Monday, 7 January 2013

2012 Beauty Favourites

Hi. So I've selected a few 2012 favourites to share. For my full beauty favourites have a gander at my youtube video :)

I love Simple's toner. It helps to remove left-over makeup easily and is fragrance free. Bonus in my opinion! If you're looking for a toner 'kind to skin' you can pick this up from the likes of Boots for £2.99 (200ml) or try a sample size out for £1.32 (50ml).

Enzymion...what a fantastic facial moisturiser! If you have combination/oily skin then this is for you. It keeps the skin moisturized whilst providing a great base for makeup, keeping those pesky oils at bay. It has a gorgeous fresh zesty scent, perfect for waking you up if applying in the morning! You can buy from Lush for £13.75...and although rather pricey, a little bit goes a long way and it lasts for a really long time!

BOO BOO ZAP! Benefit @ Boots £13.50. Whilst this tube is rather small it packs a punch. It helps to reduce the size of blemishes/spots and quickly dries the suckers up. I did a full review of this product here, because I love it so much.

A rather odd feature you may be thinking...Well believe it or not, Sudocrem is actually one of my favourite skincare staples. Yep, not just good for babies' bottoms, this product is great for acne and blemishes. It quickly reduces redness, the size of spots and it leaves your skin feeling pretty darn soft. You can pick up one of these handy tubes at Boots for £1.99 or a large tub of the stuff (400g) for £5.69.

Onto makeup...

The PORE fessional is a brilliant foundation primer. It glides on the skin like silk and it's great for oily complexions. It definitely makes your foundation last that little big longer. Benefit @ Boots: £23.50. Again, a little bit goes a long way!

I discovered the Shiseido brand in 2012 and although it's my one and only purchase from their line, its a mighty fine one! This is a brilliant foundation that gives a build-able medium coverage. It has an extremely long lasting formula and it's very kind on combination oily skins. I noticed my skin wasn't as oily when wearing it...result! This one small, oddly shaped bottle has lasted me the whole year and can be purchased from House Of Fraser for £28. The only doesn't come in many shades and if you are very pale then you won't find a match!

Now, if you are a pale may well enjoy Benefit's Boi-ing concealer in shade 01. It covers imperfections very well with it's creamy and easily applied consistency. I find the other shades can be a little dark but otherwise a great little concealer. Benefit @ Boots: £16.50

Love love love Mac's Studio Finish concealer. It comes in a cute little pot, great for even the smallest of handbags, and covers anything that needs concealing! The formula is smooth and creamy and doesn't give that 'cakey' look like some face products tend to do! Found at Mac for £14.50. It lasts for ages too!

As the name suggests, this is a product for the eyebrows. It contains a powder along with a waxy product and I find this does a really nice job in filling in the brows and helping to keep them in place. If you're not a fan of the eyebrow pencils then this could be a less harsh alternative for you. Benefit @ Boots: £22.50. Mine has lasted the entire 2012 year and will most likely still be good to use by the end of 2013!

Ok, so you've all seen the Naked Palettes but indeed they are here because they are darn good! Great eye shadow, enough said. Found at Debenhams for £36 each.

The picture isn't great but I am a huge fan of the creaseless creme eye shadows by Benefit. In particular the shade R.S.V.P as the champagne-y colour is so wearable...It looks great on it's own or makes a great base for many eye looks. Lovely consistency. Benefit @ Boots: £14

(The Fusion edition). This has been my go-to mascara for 2012. Max Factor did a great job with this product. The plastic wand does a really good job at separating the lashes whilst adding volume and length. Lovely formula giving a great look. Boots: £8.99

I loved Mac's technakohl eye liner in Graphblack that much that I used it all up! It lasted me pretty much the whole year, when using it pretty much everyday though so not bad going. It glides on the eye really well and is long-wearing on the waterline. Love it! Buy at Mac for £14

This has been my everyday blusher and I've really enjoyed mixing the colours for a pinky bronzed look. I've had a quick search of the net and I couldn't find where to buy this other than Asos, who are currently out of stock! Hmm I'll keep my eyes peeled for this one.

I was tempted to include Revlon's Lip butters but decided that L'Oreal's Caresse had to be the winner, however I do love those! I find the Caresse lipsticks to have a great nourishing formula, whilst providing a pop of colour. The shade Dating Coral is very wearable and no mirrors are needed to apply it...I must get more of these lipsticks! Boots: £8.19

Vaseline...need I say anymore?! Every girl needs one of these at hand. Brilliant lip care and the cocoa butter variety is simply delicious! Boots: £1.99

And, Bodycare...

I love these puree body lotions. They apply really well and soak into the skin almost instantly, without leaving behind any stickiness. They have a great variety of flavours but I really enjoyed using the grapefruit one in 2012. I've recently bought one in strawberry, yum! At the Body Shop: £8

And there we have 2012 beauty faves. I have missed off a few things but, like I say, you can have a watch of my full favourites on my YouTube channel @ellie1989



  1. Hi :) Saw your 2012 favourites video on youtube and it brought me here! Subscribed to your channel and now following your blog :) looking forward to more videos/posts xx

    1. Thank you very much :) It's appreciated. Hoping to have new posts up soon! x