Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Makeup storage :)

Hello. So after moving back to Uni after Christmas hols and receiving some great beauty gifts, I felt my make-up collection needed some organisation in its life (I do love personifying things don't I!)

Indeed my storage system was becoming very cluttered and messy! So I decided to have a gander at what the trusty eBay had to offer.

I decided to order this little beauty for a bargain price of £20-

Despite some issues with the original item being lost in the post, I found that the seller was great at communication and sent out another one with no extra charge. It doesn't fit all my make-up but I'm pretty impressed with it, what do you guys think? :)

Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hi guys.

So I haven't posted in a while, mainly because I've been a bit naughty of late. I came down with a chest infection which has generally put gym sessions and the like on hold. Don't you just hate it when you want to do something but illness gets in the way!

I felt the picture was quite apt...I definitely feel like a round blob at the moment! I've been attempting to cheer myself up with food...but of course in times when you need comfort you reach for the comfort food... and the enjoyment and happy effects are short-lived. In fact you then end up feeling worse because you now feel ill and also fat...Well this is what happens to me at least. Do any of you guys get that?

So now, having consumed a home-made gammon, egg, chips, peas etc meal, a yoghurt, a mini kinder bar, a helping of melba toast with houmous, two satsumas to try and curb the chocolate craving but then failing anyway and eating a cadbury's fudge bar with a hot chocolate drink- all after 6pm, I'm sat on my bed thinking...IDIOT! lol.

I wouldn't usually mind too much if it wasn't for the whole medium sized dominoes pizza I ate last night followed by nearly a full share-sized pack of cheese savouries. I have sinned. Sinned big time. I confess!!! Phew...feel a little lighter now ;) But we all have moments of weakness don't we?! Or moments of greed in my case.

As far as I'm aware, based on the last time I checked a week or so ago, I'm still maintaining my goal I guess that is something. But, I just hate that guilty, fat, bleurgh feeling you get after eating waaay too much. Never learn!

So there we go, I too have bad food days. Tomorrow is a new day.

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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Max Factor's Clump Defy

Pictured before going to University :)
Hello! So, I blogged about buying Max Factor's Clump Defy Mascara and as I's my review of it.

I've been a fan of Max Factor mascaras for a couple of years now...with the False Lash Effect taking 1st place in my mascara collection for the whole of 2012, and much of 2011 tbh!

When I heard this new guy had hit town I knew it was only a matter of time before I'd have him in my collection! Not too sure why it's a male, or why I'm giving a mascara a gender but hey ho! So, when I saw that Boots were doing a special offer, £11.99 reduced to £7.99, it gave me that extra push to buy it.

The brush is fairly similar to that of the False Lash Effect with its plastic spread out bristles and feels pretty similar when applying. However, the Clump Defy brush differs with a curve and the brush head is slightly smaller. It reminds me a little of the Maybelline's Falsie's brush, shape-wise.

When first using the mascara I have to admit I was a little disappointed. Unlike many new mascaras, that are quite wet and perhaps over-coated with formula, I found this one didn't seem to have as much product on the brush as I would have liked. However, as I often find, the second use of a product is always a little easier, especially with mascaras that tend to need a little 'breaking in' as it were.

I've been using this product near on every day now and I really like the results it gives. It really lives up to its name as I haven't experienced any clumping whatsoever! The brush is really easy to work with and makes applying mascara to the tricky parts of the eye a piece of cake.

I usually find the lashes towards the inner corners of the eye pretty fiddly, with most mascaras creating a 'blobby' issue with too much product taking hold. However, this isn't the case for the Clump Defy, making it really easy to restrict how much product goes on. And for this reason, I have to move my False Lash Effect mascara off its pedestal and give the Clump Defy 1st place!

Well done Max Factor, another brilliant mascara!

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Feeling hungry?...Graze box!

Hello! Hope you are all well.

So, you may have seen Graze boxes being advertised on the TV (they are plugging it a lot lately!) but I thought I'd share with you my experience of them.

How does it work? Well you basically sign up online at with the idea that a box full of yummy delights arrive at your door each week. You can select what day you'd like to receive your box but it doesn't require a signature, it is letterbox sized and comes along with your royal mail post so there is no inconvenience there.

How much does it cost? This can apparently depend on the time of when you started ordering the boxes but mine should be £3.89 each week so I'll go with that. However, as I've been a graze customer before (I stopped my orders last time as I didn't really have the money), they've given me 3 half price boxes which is one of the reasons I started the orders back up.

Food? I really like the kinds of food the boxes contain as they are often nutrition in some way and provide a great healthier snack option, rather than grabbing that chocolate bar! Seeds, dried fruit, nuts, cake, dips, popcorn and bread are just some of the things that may appear in your box. You aren't 100% sure what will be in your box but you do have a certain amount of control over what you don't want to be sent. There's a rating option where you can choose to bin items whereby they'll never send it you. Then there's the options of try, like and love and a send soon. Perhaps self-explanatory but they'll try to send you the things in send soon first!

You can cancel at any time, providing it's not on the day you have a scheduled box! There's also an option to postpone boxes, say you were going on holiday or just wanted a break or something.

Here's my box that arrived this morning. I already knew what to expect as Graze email you the night before to tell you what you have in your box, if you want to peek. I personally can never resist!


I've had this one before and really enjoyed the chopped dates, yum! I'm a pretty big fan of seeds and nuts too so this is a nice treat for me.

Really excited to try this...tea and cake are a new addition to the graze boxes. I love carrot cake but usually avoid it because of the fat content. However this is only a tiny piece and at 88 calories, I'm sure I'll be fine! :)

Another new addition to the graze boxes. I love microwave popcorn!

And finally...yum yum yum. I love the graze dips and I couldn't resist these breadsticks and dip for long. I really enjoyed this as a little lunchtime snack! The dip was delicious.

If you want to try Graze but you're unsure about whether it would be your thing or put-off by the cost, why not try one for free?! Just enter this code, 3CTZKFGT and receive a free box. Just remember to cancel after you receive it to avoid a weekly charge if you don't want to continue it!

Let me know what you think if you try it, or you've tried it! Comment here or Tweet me: @ellie1989

NOTD: Essie & Revlon

Hello. So I thought I'd post my first Nail Of The Day :) I like to keep my nails painted and hate it when they are chipped so I'm always changing them but often forget to photograph them. Until now!

I'm wearing my new Essie polish (a first for me where Essie's concerned!) in the shade Fiji. As you can see it's a very very pale baby pink colour and it does require two coats to get the above result.

I sometimes like to add a different colour or some sparkle on an accent nail, usually my third finger, and today I used Revlon's enamel polish in Sparkling to create this effect. Pretty :) And, to prevent chipping and make them last longer I applied a clear top coat on top.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

January beauty buys

Hello. So I've made a few beauty purchases recently and I thought I'd show you all :)
I purchased them all from a local Boots store...some of which were bought with my Boots Advantage Card points :) Result!

Starting with nails...I picked up a bottle of nail polish remover. Nothing too exciting but pretty much an essential when it comes to changing up my nail varnish. It was £1.

Along with remover I treated myself to my FIRST Essie nail polish in a very very light pink shade called Fiji. Very excited to finally get to try this brand, as many of you rave about this polish! It was a little bit pricey at £7.99 but hopefully worth it!

This was a spur of the moment buy. Said to be great for dry hair with split ends I felt this product was aimed at me! I recently ran out of Herbal Essences' green potted version of this, which I talked about here. That really helped the condition of my hair, even though it was aimed at promoting dazzle and shine rather than fighting damage, so I'm pretty optimistic about this little red pot! Don't quote me but I think it was £2.49 on offer?!

Revlon's Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm for a bargain £5 at the moment (usually £7.99). I've been putting off buying this product for a while now simply because I don't really need another lip product. However, I had Boots points to spend and let's face it...they burn a hole in your pocket don't they! There wasn't many colour options in stock but to be honest I would have picked this lightly red coloured shade win. Also it contains fine glitter :)

And last but definitely not least...Max Factor's new mascara...Clump Defy. If you saw my 2012 beauty favourites post you'll know that Max Factor's False Lash Effect was my absolute favourite for the entire year...I think I bought a bottle of it almost every month! So when I heard they had a new mascara out with a similar plastic brushed applicator (although the Clump Defy is curved) I knew I had to try it! Look out for my review of this, up soon. It's currently £7.99 (on speical offer from £11.99).

Monday, 14 January 2013

New gym, new gym!


As you can maybe tell from the title, I'm rather excited about becoming a member at a new gym :)

If you saw my post about the Hilton gym, here, you'll know that upon moving back to uni I searched for a local gym to cater for my fitness addiction.

The Hilton's health spa, aka gym, was a good choice for me at the time. It was close to my house, it was even closer to the bus stop from where I would get of from my teaching practice and it allowed me to shower and do my hair before leaving the premises (providing the towel, hairdryers etc)- ideal for the life of a student teacher...I couldn't even recognize what time was, there was never enough that's for sure! I completed teaching practice and all was really good as I got a month off to go home and rejoin my local gym. I forgot how much I missed the fitness classes and so moving back to uni was bitter sweet...My local Hilton doesn't provide any classes through lack of space!

Since being back (just over a week now although you'd think it had been longer with the amount of work I've had to do!), I just haven't been feeling the exercise. Slightly concerning when it's me that's saying that....the girl that did pretty much everyday intense workouts for months on end and loved it!

So, I asked myself why? Well partly because I'm no longer on a set schedule anymore, with a lot of independent study days, so I'm not getting off the bus from placement and walking over the road and doing a gym session anymore. Instead the gym's a good 15 minutes walk from my house and let's face it, the cold weather (snow atm) isn't helping matters!

"It's too cold to leave the house!"
But mainly the reason I'm not so inclined to go, is the 'no fitness classes' thing. I've never been a massive fan of the gym...sure I often go an awful lot but it doesn't mean I don't battle with the option of staying home in my cosy pjs instead! I go because I'm committed to exercising and quite frankly the thought of returning to the chubbier version of me prior to the summer scares me to death. However, forcing myself to go to a couple of gym sessions every now and then is fine when classes are among them, but when the only option is gym, gym and more gym...big thumbs down.

So... when a few of my housemates started talking about joining up to a gym that offers classes such as Zumba, Boot Camp, Spinning and more, I was immediately interested. Also, like I said in my New year resolutions post , going with friends can be much more motivating. I was, until recently, under the opinion that I preferred to go alone (get more done) but since my sister has also become a fitness gal, we have gone to the gym together. And although we don't talk during the session, just knowing someone in the room is nice and definitely pushes you a little bit harder.

Yesterday I became a member at the Gym 4 All gym. I have to say I was pretty impressed with their student prices. A £15.99 joining free but...wait for it...only £11.99 per month with no fixed contract, meaning you can leave at any time without giving notice. AND they run classes EVERYDAY...don't get that at home! :)

Of course there was the small issue of the Hilton. They require a month's notice in writing in order to terminate membership. At a steep £35pm (student price) it's a little annoying but I suppose in the grand scheme of things I'll be saving quite a bit of money each month!

We planned, my housemates and I, to attend the Zumba class tonight (which is actually taking place right now as I write this). As you can guess, I didn't go.
Indeed, I am unwell :( It seems I most likely caught my mum's cough whilst at home and instead of getting better it's slowly started to get worse. Boooo! So I shall no doubt be having a lovely time in the doctor's waiting room tomorrow (they always run majorly late at my uni one)...just to check it's not turned into a delightful chest infection. Better safe than sorry right?! And quite frankly, it's more annoying now that it's stopping me from doing my activities! I'll have gone a whole 7 days tomorrow since hitting the gym...where treadmill running made my chest feel like it might I figured it was wise to lay off the exercise for a bit! As much as it pains me to do so!

I hope you are all well though and sticking to any new resolutions you made! How are they going? Let me know!

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I decided 2013 would be the year of maintenance for me. I met my goals in 2012, so by the end of 2013 I would very much like to be able to say I'm still the same :) I would additionally like to be able to look down and see defined abs...but I'm unsure of the achieve-ability of that one. I'll try though! :)

A little bit of motivation for you all

Monday, 7 January 2013

2012 Beauty Favourites

Hi. So I've selected a few 2012 favourites to share. For my full beauty favourites have a gander at my youtube video :)

I love Simple's toner. It helps to remove left-over makeup easily and is fragrance free. Bonus in my opinion! If you're looking for a toner 'kind to skin' you can pick this up from the likes of Boots for £2.99 (200ml) or try a sample size out for £1.32 (50ml).

Enzymion...what a fantastic facial moisturiser! If you have combination/oily skin then this is for you. It keeps the skin moisturized whilst providing a great base for makeup, keeping those pesky oils at bay. It has a gorgeous fresh zesty scent, perfect for waking you up if applying in the morning! You can buy from Lush for £13.75...and although rather pricey, a little bit goes a long way and it lasts for a really long time!

BOO BOO ZAP! Benefit @ Boots £13.50. Whilst this tube is rather small it packs a punch. It helps to reduce the size of blemishes/spots and quickly dries the suckers up. I did a full review of this product here, because I love it so much.

A rather odd feature you may be thinking...Well believe it or not, Sudocrem is actually one of my favourite skincare staples. Yep, not just good for babies' bottoms, this product is great for acne and blemishes. It quickly reduces redness, the size of spots and it leaves your skin feeling pretty darn soft. You can pick up one of these handy tubes at Boots for £1.99 or a large tub of the stuff (400g) for £5.69.

Onto makeup...

The PORE fessional is a brilliant foundation primer. It glides on the skin like silk and it's great for oily complexions. It definitely makes your foundation last that little big longer. Benefit @ Boots: £23.50. Again, a little bit goes a long way!

I discovered the Shiseido brand in 2012 and although it's my one and only purchase from their line, its a mighty fine one! This is a brilliant foundation that gives a build-able medium coverage. It has an extremely long lasting formula and it's very kind on combination oily skins. I noticed my skin wasn't as oily when wearing it...result! This one small, oddly shaped bottle has lasted me the whole year and can be purchased from House Of Fraser for £28. The only doesn't come in many shades and if you are very pale then you won't find a match!

Now, if you are a pale may well enjoy Benefit's Boi-ing concealer in shade 01. It covers imperfections very well with it's creamy and easily applied consistency. I find the other shades can be a little dark but otherwise a great little concealer. Benefit @ Boots: £16.50

Love love love Mac's Studio Finish concealer. It comes in a cute little pot, great for even the smallest of handbags, and covers anything that needs concealing! The formula is smooth and creamy and doesn't give that 'cakey' look like some face products tend to do! Found at Mac for £14.50. It lasts for ages too!

As the name suggests, this is a product for the eyebrows. It contains a powder along with a waxy product and I find this does a really nice job in filling in the brows and helping to keep them in place. If you're not a fan of the eyebrow pencils then this could be a less harsh alternative for you. Benefit @ Boots: £22.50. Mine has lasted the entire 2012 year and will most likely still be good to use by the end of 2013!

Ok, so you've all seen the Naked Palettes but indeed they are here because they are darn good! Great eye shadow, enough said. Found at Debenhams for £36 each.

The picture isn't great but I am a huge fan of the creaseless creme eye shadows by Benefit. In particular the shade R.S.V.P as the champagne-y colour is so wearable...It looks great on it's own or makes a great base for many eye looks. Lovely consistency. Benefit @ Boots: £14

(The Fusion edition). This has been my go-to mascara for 2012. Max Factor did a great job with this product. The plastic wand does a really good job at separating the lashes whilst adding volume and length. Lovely formula giving a great look. Boots: £8.99

I loved Mac's technakohl eye liner in Graphblack that much that I used it all up! It lasted me pretty much the whole year, when using it pretty much everyday though so not bad going. It glides on the eye really well and is long-wearing on the waterline. Love it! Buy at Mac for £14

This has been my everyday blusher and I've really enjoyed mixing the colours for a pinky bronzed look. I've had a quick search of the net and I couldn't find where to buy this other than Asos, who are currently out of stock! Hmm I'll keep my eyes peeled for this one.

I was tempted to include Revlon's Lip butters but decided that L'Oreal's Caresse had to be the winner, however I do love those! I find the Caresse lipsticks to have a great nourishing formula, whilst providing a pop of colour. The shade Dating Coral is very wearable and no mirrors are needed to apply it...I must get more of these lipsticks! Boots: £8.19

Vaseline...need I say anymore?! Every girl needs one of these at hand. Brilliant lip care and the cocoa butter variety is simply delicious! Boots: £1.99

And, Bodycare...

I love these puree body lotions. They apply really well and soak into the skin almost instantly, without leaving behind any stickiness. They have a great variety of flavours but I really enjoyed using the grapefruit one in 2012. I've recently bought one in strawberry, yum! At the Body Shop: £8

And there we have 2012 beauty faves. I have missed off a few things but, like I say, you can have a watch of my full favourites on my YouTube channel @ellie1989


Friday, 4 January 2013


Hello :)

Soap & Glory's GLAD HAIR DAY Intensive Conditioner. So what do I have to say about this guy?

I picked him up, not too sure why it's a male? but hey ho, at my local Boots in December. Of late, I'm always on the look out for products that will help tackle my seemingly dry damaged hair. Thank you holiday abroad!

Now I have to admit I did possibly pick up the wrong version of this as it does clearly state on the back, "Finer haired girls should opt for our GLAD HAIR DAY for fine to normal hair types". This particular intensive conditioner is targeted at thicker fuller hair types. Is this me?... I WISH! I have a lot of hair but it is all quite fine...However the front of this product does say "FOR FULL, FRIZZY OR FRIED HAIR" so I can at least relate to the later option!...Anyway, being quite new to the Soap & Glory line I guess I wasn't to know it came in two types! So, as I bought this one I figured I'd use it regardless and see how it goes.

As you can see the formula is very thick and as the caption suggests...a little bit really does go a long way! The tube suggests to apply a "walnut-sized dollop", but me being me I tend not to read instructions.

When I first used the product I applied WAYYY too much! I'm usually a bit OTT with applying conditioners to the ends of my hair. I never put them anywhere near my roots as I'm am prone to greasy hair. So I basically soaked the ends in the product after rinsing off my shampoo. My hair felt soft and nourished and I rinsed the product off with clean water.

The result...

Although my hair, once dry, didn't look greasy it sure felt it! The ends sort of oozed moisture so that when I rubbed my fingers through, it deposited a kind of oily product. As you can imagine it wasn't the nicest experience...and if you're anything like me, GOSH I HATE anything sticky on my hands!

However, determined not to have wasted my money, I've since been testing the product on days when perhaps I don't need my hair to be anything special. I've found that applying the tiniest amount, not much more than in the photo, works pretty well for me in helping nourish my hair whilst not leaving too much of a nasty residue behind once dried. It's still there slightly but...

I must say that the product has a gorgeous fruity scent. It doesn't resemble the standard Soap & Glory fragrance e.g. like the classic Hand Food, but has a much more peachy smell about it. Big thumbs up for this!

Would I re-purchase? Probably not, but I will continue to use this...for possibly the longest time EVER, given how little I use in one wash! In fact that has to be a great point about this will get your money's worth about 10 times over!

I'm curious to know whether thicker-haired people still get the same results?! So if you've used this product I'd love to hear some feedback on how you got on with it?! Comment here or tweet me @ellie1989

Overall, I think it smells great, it helps nourish my damaged hair and it is incredibly long-lasting and good for your old bank balance. A little disappointed by the slight sticky left-over feel it leaves behind though.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Tips for classic New Year resolutions!

Hey again! :)

So, I touched a little on this in my last post, 'Happy New Year', but... "this year I'm going to lose weight" or "this year I'm going to get fit" are common things that people always say at the start of a new year. And, whilst New Year resolutions are often made with great intentions...sadly more often than not they are broken within the first few months.

What I would say is...don't set yourself up for a fall. Don't go for the unrealistic goals that ultimately you can't stick to. So, you want to lose weight? Ask yourself why? There might be many reasons...Health problems? Self-esteem? Body confidence? Whatever it is, place this at the forefront of your mind. This is your motivation. Picture the end result...what does it look like? How does it feel?

So... you've definitely convinced yourself that you want to lose some weight/ tone up/ get fitter etc...You know the reasons why, so now it's a case of how? First of all...DO NOT immediately think..."I can only eat salad from now on!!! No more chocolate, no more chips, no more meals out..Sigh." You are trying to make a change for the better, not transform into a rabbit! It's simply not realistic to go completely cold turkey and deprive yourself of the "naughtier" foods. Believe me, if you try YOU WILL CRACK sooner or later and possibly go on a little binge!

It's funny because, why is it that when those four little words "I'm on a diet" enter your head or leave your mouth your stomach immediately rumbles and your mind is one tracked on FOOD?!

Scrap the word diet and go with simple and achievable changes. For example, if you know your weakness is chocolate and you usually have a couple of bars a day, start off slowly and cut your intake down to e.g. 2 instead of 3, perhaps swapping that third choc fix for a piece of fruit or a glass of juice? If you tend to raid the crisps cupboard (or chips if you're American) perhaps think about switching your e.g. Walker's 'full of fat' packets, to slighter healthier alternatives e.g. French Fries, Skips, Snack'o'Jacks, Quavers- they are all lower in calories and lighter choices. Turn that big breakfast butty into a less calorific option like cereal, toast, yogurt, fruit? And if you can't cut it out completely limit the amount of days you have it for breakie? Small and steady changes will win the race!

Making changes to your diet is a crucial step in losing weight. After all, whatever you have been doing so far isn't working out because you feel unhappy with your body. And speaking of working out...regular exercise is another important aspect. And by this...I'm not talking about running marathons or becoming Mr or Mrs Macho! I again would suggest to start off small.

Don't worry I know that the word exercise is enough to make you want to cry! I can relate to this. I can. I wasn't always so 'pro-exercise' believe me. However the key is to find something that you enjoy. So now you're probably asking I enjoy ANY exercise?! Well, rack your brains...there must be something that you can at least tolerate...something that you think you can muster up the motivation to do perhaps a couple of times a week? And it's got to be something that can fit into your lifestyle. Maybe you always give the role of walking your dog to someone else (if you have one)...perhaps you could tag along or take on the job?! It could be that you have a bike collecting dust in the garage that you could dig out? Or maybe you could stick on that fitness DVD you got for Christmas, a few nights a week?

Whatever you do, don't go and sign up to a pricey gym membership if you aren't actually a 'fan' of the gym. This is possibly the worst thing you can do! Not only are you going to have to battle with yourself to find the  motivation to go, but you may as well just throw your money away because you certainly will end up wasting the hard-earned stuff when you eventually quit.

I would imagine that gym owners pretty much look like the guy above when New Year hits...Ca Ching! Yep, I've already seen so many new members in aid of these ambitious New Year resolutions...Taking up the bikes... clogging up the treadmills... I mean I wouldn't mind if they showed that they were serious but when you have people playing on their phones whilst half-heartedly cycling...It's just not going to happen really is it!

My advice, if you are contemplating the gym, is to ask for a membership trial. Most gyms offer a package whereby you can try out the gym for a little while for a small fee. This way you can gain a sense of whether it is going to be suitable for you and whether it's wise to invest in it. Personally, if you really hate it and you always try and put it off, I wouldn't bother signing...There's plenty of other activities, the gym isn't for everyone.

For me, I particularly enjoy exercise classes or group activities like Spinning, Zumba, Aerobics etc because I like having an instructor telling you what to do and the pressure of others around you. But I can see how again that might not be everyone's cup of tea...I know some might feel self-conscious with others being around and watching (although from experience, generally everyone is so busy doing the class themselves that there really isn't time to look at anyone else!)

Exercising is usually easier with a buddy. If you have a friend(s) who wants to get fit too then it's much more motivating to do it together. It can make group exercise less intimidating and can take the dullness out of the gym. You just have to be careful with who you select...You do not want someone who isn't serious about exercising and ends up chatting the whole time, because that will mean you too get less done and ultimately this makes achievement less likely!

Running or jogging is a popular FREE option. And yes, wouldn't we all like a body like that girl in the photo?!(unless of course you're a guy that is)... but call it inspiration if you will! The good thing about this exercise is that it provides a full body workout and is a pretty effective burner of those pesky calories. Additionally you can go for a run or a jog anytime you wish, so it's a good one for those of you with busy schedules.

Why not make a list of some of your planned changes. Perhaps not as long as that guys though! Do you have a weight goal? A dress size goal? What small changes do you plan to make to your diet? What exercise, however small, are you going to fit into your weekly schedule?

As always, I'd be interested to hear from you as to what you plan on doing. Tweet me! : @ellie1989 or leave a comment on this post!

I hope you found some of what I said useful or helpful in some way? I mean I'm not a professional or anything, just a girl that decided to get fit half way through 2012. But, I do have a little experience with how it all works now and I hope to motivate and inspire others with their goals...

Good luck everyone!!! I'm wishing you well. I have faith in you.

(I'll let you know my New Year resolutions when I've ironed them out a little...)

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello and happy new year everyone!

Now, if you're anything like me you may be feeling the effects of last night...Yes, intoxication is a tradition on NYE! But today is the start of a brand new year and maybe a brand new you? So if you said the good old 'in the new year I'm going on a diet'...well TODAY'S the day!

Now, I'm not the biggest believer in "diets" because it has to be more of a lifelong lifestyle change to see results and keep them...but ya know...trying to be healthier in general is the main thing!

Remember, tomorrow never comes ;) So make today count.