Sunday, 21 December 2014

Clothes Show Live, Promotion, My Birthday, Last Day At Work!

Hey! Apologies that I've been a bit quiet recently. Life has been mental. But 100% in the BEST way! So here's a combined post of lots of brilliant things all rolled into one. 

7th December: Clothes Show Live. I love this event at NEC Birmingham and try to go each year. This year I went with my sister. Fabulous fashion show!

And really amazing shopping experience this year. Below are my purchases :D

13th December: Telford Internationale Business Center. Phenomenal day of training and hearing from the top people in the business. I also got recognised for my promotion to Supervisor. 

Later that evening I attended a champagne reception, before getting ready for a Glam Rock Party. A yummy 3 course meal, fantastic party and a nice stay in a nearby hotel. I do love this business lots! 

And at 12:01 that night I turned 25! 

14th December: Happy birthday to me. 

I awoke in the lovely hotel, untangled my back combed hair and headed off for a full English breakfast with some of my favourite people in the business!

At lunch time I met my ex Uni housemates for Xmas dinner. 

I really appreciated the comfy slippers 2 of them bought me, after such a fun weekend in heels! ;)

I also received lots of other nice birthday gifts but have failed on the photo front!

19th December: My last day at work!

It was difficult to say goodbye to the little cuties I've come to care about very much. But I know they'll be fine and it's the right thing for me to be moving on. 

I've never been quite so excited about January before. "New year fresh start" often gets banted about but this time it's true. Things aren't going to the same. I wanted change so badly and now I've made that happen. Here's to celebrating. 

Me and my best friend Gina last night at a Christmas party :) <3

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