Thursday, 29 December 2011

Review: Myleene Klass nails- nail wrap/stickers

So I received this as a Christmas present from my friend Gina and was very excited as I've been wanting to try these nail wraps for a while. Unlike the nail foils, no heat is required and they are literally stickers to be applied to your nails. This made me doubtful of their staying power as surely stickers wouldn't withstand water?
Well I was wrong. Application was a little time consuming as positioning and filing them down to fit your nail was fiddly. Yet it did become easier as I went along. I would say that it took me a good hour to get them perfect. However once they were on...they were on.

Not only did they look really nice but they certainly were heavy duty. They withstood long baths and even stayed in tack when I gave my hair a good scrub using the tips of my nails.
A few air bubbles developed over the course of wearing them so I did ocassionally have to push them down and smooth things over.
In total they lasted around 4 days but probably needed taking off on the 3rd night. My nail's tips were the first to lose some stickiness and began peeling. However I was very impressed that this didn't happen until day 3. I think they would be perfect for a special night out or as a treat but perhaps not for constant use.
Removal was pretty straight forward. I found peeling them off starting at the cuticles to be the most productive. A tiny amount of glue/stickery stuff was left on my nails but this was easily removed by soaking them in warm water and then filing any excess.
All in all I think they are a nice change to nail varnish and I would reccommend giving them a try. Perhaps for NYE?
Ellie x

Saturday, 24 December 2011

E-blogger novice alert!

Hi! Ok so this is my first 'blog', how exciting...unlike its contents haha.

So why do I want to start blogging? Well, the world of Youtube is really something else, with so many people like myself who enjoy sharing beauty related things, gadgets and much more. I suppose you can say that Youtube has become a bit of a hobby for me. It's funny because I know that half of the people I've told don't really 'get it'. I think it's perhaps one of those things that you have to try before you can understand, but saying that I know loads of people who would find speaking into a camera for strangers plain WEIRD! But in fact the majority of the people I've watched doing beauty related channels all appear quite normal, so oh well, we can't all be the same can we!

It seems that blogging goes hand in hand with Youtuber's with many of them having their own blogger's sites. To me this seems like a good idea as you can really go into detail with a product review including more focused pictures etc and I always enjoy reading other's. So I thought, why not? I'll give it a go. Perfect timing really seen as it's Christmas Eve! :)

Depending on whether Santa thinks I've been good this year, I think a camera may be amongst my presents! I'm looking forward to sharing some of my gifts with you via my new camera and also having better quality videos on Youtube! What have you asked Santa for?

Anyway I hope you all have a Happy Christmas...I'll no doubt be blogging very soon. Perhaps even tomorrow?

Happy Christmas Eve :) Ellie x