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Hi I'm Ellie :) I was in fact christened as Danielle, however from the age of 17/18 I adopted the name Ellie and finally in summer 2015 I legally changed my name. One thing you'll learn about me if you read any of my blogs, I don't do 'normal', generally. But then again, what is normal anyway?!

I guess this all started with YouTube. I started watching vloggers from a fairly young age and I liked that they had similar interests to me. I don't deny nor have any shame over the fact that I was a massive gadget geek! Mainly, mobile phones. It's fair to say I was quite obsessed with having the latest release and it must have driven my poor parents crazy! I'd get a new phone, only to be looking at what the next releases might be a week later.

One day, after being requested, I made my first YouTube video about my latest mobile phone. There was so much interest as I think I was one of the first to get it...one of those Sony Walkman phones if you remember them? After that I drifted in and out of YouTube before developing my next obsession...makeup!

I had a good bash at being a beauty vlogger and whilst I made a little money out of it, they weren't the best videos and I do cringe at most of them now!

I haven't done YouTube for a while but maybe one day I'll start back! As for blogging, well again I can be hit and miss with it but I always enjoy it when I do write a post. I find it very therapeutic and regardless of whether anyone reads them or not, I think I'll continue :)

If you've read any of my related posts, you'll know I'm now an ex-primary school teacher and that's exactly how I'd like it to stay for the forseeable. Now, I run my own business under the company Forever Living and I absolutely love it! I shall be fitting in blog posts around this!

Thanks for visiting!

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Website/Shop: www.ellie.flp.com

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