Sunday, 30 September 2012

Post holiday weigh-in!

Hey guys. Hope you all had a brill week! :)

So as you may know if you read my last post...last week I was holidaying in Gran Canaria. I had a great time and decided to go all out and have a week off my Weight Watchers plan.

However, as you may know if you read my last blog, the workout obsessed me required a exercise fix whilst away. I found a nearby gym and did about an hours session each morning. I also did some swimming during the day in the lovely pool...

It's weird because I guess I've been so active during the summer that my body now expects it! I literally get 'twitchy' if I haven't done anything in a day haha. Yes, I got it bad :p

Diet wise I certainly didn't restrict myself though with alcohol, ice cream and fast food all a part of my daily intake! And although I enjoyed what I ate I certainly was glad to be retuning to my much healthier eating towards the end the week. I had forgotten how crap junk food can make you feel after excessive amounts!

Convinced that I'd gained 3+ lbs during the week, I nervously got on the gym scales once home.

Amazingly, I had gained less than a lb!! Something silly like 0.8 of a lb! Unbelievable right?! I guess I forgot how gradual gaining weight is, just like losing it.

So, very happy with the results. Worth it but pleased to be back on my plan :p

Stay strong and remember it's ok to occasionally treat yourself!!!

P.S. I've never felt so happy on holiday before. What a difference feeling good about yourself can make! It's so worth it, so keep going!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Gyms abroad...

...obviously don't require the same safety regulations! Haha

Hi everyone. Currently blogging from Gran Canaria. Im not sure where the image is going to show on the blog as I've never used this blog app before...but you should see my pool shot!

It's a rather nice pool :)

So being the exercise junkie I am I knew that there's no way I could go a whole week on holiday without a workout this morning (I arrived yesterday afternoon) I went on search for the gym I saw on the complex's map.

Despite having a long walk around, the gym was actually right in front of my room, literally about 15 metres away!

Free for complex guests I just showed my key card and then was able to use the equipment straight away.

Sadly a lot of the machines were out of order which meant that there was only one working treadmill and one cross trainer. Both were being used so I started with some weights. These were quite rusty and perhaps not entirely 'safe' looking but they did the job!

I then sort out the exercise bike. Funnily enough there was no resistance change option so I pedalled faster than usual. The rust was also apparent and the seat didn't appear truly safe but it was comfy so silver lining!

Funny though, after about a minute I was dripping thanks to the hot humidity, so I felt as if I'd already done 10 mins.

I also managed some floor exercises before noticing the cross trainer was vacant. Rather quickly I moved over to the machine and did about 10 minutes worth. The cross trainer was a little more modern and felt much more like home!

I forgot to take water so I didnt stay too long...but it was definitely an experience. Made my local gym at home seem like the Ritz or something! :p

Off to do some laps round the pool now and I'll probably continue to use the gym for the rest of my stay...I think maybe early morning would be better to ensure a good machine though!

As for the Weight Watchers side of things...Im having a week off but not going overboard. To be honest my stomach has shrunk in size so I'm finding I can't finish a meal as the portions are much bigger than I'm used to! There's a change from my old eating style.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Before I came away I was down to 8st 11.5 lbs so when I'm home I'll let you all know about any weight gain! It's inevitable I assume.

Friday, 14 September 2012

Slendertone Update & Weigh-In

Hey everyone. Hope you are all fighting fit this week :)

Right so, a few posts back I blogged about Slendertone toning devices. I was pretty dismissive of the toning shorts and still stand by this. Not a fan! However, I did say I was going to give the abs toning belt a good go and having previously quite liked the product, I was keen to get back into it.

As modelled above, the belt is fairly chunky yet fairly flexible. I would usually sit down whilst using the device...I mean 30 minutes isn't pleasant standing time. As for the 3 gel/silicone textured pads...brace yourself when applying the belt. They can be rather COLD!

As I said in my last Slendertone post, you can actually feel your stomach muscles being pulled in and out. Quite forcibly too on a high setting! And afterwards I had experienced some soreness, hence suggesting that it has worked something?!

However, despite my best efforts I just couldn't get 'in to' using the product! :( I really tried...but the cold application and the unpleasant pulling sensation was a big turn off for me.

Also, the reason I enjoy a good workout is that 'after' feeling you get...a sense of achievement knowing how much effort you have put in. Sitting in front of TV or whatever wearing the belt just didn't give me that same buzz. Personally I've rather WORK for my results and to be honest a gym session is far more enjoyable than the 'noaring' and 'repetitive' feel of the device.

I expect, judging by the countless reviews, that these products either fall into the love or hate categories, depending on the users preference. For me, I'm definitely leaning towards the hate I'm afraid. However, I've given my mum the ST belt (back, as it was hers originally) knowing that she will make better use of the device. Suffering with lower back problems, exercise is limited for her and so I think something like this will really help...either with toning or just for peace of mind, we'll see! (I'll try and keep you all updated on this to determine its actual toning abilities).

All in all I'd say that if you are healthy enough to exercise and manage to eat a balanced diet then you ultimately don't need any fancy gadget. And, with a price tag of around £100, you may as well take to the floor every night and do some crunches or sit ups! I've heard exercise is a mood lifter, so not only will you be one sit up closer to your perfect stomach but you may even have a smile on your face by the end! :)

Hope this is helpful to somebody...again, just my experience and opinions!


After the previous two weeks totting up to a 4lbs loss...I was seriously expecting a STS (stay the same) this week.

Wrong! Another lb loss. Woohooo :) So, I'm getting very close to my GW (goal weight) of 8st 7lbs now and have to say, feeling better than ever! Achievement really is the best feeling. However, just to clarify, I am 5ft 3inches tall, so by BMI guidelines for my height this weight is considered a healthy one! Whilst I do want to reach my ideal GW it's all about the fitness and health for me, the skinny emaciated look is not my aim!

It's very weird to think back to May, when I was feeling unfit, fat and generally crap! I never imagined that I would come anywhere close to today's results. My self belief was so rubbish that it never even occurred to me to take a 'before' fact taking a picture of myself back then in something like a bikini would have been quite a depressing action! But now, that it my single regret...WHY DIDN'T I TAKE A PHOTO?!!! :p

So...if you are just starting out and you are thinking your goals are so far off that you'll never get close. STOP with these thoughts. Take a god damn photo and believe in yourself!...cause more often than not, nobody else will. It took a while for people to realise that I was actually serious about getting nobody can question it. The results speak for themselves!

I'm often tweeting or instragraming or pinning something motivational so come and say hi if you need a extra push! In fact, I also post for myself too...keeps me focused along the way!

Twitter: ellie1989
Instragram & Pinterest: elliee1989 (Yes, ellie1989 was already taken, damn! haha)


Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Update & Achievement!

Hey everyone.

So, Monday was my weekly weigh-in and I was really happy to see a 2lbs loss this week! :)

And when I inputted my weight into my Weight Watchers tracker app...

It appears that reaching the 9st mark was an achievement in itself! It's so nice to see that all of my hard work is finally paying off.

It really is true when they say you have to work for results.

Hope it was as good a week for you as it was me; whether it be a good workout, a Weight Watcher's weigh  in or just simply turning down extra helpings of pudding/dessert! :)

Keep going!