy. Well...It was juicy...but as for the flavouring...what flavour? My dad couldn't taste a thing lol.

For me, it tasted pretty bland and reminded me of some fish food I used to feed to my pet goldfish! No I never ate the fish food but the papaya tasted what the flakes smelt like, if that even makes sense?!

I guess we should have done our homework a bit first. My mum tried one of the seeds and got a very bitter shock and  no wonder...According to Wikipedia, the seeds can make a good substitute for black pepper! Haha!

Although the fruit is generally eaten raw, it can be cooked and supposedly used in curries, salads and stews. So, hardly the type of fruit to expect sweet things from! Perhaps similar to a tomato in this respect...although I reckon most tomatoes are sweeter tbh!

All in all...for me this is not a winner. I do like this 'try a new fruit each week' thing though...I might just try and continue it when I'm back at Uni :)

It seems papaya leaves a bit of an aftertaste...again reminiscent of fish food!...Going to grab a drink :/ ...Bleurgh!

Thursday, 21 February 2013

NOTD: Barry M & Andrea Fulerton


So, I found a couple of nail polishes stashed away in a vanity case that I'd completely forgotten about! Not sure how...but I feel like I've got new stuff! :)

Barry M: 167 Lavender Blue. I immediately liked this colour and it has a nice shimmer to it. The purpley-grey shade is a winner in my opinion, so I chose to paint the majority of my nails with this. I applied two coats to give the colour payoff in the picture. 

Barry M: 166 Orchid. As I had also stumbled across this polish, I was keen to use them both so I decided to use this lovely shimmery pink shade for my accented nails. Again I applied two coat.

I must say the Barry M polishes applied like a dream...some of the best ones I've used! I love how the formula is quite thin, yet not runny, and this makes application really easy. The varnish literally glides onto the nail and it seemed to be fairly quick drying too! Big thumbs up to Barry M!...Might have to invest in some more of these nail polishes!

Lastly I added a clear topcoat for extra shine and protection, using Andrea Fulerton's Gloss Up Overcoat. Again I'd forgotten about this but I'm a big fan of this brand too...

Petrol in water

Especially the Andrea Fulerton Trios...The one above is my absolute favourite! Look how it turns out when you layer the polishes...

The picture doesn't in fact do the colour the justice it deserves...SO PRETTY! :)

Disappointing Products!

Hello beauties :)
This week is half term in Nottingham, so I left my uni abode and came back to home comforts for a bit! 

And, upon opening up my make-up storage (currently a weird shelved wardrobe thingy magig) I was surprised at how many products I'd left behind, like the 'Renford rejects'...Give me a comment if you remember this classic 90's kid programme! :P

But on closer inspection I realised why they'd been forgotten and thought about how disappointing each of them had been. So, maybe in an attempt to prevent others from suffering the same disappointment I thought I'd share what they were and tell you why I don't like them, or why they aren't worth the money. Of course, it's only my opinions so you can take my advice as you will. With a pinch of salt if you wish? :P

If you'd rather watch me talk about these products click above! But if you fancy a read...scroll on down :)

First up, MAC's Cleanse Off Oil. Yeah, yeah, I know a lot of you might love it, but for me I just can't get on with it! Agreed it does literally 'melt off' your make-up without any effort, but for me it also finds a way into my eyes and temporarily blinds me! No matter how carefully I try to remove my eye make-up, it seeps in somehow. Give me Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish any day thanks!

Goodbye cellulite?! Hmmm. I'm afraid it's true...I fell for the gimmick. I mean as if there's a product to essentially disguise fat cells?! Sure it gives a nice cooling sensation, application is pleasant, and I suppose it helps to moisturise your skin but hard work and exercise is the only thing I've found works in regards to cellulite. Don't fall for the nice idea like me!

Rimmel's Scandal Eyes Mascara. To be fair I think Rimmel are actually doing a fab job at the moment and are definitely in the running for the best high street/drug store brand imo. But, I guess there's always the odd anomaly or 'blip'. The brush is far too big for my liking and this makes application really difficult and darn right fiddly. I'm not a big fan of the formula either which seems to take ages to dry, but perhaps that's to do with the many a clumps this attracts?! It's cheap and cheerful at £6.99 but nope, it's not for me!

Avon's Colour Trend...eye shadow/liner stick? Had this one a while and only used it once...says a lot really! The quality of the cream shadow and crayon liner just isn't great. It blends...with effort, but there's nothing that nice about it. Just a big thumbs down to be honest!

Nicola Robert's Dainty Doll WHITE Foundation by Jelly Pong Pong. Yep, I guess the shade is enough to put you off, unless of sure you're Snow White. But I thought maybe the idea behind this would be to mix it with those foundations that are perhaps a little too dark for you? Waste not want not and all that. Wrong. In fact this questionable foundation contains serious sparkle! I mean I like a bit of shimmer and all that but not over my entire face! It's just odd. Enough said. 

Laura Mercier's eye lash curlers. I'd say be aware of these. Sure the design is really cool and you think 'ahh they're so compact and nifty', but they over-curl like a bi-atch. They don't fit my eyes particularly well either and I remember them to be fairly pricey. I'll stick to my bog-standard cheap curlers for now I think!

Lip stains/ lip pen markers. I guess this isn't all that personal to Maybelline's Color Sensational and Max factor's Lipfinity versions, but they dry out so quick! I mean under the month mark. And then you get that scratchy feeling when trying to apply them. I don't think I can warrant the money for just a few week's worth of use. However, I must say the Maybelline one smells absolutely summer fruit berries! Yum.  

Max factor's Lipfinity two step duo. I really like the concept of this, with the glossy texture drying quickly. Application is fairly easy and it leaves a nice finish. It seems to withstand perhaps more than many lip products but it's staying power starts to crumble after an hour or two...literally crumble. You're left with a flaky peeling effect that looks to me like you either haven't applied your lipstick well or indeed you have the driest lips ever known...I mean seriously grab yourself a Carmex quick! These aren't personally looks I like to go for, so I'll pass on this. 

And that's a wrap...some of my most disppointing purchases!

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Owww stitch!

Hi. So I'm currently in the gym and doing what I usually slate people for doing...playing on my phone!

All was going well until 10 minutes in on the treadmill I started with stitch. No biggie, usually run through it.

Not this time! Chronic stitch, that hurts like a bitch lol. Ever the poet :p Owwww!
So, I did some sit ups and returned to the treadmill. Made it 6 mins in before having to stop my run again! Never had it this bad before :/

So now I've resigned myself to the exercise bike! Which to be honest, I don't overly enjoy. I just want to run but my stupid body won't let me haha. Booo. And now I've become one of those gym folk that 'play at' exercise :(

Any get rid of stitch quick tricks? I usually go with the pushing in the area of stitch with my fist...but that was to no avail today!

Oh get on with my playing...

Sunday, 17 February 2013

25 facts about me...

1. I have two sisters, of which I'm the eldest at 23.

2. I'm not a big fan of animals, give me children any day.

3. I make YouTube videos, Ellie1989, and the majority of my family and friends think it's weird. I don't care.

4. I can identify with Peter Pan...Not sure I'll ever grow up!? :)

5. I used to be called a Magpie because from a young age I was attracted to shiny things.

6. When I was 4, I stole my great grandma's ring because it was pretty. I got found out and sent to bed. Oops.

7. Despite drinking it when I go out, I don't particularly like alcohol and could easily be teetotal.

8. I've never had a boyfriend...I'm waiting for the right guy to come along.

9. I've become really good at painting a smile on and acting as if everything's OK, even if it isn't.

10. I lost over 20lbs in 2012.

11. I have a raw meat phobia. I can't handle it, touch it and it sickens me to be near it. However, I am not a vegetarian.

12. Exercise is really important to me. My fave mottos are 'No pain, no gain' and 'Work hard or go home'.

13. I have never taken any drugs, excluding painkillers etc, nor have I ever tried a cigarette. I never intend to.

14. I honestly believe I was addicted to junk food and still have to be careful around it.

15. I have more make-up than I actually need but cannot stop buying it.

16. From the age of about 13 I used to buy a new mobile phone every 6-12 months. Up until I got an iPhone. Apple changed me for the better! :)

17. I went to a stage school for 3 years (15-18yrs) and my dream was to be an actress/singer. That dream still remains but the hope doesn't.

18. I passed my driving test the first time I took it. My dad didn't believe me at first haha.

19. I haven't driven in almost 4 years. This summer I plan to get my first car. I want an automatic because I never enjoyed using the clutch.

20. My favourite holiday was in Florida. That place really is magical.

21. I really dislike chick-flick films, excluding Dirty Dancing as it's a classic. Give me gore and tension with horrors any day!

22. I dyed my hair blonde for 6 years before going back to being a brunette.

23. I'm training to become a primary school teacher.

24. I really like my 4th year student house and housemates...I will be sad to leave. It's the first uni place I've been happy at.

25. I feel like I have the best parents in the world and owe them so much. I'm a very lucky girl and can't wait to be able to treat them when I have a job!

There you go...that's some of me!

Ellie x

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A chocolate alternative...

Hey again. Can't keep away of late can I! But I've stumbled across something that might be of interest to those of you with a bit of a sweet tooth.

Previous to doing Weight Watcher's, I wasn't someone who was overly mad on chocolate or the likes. I was more of a savory gal. However after enrolling on the plan I somehow started craving sugar, A LOT. I guess I wasn't getting my usual greasy fixes of chips and what not, so sugar became more of a priority?!

I perhaps still can't identify with the major chocoholics of this world, but I am partial to the odd bar or two :)

Weight Watcher's taught me to eat smaller meals but then to treat myself with low cal sweet snacks their mini chocolate cake bites! So, in turn I grew a bit of a sweet tooth and recently I've found it hard to resist buying a chocolate bar after my Uni lunch or snacking on sweet fixes! 

Anyway... the other night, after coming home for half-term, I got given one of these...

Introducing the Sharon fruit!

I don't know about you, but I've never heard of these before! My dad and sister are doing this thing at the moment where each week they are trying a new fruit/vegetable. A good idea actually. Healthy and exciting all in one :)

I've come to love fruit and can teach yourself, honest! So I was looking forward to giving this a try.

To be honest I wasn't all that sure what to expect. It kind of looks like a cross between a tomato and an orange, but it's skin has a fairly waxy feel about it. 

Following the instructions, you eat it like I would do a kiwi...slice the top off and use a spoon to scoop out the contents. Apparently my sister thought that you ate it like an apple so has been eating skin and all!...She's still here to tell the tale but I personally wouldn't eat the outer shell :P

It's a weird taste to describe but the thing that hit me first was how sweet it was! Literally sweeter than sugar if that is at all possible?! The insides were similar to that of a passion fruit minus the seeds and the texture reminded me of a plum.

Quite an odd but rather enjoyable experience all the same. 

The good thing about this fruit is that it's SO sweet that it literally takes away any chocolate/sweet cravings that you might have had before! Prior to eating this I was considering a bar of Cadbury's, but a couple of spoonfuls into the Sharon fruit and there was no way I wanted chocolate or any dessert whatsoever. You could have put my favourite sponge pudding and custard in front of me and I wouldn't have eaten it! Says a lot, trust me! 

So my advice...if you're struggling to keep your sweet tooth at bay, give a Sharon fruit a try!

Ellie x

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bareMinerals Matte foundation

Hi everyone. Hope you all had a good Valentine's Day?! Personally I've never been one to do anything special for's just another day in my opinion...but this year I went speed dating with a few friends. 
Yep, over 40 dates in one night...I reckon that might be me done for the year?! Haha. Anyway it was a good laugh, but no...I definitely didn't meet the love of my life, nowhere even close! :)

Sticking with the sickly theme...I thought I'd add a little love to my photo and include a couple of roses! They are mine, but no, I didn't get them for Valentine's...they were weirdly just kicking around! 

I've been a bareMinerals fan for a couple of years now, with my first foundation purchase in 2011. Being an oily skinned gal, I opted for the Matte version...which came on the scene that year I believe? So at the time I remember quite a bit of hype around it.

I was ever so excited when I got it for Christmas that year and couldn't wait to try it. Sadly, on first use of the product I was really disappointed. Back then, I wasn't as beauty obsessed and didn't have a good skincare regime going on. I had never moisturized! I know, crazy!

So on first using the bareMinerals foundation I found that by buffing the product onto my skin, using the Sigma F82 (love love love this brush), all it did was cling to the drier areas on my face, like nobody's business!

Anyway, after using a facial scrub and picking up a moisturizer, I found the product to apply much easier and it gave a nice complexion.

Then, for some reason I went off this foundation...possibly when summer hit. I don't particularly think this is the best option for those hot, sweaty days. Whilst using the Matte version, it does an OK job at keeping oils at bay for a few hours but generally I've found liquid foundations are a lot better at this.

I like the light-feel to this foundation and I get why it might seem like a good idea for summer days, but for me it doesn't have the staying power. I mean after all, it's basically powder.

However, I've recently got back into using this foundation on days where I don't want to apply my fuller coverage Chanel Perfection Lumiere. BareMineral's gives a nice light build-able coverage and generally can get your skin looking pretty flawless....

...But note that I said CAN. At the moment my skin troubles; spots, acne, seem to be clearing thanks to some prescribed I'm enjoying using the foundation. However, when my spots and acne was at its worst...I personally wouldn't have even considered using bareMinerals- simply because it wouldn't provide enough coverage and it doesn't have overly great staying power.

In my opinion bareMinerals is a great foundation for those that have pretty flawless skin to begin with. It'll do a fab job of evening out skin tone, covering a little redness and maybe even dark circles...but if you have much more to cover, then this wouldn't be advisable.

Like I say, I'm loving this product at the moment, but we do have a love-hate relationship. I love it and it loves me when my skin is behaving, but throw outbreaks into the mix and it remains firmly in my makeup storage!

Let me know it you have tried this/use bareMinerals? What do you think?

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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Broken record

Hi guys.

As I mentioned in my last post, it's half term in my area which means I'm home from uni. This also means I'm able to be reunited with my local gym and much loved exercise classes! :)

Starting as I mean to go on this week, after getting home last night, I hit the gym hard today. Just about  a 2 hour worth sess to be precise! On a side note, I have to admit I was coaxed into staying for that long by my sister who is also a religious gym go-er, but either way I did it.

In fact after my recent appauling-ness at anything fitness related I've been doing well over the last couple of days- even fitting in the gym before I was collected from Uni yesterday! Go me! was a GOOD day...gym wise at least. Ask me about the revision that I'm supposed to be doing and that would be another story!

Maybe my productiveness came from realising I have in fact gained a lb...

And whilst I know it won't provoke the above reaction, it's still a gain. Fair enough a lb is neither here nor there but that's how it starts. That lb multiplies and before you know it you're back to square one and all your weight loss achievements have been undone! Been there, got the bigger t-shirt!

So...let's just say I'm being more careful!

Anyway, this was me on the treadmill today....

...Ok so, I jest. I was definitely miles behind Mo's speed, and fitness, and...whatever...but I felt like I maintained a faster speed than I usually would. It was quite odd because I started as I usually would, pretty much disliking running and giving myself a usual 10 minutes goal.

But then 10:00 came and went and I was still running. I felt better than ever so I thought...I'll run for 15 minutes.

...15:30...Wow can't believe how fit I'm feeling...

19:50...I might stop at 20?...20:01...Nah I reckon I can carry on...

24:00 God I can't believe I'm still running!! Hmmm think I can feel my inner arch blisters coming on though....

27:30...Bloody trainers!...I don't want to stop but yes definate blisters now...may aswell push to 30 though!

31:00 minus the 1:00 I walked for before running....STOP!...

Wooo personal RECORD! 30 minutes of running straight!...Might not be all that impressive to some people but let me tell you, for me, being someone who started out unable to run for the length of an average song,'s a BIG achievement!

So, after a few weights and the cross-trainer again, I left feeling quite happy with my record. Shame that my trainer's tend to rub after constant running, otherwise I reckon I could have gone on for a lot longer!

Just thought I'd share my happy time with you haha! Let me know about any goals you've achieved or any aspirations, like running for a certain time etc?! 

Drop me a cheeky comment below or Tweet me @ellie1989 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013



Sorry I haven't written in a while...things have been a little hectic! I feel that I've become a bit too complacent of late and have definitely been over-indulging. I mean, I'm a big believer in treating yourself but then there's pure greed isn't there! And, I've well and truly slipped off the wagon...almost derailed the damn thing!

I've learnt that when I'm not strict with myself I'm pretty darn good at making up quite plausible excuses to eat crap or skip the gym. 

I chose beer because I'm so classy and only usually drink this along with cider on a night ladylike, but cheap! 
Alcohol certainly plays a part. For me, I'm one of those people (I assume there are others out there that can relate but?) who once intoxicated become so hungry that I could eat a horse...figure of speech of course...but who knows with the latest beef scandal! OOPS!

Anyway, I can only describe the sheer intensity of the hunger like perhaps the desire a vampire would have in regards to blood, after being locked away for an eternity! Bit dramatic, I know, but at this point food is a NEED not a want lol. 

So of course I go in search of Mcdonalds, KFC or simply one of those dirty kebab places for a cheeseburger and chips. I don't care to be honest. My only fussiness is in terms of chicken. I once got the most horrendous food poisoning from a chicken burger after a night out, so I never buy chicken. Unless, of course, its from Maccy Ds or KFC because I trust them :)

After a night of drinking, dancing and munching on crap, it's bedtime. Sadly the food doesn't stop there. I usually wake up a little hungover but mostly tired and thirsty. Dry mouth is a bitch! After I sort that out I then start to crave food. And not just any food...

...oh no, the food has to be greasy! Nice. So generally anything from chips to pizza to chicken nuggets, you name it. Chinese is a popular one for me.

And 'because I'm hungover, I've got to eat rubbish...I can't help it'. A valid excuse. Then I eat crap and 'I may aswell eat more crap cause today's a write-off anyway'. You can see the pattern!

Hangover's generally write-off gym sessions too, unless I'm really motivated on that day and decide to work it off. It has to be said that exercise is great for getting rid of hangovers, I've never regretted going. But of course it's the getting up and going that is half the battle. And 'I'm hungover' is sadly another valid excuse. However it's not the only one where the gym's concerned...

9/10 times the main reason for me not going to the gym whilst at uni is the getting there. It's a 15 minutes walk or a slightly longer bus ride and generally that puts me off. It seems like added effort. Sad, but true. At home I get a lift's much more motivational!

My next biggest deterrent is the weather. The problem is...'the house is so warm and comfy, why would you want to leave?!' Then you look outside and it's pee-ing it down with rain (I live in the UK so more often than not it is!) 'Ohhh I don't want to get cold and wet...I could just watch the soaps on TV instead?!' 

Today...the heavens opened and cold white stuff came down and decided to settle on the ground. 'I'll probably fall over ...It's too cold and dangerous, better stay in'. Bloody hate SNOW!!! Arggghh.

And then, among all of the reasons not to go to the gym is the plain CBA syndrome. 'Can I actually be bothered to go? I'm not sure I'm feeling it today...probably won't be productive if I go anyway....'


So, you see, I'm full of them! I struggle a lot at uni...more drinking, more takeaway opportunities, no mother to cook for me resulting in more junk, nobody to give me a lift to the gym etc etc. Life is hard haha!

But I popped back home Monday and whilst there I decided to make the most of it and went along to two of the classes that I love at my local gym, Core Blimey and Body Pump. If you're not sure what these classes involve then I've linked them to my previous posts where I describe what they are. Really going for it, I up-ed my weights...

I'm hoping that this motto is correct because SORE can certainly define me right now. To think I did the classes 2 nights ago and the pain this morning was worse than ever! My arms and legs seem to be attached to my vocal chords because every time I move, the words 'Ow', 'Ooo' or 'Ouch' slip out! It's that painful that it's actually funny...must have had a mega workout!

Good news's half term next week which means I get a full weeks worth of classes at home. I'll be doing something everyday, like I did in Summer, so here's hoping I actually survive it! :P

Let me know you're favourite excuses?! Comment below, or drop me a Tweet

Outfit Combos: Peace leggings


So I had a request a while back, over on YouTube, to show how I wear my 'peace' leggings from The leggings in my photos have since sold out, however the outfits would work with similar metallic styled leggings or trousers. 

I saw a window of time to do this for you here goes! Hope it gives you a few tips on how to wear patterned leggings. Enjoy.

First up, and perhaps my favourite look with these leggings, is what I shall call 'warm but classy'. The knitwear jumper can be found here at Boohoo for a bargain price of £8!

I've teamed the look with my New Look boots that I feel 'dress' the outfit up a little. I can't locate these exact boots but you'll find a similar pair here for approx. £20-£30.

And for a touch of bling I've added one of my old favourite necklaces. Any long-chained necklace would work ...I like this one.

With Valentine's Day around the corner...why not go for 'cute & casual'.

I just love this jumper from New Look...It's super soft, perfect for the horrible cold weather in the UK atm, and it's at a relatively good price at £24.99.

As for the footwear...I've gone casual with my Apple Bottom high topped trainers/sneakers. These may be tracked down on the likes of eBay but otherwise a nice pair of converse shoes or something similar would work equally well!

Next up, 'a touch of denim'?!

So, denim has been very popular of late and when I saw this lovely shirt in Primark for just £13 I had to get it! I sometimes wear it fastened right up to the collar or open like this, depending on what look I want to create. Worn like pictured, the shirt gives a nice casual look yet I added those New Look boots again to dress it up a bit! Depends on the occasion I guess!

To accessorize, I added this gold coloured bird necklace. I possibly purchased it from Primark but I can't remember?! But any short chained, large 'pendant-ed' necklace would work :)

This outfit has the 'military factor' about it haha! I love this look with the black extenuating the splashes of gold found on the peace leggings, military-styled jacket and leafy waist belt.

The tight black tunic-styled top was originally from Peacocks but it's an old item of clothing so you can't buy this exact one. However if you're struggling to find one, here's an example. Again, I have a feeling the belt was from Peacocks but this one would work well.

As for the military-esque or 'biker' boots they were purchased from a local shop called Put Your Foot In It, I know cute name! But these type of boots are quite popular so you can pick up a pair in most fashion retailers, like River Island, New Look etc.

The jacket I got from my sister with its label reading 'Cotton Club'. No idea what shop this implies?! Let me know if you do...but, type in military jacket into the search bar of most fashion stores and they'll appear...I'm sure!

And last up, 'comfy and casual'.

Again, although featuring my Apple Bottom shoes, converse styled footwear would do the trick!

On top I've gone for a fairly baggy top, sticking with the gold theme, with the gold cross design and studded shoulder pads. The world seems to have gone stud-crazy recently, and I have to say I like it! Love a bit of studdage :) The top's from New Look (I do love their clothing) and from looking online they seem to have updated it, here. Only £15 now!

So there we go...these are some of the ways I wear my metallic leggings! Thanks for reading.

Ellie x

Monday, 11 February 2013

A bag of goodies :)

Hi :)

So I went to visit a friend over the weekend and the visit was that overdue that she had birthday presents for me (from December)! It was lovely to catch-up with her and a pleasant surprise when she pulled out a gift bag.

It was like lucky dip reaching into the bag among all of the bright fuchsia tissue paper... 

Anyway I found 4 very nice presents inside and because 3 of which were beauty orientated, I thought I'd share them with you.  

I first pulled out this little guy. How adorable! Owl's seem to be thee animal at the moment. I think this purse, it is a purse if you hadn't guessed btw, will be great for times when I don't want to be carrying my bulky Radley around with me..Ideal for when I hit the gym and only take my cards with me...or for when I carry few things on a night out! :) I love the heart detail.

Very excited by this. My first Model's Own nail polish! I forget the shade of this varnish, and I don't have it to hand because I'm writing this post from my home-home, rather than my uni-home where the bottle is...but it's a gorgeous multi-coloured glitter one. I don't have a polish like this so it will be a welcome member to my collection!

Another first for me...I've had the Bobbi Brown brand on my list for some time now so I was really excited when I saw this. The blush is in shade 'Slopes'. A rather odd name but a pretty colour. It suits my fairly pale skin and the pigmentation seems to be really good. All in all my first impressions are good!

And last but not least...The bareMinerals Flawless Definition mascara in black. I'm a big fan of their mineral foundation, however I've never tried any of their other products. I am yet to try this but I liked the look of the brush and I've heard good things about it this space :)

Very pleased with my gifts! Thanks Lucy x