Friday, 1 February 2013

New Fave Gym Machine

Hello. Hope you are all well and fighting fit! :)

After a recent bad patch, confessions, I've got back onto the fitness band wagon and have tried to eat a little healthier. As it were, I'm back :) My chest infection seems to be clearing too...wooo!

So, over the past two days I've dragged myself out in the cold, wet weather, despite wanting to stay in PJs, and I've managed two cracking gym sessions- if I do say so myself! :P As I've said before, I'm not a massive gym lover (I'm more of a fitness class fanatic) so I usually only manage to workout for around the hour mark.

However, perhaps it's because I hadn't worked out in over a week? But my last two sessions have been closer to the 2 hour mark! Yes, I was feeling energetic I guess! I also feel the sudden time increase was due to a new machine discovery.

Having only recently joined my current gym (Gym4All) I hadn't got the chance to fully explore all of their equipment. I noticed there were two strange looking machines among the standard cross-trainers and after watching someone using one, in a curious how-do-you-work-it way, I decided to give it a try.

The machine was called the Helix Lateral Trainer...however I'm unsure whether all of these types of machines have this name, or it is just the specific brand name of the one I used?!

Anyway...As you can see from the picture, and if you've never used one before, it works your legs similar to how a cross-trainer would, except it moves in horizontal circular motions, as apposed to the vertical forward and back!

It very much reminds me of some sort of skiing motion...not that I have ever been skiing before! There is definitely a certain amount of hip movement required and it feels quite funny to begin with. However, very quickly you'll feel the burn in your legs, generally the thigh region, and the burnt calories really start to add up fast!

When I first tested this thing I only managed a pitiful 4 minutes at a resistance of around 5-7 before deciding my legs hurt too much. But, after using the machine a couple more times since, I feel I've got the hang of it and last night managed a grueling 20 minutes, which believe me took some doing! Sweat galore! 

So, despite waking up a little stiff this morning, I'm feeling good about my recent activity and I have a feeling that the Helix Lateral will become a staple in my gym session routine.

Have you ever tried this machine? What do you think? :)

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