Saturday, 27 December 2014

Merry Christmas!

Hi everyone! Hope Santa was good to you! :D 

So, every year I hum and ahh about doing a Christmas 'haul' because of the mixed response but I love watching or reading others', so here is mine! I've been quite select on what I've included and you'll be pleased to know I've stuck to main presents and not bothered to include the many stocking fillers I received. As lovely as a bottle of Avacat is or as cosy as my slipper socks are I'm not sure they are all that interesting :)

So I'll begin with perhaps my favourite. This year I asked my parents for yet another Pandora related present. The new Essence Collection. Not only is the bracelet really pretty, it has a special meaning. My personal team in my business is called the Essence Group. When I heard about this Collection I felt it was so fitting! 
As for the charms, they all carry meaning. I LOVE anything with a meaning or motto behind it. The pink charm is called Passion and is the one I picked out with my Mum. It says do the things you're passionate about and that interest you.
The other 2 charms were a lovely surprise. The purple stands for Faith. It reminds me to have just that in myself. The silver detailed charm is Health. Very apt considering my business is in the Health and Wellness industry. Also a nice reminder to maintain my fitness and strive to be healthier.

I see a theme here! I love Pandora and I was also treated to 2 gorgeous charms for my main bracelet. My best friend Gina got me the beautiful Angel charm. It's very pretty and I like to think of it as a guardian angel. 
Mr. gingerbreadman was a gift from my parents. I'd been after this cute little guy for a while and my Mum knew this. She surprised me with it but gave me a big clue as the pandora bag also had the gingerbread teddy decoration inside!

Now my haul wouldn't be complete without some form of makeup now would it! Benefit is possibly my favourite brand. It was hard to get one of these sets and online the price was doubled once they sold-out...sorry Dad :P There wasn't much surprise when it came to this as I did send him a link to buy it haha but...well worth it! The blushes are divine! I have a big Rockateur blush already and use it all the time so I'm excited to try out the others, along with the famous bronzer!

If you know me or have been reading for a while, you'll know I'm a big kid and no Christmas would be complete without some form of gadget/toy! I really didn't know much about the Fitbug when I steered my Dad is its direction but I thought the concept of monitoring sleep was very novel! Indeed it really does work! :) It also has many other functions such as recording steps taken. It's safe to say I have barely moved since Christmas! :P

Keeping with the gadget theme...I also got a hand blender! I made a lovely banana shake this morning for breakfast and was super impressed. I half expected covering the kitchen in liquid and mashed up fruit but it was all very successful! I'm really not a fan of actual food before 10am so the idea is that I'll use my Forever lite Ultra which is a fantastic meal replacement, mixed with different fruit to keep them interesting as breakfast on work days. Sorted!

PJs, slippers and a dressing gown are a given for me every Christmas and my Mum likes to give me and my Sister Jess at least one pair of matching PJs. A photo together in them is fast becoming a tradition! :)

Tunes! Last year I had a iPod for my car. I've been using it all year and love being able to shuffle all my music. However, if you saw my recent posts you'll know I have a new job starting in January. My last school was a 20 minute drive and my car remained on a private car park- so I left my iPod in my car all day. My new job is literally a 5 minute drive and I'll be parking on the street. Rather than messing about plugging my iPod in for sake of a quick drive and them taking it back out when I arrive...I think CDs are the answer. My parents were spot on with their selections...especially Take That's as I'm going to see them on tour again next year! :D Can't wait!

And finally the sea of edibles!...Wow. I didn't bother to gather all the chocolates and sweets I received but trust me I'm swimming in the stuff! Haha. My Mum said I should bite off Santa's head...however if you understood how big that actually, just no! :P

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

I know I was very lucky in what I received but Christmas really isn't about the things you get, it's who you spend it with that matters...

I had a sleepover with my niece....all I truly wanted for Christmas...

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Clothes Show Live, Promotion, My Birthday, Last Day At Work!

Hey! Apologies that I've been a bit quiet recently. Life has been mental. But 100% in the BEST way! So here's a combined post of lots of brilliant things all rolled into one. 

7th December: Clothes Show Live. I love this event at NEC Birmingham and try to go each year. This year I went with my sister. Fabulous fashion show!

And really amazing shopping experience this year. Below are my purchases :D

13th December: Telford Internationale Business Center. Phenomenal day of training and hearing from the top people in the business. I also got recognised for my promotion to Supervisor. 

Later that evening I attended a champagne reception, before getting ready for a Glam Rock Party. A yummy 3 course meal, fantastic party and a nice stay in a nearby hotel. I do love this business lots! 

And at 12:01 that night I turned 25! 

14th December: Happy birthday to me. 

I awoke in the lovely hotel, untangled my back combed hair and headed off for a full English breakfast with some of my favourite people in the business!

At lunch time I met my ex Uni housemates for Xmas dinner. 

I really appreciated the comfy slippers 2 of them bought me, after such a fun weekend in heels! ;)

I also received lots of other nice birthday gifts but have failed on the photo front!

19th December: My last day at work!

It was difficult to say goodbye to the little cuties I've come to care about very much. But I know they'll be fine and it's the right thing for me to be moving on. 

I've never been quite so excited about January before. "New year fresh start" often gets banted about but this time it's true. Things aren't going to the same. I wanted change so badly and now I've made that happen. Here's to celebrating. 

Me and my best friend Gina last night at a Christmas party :) <3