Sunday, 30 September 2012

Post holiday weigh-in!

Hey guys. Hope you all had a brill week! :)

So as you may know if you read my last post...last week I was holidaying in Gran Canaria. I had a great time and decided to go all out and have a week off my Weight Watchers plan.

However, as you may know if you read my last blog, the workout obsessed me required a exercise fix whilst away. I found a nearby gym and did about an hours session each morning. I also did some swimming during the day in the lovely pool...

It's weird because I guess I've been so active during the summer that my body now expects it! I literally get 'twitchy' if I haven't done anything in a day haha. Yes, I got it bad :p

Diet wise I certainly didn't restrict myself though with alcohol, ice cream and fast food all a part of my daily intake! And although I enjoyed what I ate I certainly was glad to be retuning to my much healthier eating towards the end the week. I had forgotten how crap junk food can make you feel after excessive amounts!

Convinced that I'd gained 3+ lbs during the week, I nervously got on the gym scales once home.

Amazingly, I had gained less than a lb!! Something silly like 0.8 of a lb! Unbelievable right?! I guess I forgot how gradual gaining weight is, just like losing it.

So, very happy with the results. Worth it but pleased to be back on my plan :p

Stay strong and remember it's ok to occasionally treat yourself!!!

P.S. I've never felt so happy on holiday before. What a difference feeling good about yourself can make! It's so worth it, so keep going!

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