Saturday, 30 March 2013

March Favourites 2013 almost April!

I kept my favourites short and sweet this month so decided to feature them all, rather than top 5.

As always you can watch my faves instead if you prefer...(When it's uploaded I'll link you up!)

1. Soap & Glory's Heel Genius. A god-send to my over-exercised, dry, itchy feet! I apply a small blob to my heel area and work across the entire surface of my 'under' foot. It gives a nice cooling sensation and really feels like it's doing something! Leaves my feet soft as a babies bum :)

2. Rimmel's Metal Rush nail polishes. Featured here and here, I've really been enjoying using these beauties. The metallic effect is truly lovely and in different light you have a different nail colour...especially the Blue shade: that can appear blue, purple and green. They apply really easily too and are fast-drying.

3. Baremineral's Matte mineral foundation. I have really come to love this recently, with the shade Fairly Light matching my now slightly tanned skin perfectly. The product provides a light to medium buildable coverage and it buffs really easily into the skin. I like this foundation for days when I can't be bothered to apply a heavy liquid foundation...This looks and feels like normal skin so you can't even feel that you are wearing it.

4. Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette. Amazing. I did a quick review along with a eye look I like to create using this palette here, but if I had to choose just one fave this month it would be this! I love how the shades all compliment each other so well and as always with UD's eye shadows, they apply and blend really well. There are 5 matte shades and 1 shimmer which is a nice change from the the other Naked Palettes that heavily feature shimmers. I love it and it's super cute size means it can go along with you anywhere :)

5. Urban Decay's Naked Flushed Palette. Again a great buy. I love how all three products: blusher, highlighter and bronzer all feature in one compact and convenient palette. The blusher is truly amazing. It's very heavily pigmented so a little bit will go a long way. It will last years I tell you! The highlight is really pretty, nothing out of the ordinary but nice all the same. The bronzer is a great builder so if you have pale skin you'll be fine with a dab of this. As for the darker skin tones you will also be good to go with this as you can build it up really well. I like that it is more subtle and not over-kill though. I've been using the palette almost everyday since I opened it. Brill!

6. Rimmel's Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Celestial. I'm sure you're sick of hearing about these but I'm  indeed a fan. I would say they are a cross between a nourishing lipstick and a lipgloss. Not sticky like some glosses but they keep that moisture without drying out like a lot of lipsticks tend to do. I want more shades!...I forgot to mention this in my video but the downside for me is the scent/smell. They remind me of something I'm not keen on...plastic-y, waxy? Not sure but I wish they smelt/tasted like Mac lipsticks <3

7. Lastly, Body Shop's Born To Be Lippy Lip Balm in Pomegranate. Delicious smell and makes your lips soft and moisturized. What more could you want!? My lips have been incredibly dry lately so this has been taking some hammer but it seems to be lasting a long time :) For £3, bargain!

Thanks for reading. Please link me your monthly favourites, I love hearing about them all :)

Friday, 29 March 2013

UD Basics Palette Review/Look


Urban Decay knew what they were doing when they created this Naked Basics palette, let me tell you!

If you saw my Urban Decay Haul, you'll know that I actually picked the palette up as part of a package. It was coupled with the UD Flushed Palette, which to be honest was the one I was most interested in. I thought the Basics Palette would just be a nice bonus...

Wrong. The first time I used it I knew it was going to become a firm favourite of mine. I love how all but one (Venus) are matte shadows and the colours all compliment each other so well.

The ultra cute sizing of this palette makes it even easier to reach for when it comes to travelling. It's ideal for me, being between homes as a Uni student! The next time I go back to my student house I doubt I'll even bother lugging back my Naked1/2 palettes back with me...instead I'll grab this little guy!

I've literally been using the Basics Palette almost everyday since I first cracked into it and I've developed a bit of a system in terms of how I use it.

My favourite eye look at the moment, pictured above, is achieved by using all 6 of the eye shadows. And yes, I know my skin isn't great on the photo but what can I say? I have troubled skin :( So please ignore the spots and what not and look at what I think is a pretty natural eye look :P

I work along the palette in the order they appear from left to right.

1) I apply Venus to the inner corners, blending it across to about mid-way of my eye.
2/3/4) I blend Foxy, W.O.S and Naked 2 across my eyelids, building the colour and adding a bit of depth
5) I work Faint into the crease of my eye to create a subtle definition. I find using a good blending brush (like the Mac 217) ideal for this part.
6) When I'm happy with my eyelids I use a angled-eye brush to line my upper lashes with a bit of Crave to create a slightly thicker lash line without the intensity of a liquid/gel liner.


It's a very quick simple everyday look...sometimes I skip step 6 depending on the occasion.

I love how blend-able the eye shadows are, as always with Urban Decay, and I would recommend this palette to anyone. If you haven't tried Urban Decay eye shadows before I'd say this is a good one to start with and it's not a bad price at £20 :)

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Schwarzkopf: Liquid Silk Conditioner


I haven't done a product review in a little while so I thought I'd share with you my new favourite conditioner.

Last weekend I got snowed in but I was desperate for a good conditioner. Since going abroad in September 2012 my hair has been quite sun-damaged and brittle at the ends. Admittedly I do need a hair cut but I haven't had chance to book an appointment, what with being at Uni and what not!

Anyway, I've been combating my  hair issues with deep intensive leave-in conditioners, nourishing conditioners and hair can see my damaged hair post here. All in all it's been working but I do have to repeat these treatments a few time a week, if not daily.

My local shop is one of those heavily discounted cheap convenience stores, with not a lot of product range. The packaging of the Schwarzkopf GLISS Hair Repair Liquid Silk Conditioner caught my eye. The photo doesn't do it justice, but it really is very pretty with the label a iridescent shell-like effect. And it's pink! Always a winner with me :)

When I saw 'for brittle dull hair' I felt that was a fairly accurate match to my long locks and added it to my basket. I'm not quite sure how much this bottle would be in normal shops? but for me it was £1.49...pretty good I thought.

I was immediately impressed when I first tried it, with the scent reminding me of Johnson's baby lotion! It made my hair incredibly soft and smooth upon rinsing it. I had no 'luggs' when it came to brushing my hair through either (but this is pretty usual for my fine hair).

I found that a little bit of the product goes a long way...If you use too much you can get that slightly greasy feel to the ends of your hair, once blow-dried.

All in all I'm really happy with my 'make-do' conditioner and I would definitely repurchase. Guess I have the snow to thank for my discovery! :P

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sunday Chat #2: Interview Jitters

Hello. Hope you are all having a nice chilled Sunday! I thought I've have a little type to get out some of my nervous energy, cause quite frankly this is me...

Just to clarify this isn't me but ya know what I mean! 
So tomorrow I have a job interview and not just any job interview, but in fact my first! Yep, in all my 23 years I've never really had a proper interview. I was a waitress for a pub across the street but it was more of an informal  chat with it being my local. Then I worked in a Co-op store, during my year out, but my Dad was the area manager so pressure, only for the store's manager I guess haha! I think he was nervous bless him!

As you may know or have heard...this weekend's been absolutely full of snow for the Nottingham area (and many other places I'm sure). I reckon someone forgot to pass on the message to Mother Nature that it is indeed Spring?!

Anyway...getting snowed in wasn't part of my plan. No, instead I was going to buy a nice smart interview jacket.

This didn't happen. So instead I'm left feeling rather ill prepared in terms of clothing and I'm quite possibly going to be the worst dressed a long-sleeved cream blouse, black trousers and dolly shoes. Oh well. 

As far as everything else goes I guess I'm as sorted as I can be...I have my brief lesson plan, an idea of the types of interview questions I might be asked and oh yeah...calming tablets!

I am my own worst enemy when it comes to nerves. I already have butterflies circling around my belly. Of course they are quite normal and I know they are needed to some extent to perform with adrenalin blah blah...but I get the bad kind.

They've always been a big issue for me. I used to be in a lot of shows, whilst at stage school etc, but nerves got in the way of many performances. I could sing a song perfectly in my bedroom but put me in front of an audience and I'd struggle with my breathing and the notes just wouldn't come out quite right. I'd shake with nervous energy. I could barely control them.

One time I entered a singing competition. I was so nervous all day that I only managed to eat half of a tomato. When it came to performing I was riddled with nerves and they took over my voice in parts...I sounded like a sheep! Sadly the performance was recorded so I had to endure it all over again! Needless to say, I didn't win. The judges said I would have if I hadn't of been so nervous. I was gutted and disappointed in myself.

I did get better with the nerves for some time though and the more practice I got in front of others the better I learned to control them.

I'm hoping that tomorrow, if nothing else, will be good practice! :) Just wish I didn't feel this sick...already haha!

Monday, 18 March 2013

NOTD: Rimmel's Metal Rush

Hello :)

Hope you are all having a good Monday!...

My day has so far consisted of travelling back to my student house, a doctor's appointment in another attempt to get rid of my frustrating chin acne (yes, it's lovely), and then just generally being lazy and putting off revision or any form of work.

With that, I decided I would repaint my nails. Since buying two new nail polishes I've been keen to try them out and today I went with Rimmel's Metal Rush varnish in Royal Blue (7).

I applied two coats of the polish to get the above effect and its application was smooth and easy. The formula is very quick drying...just what I look for in a nail polish. I'm far too impatient and actually don't enjoy the process of painting my nails...although I do it often enough!

It's really difficult to capture the beautiful metallic effect on camera but one minute the colour looks predominantly lilac-y/purple, then the next it's a lovely sea green/blue shade.

It truly gives a very pretty look, and I would definitely recommend you give this polish a go! Prettttyyy :P


Sunday, 17 March 2013

Sunday Chat #1


I felt like writing, and figured I may do this sort of post more here goes...

Today is Sunday and for me that means one thing...Sunday dinner or Sunday roast! :D Whatever you like to call it.

Indeed, I get rather excited at the thoughts of a good dinner. A plate full of a variety of vegetables, a helping of mash potato, perhaps the odd roast potato, my favourite meat (pork chop) and maybe a cheeky bit of yorkshire pudding, all covered with meat infused gravy. Yum, yum, yum! Call me biased but my dad's roasts are amazing!

Being a uni student I don't always have the luxury of eating a Sunday dinner. Sure I could probably cook-up my own rendition, but it seems like a lot of hassle when cooking for just me. And let's face it, cooking is not one of my strong points...Quite honestly I don't enjoy it and tend to avoid it as much as I can!

However, I'm still home today...after a very 'mixed bag' kind of a week...

It started with day-old sick in my hair and a much needed shower. I was still hungover from Saturday's antics. Sunday was possibly the worst day of my life, taking the horizontal position in bed for the entire day. Yep, it was disgraceful and I aim not to repeat. EVER.

Monday came to a close with a meal at Slug & feed my alcohol induced hunger pangs. The Ultimate Stateside Burger was demolished along with half a Cookie Cup dessert.

o0o scary picture! Perhaps a little dramatic but...
Tuesday's are generally the bane of my life. It's a Uni day which, quite frankly, are wearing very thin on me now. I feel perhaps there is a reason most people coming up to the age of 24 are no longer pupils...I would have said are no longer in education but seen as I still will be when I get a teaching job, I'll refrain from that wording.

Apologies for the creepy images. Uni must have this affect on me 
Draining is what it be in a room for 2 hours...essentially trapped. To listen to, in my opinion, often irrelevant information. Needless to say, I napped afterwards. Boy, it was a good 1.5 hour sleep! I then got sucked into having a chinese with my housemates. I was relatively good though and just had a chow mein, as opposed to my usual duck starter and chips :)

I awoke with nerves on Wednesday. It was the day of my literacy skills test. I was fairly confident but the sheer unpredictability made me uneasy. My body is literally the worst at coping with any kind of stress or upheaval! Any butterflies and my stomach is a mess, my appetite is gone and I feel sick.

Gladly, I passed the test! Yayy! And treated myself to a few bits, which I showed in this post. Sadly though, all of the adrenalin and nervousness from earlier completely took its toll on my body. I had a massive blood sugar dip (perhaps I'll do a post about my issues with this soon) and despite a rushed Gregg's cheese cob/roll and a Millie's chocolate chip cookie the damage had been done and I started to feel really poorly. A bit like a migraine kind of ill but a little more woozy...Anyway after packing my bag (to go home) in a daze, I had to lie down and awoke to my parents telling me they were outside to collect me (from my student digs).

I finally came around to feeling better a bit later. It was nice to be home and I tucked into my dad's homemade shepherd's pie. YUM.

Thursday was one of the saddest days I've had to witness. Back in Sixth Form, I was part of the school choir. We were very well received and sang all over the place, even touring in Germany and Kent. I loved singing in our concerts and I was sad to have to leave it behind when I finished in Year 12.

On Thursday the choir reformed, which would have made me very happy in different circumstances. Sadly, we reunited to sing at a very talented and loved young man's funeral. Luke was only 20 and had tragically suffered over a dozen heart-attacks, fallen into a coma and subsequently passed away. Luke was once a valued member of our choir and it seemed only right that we would give him the best send-off we could vocalize. His mum requested us and it was an absolute honour to be there. It was heart-breaking all the same.

It's funny how on occasions like those you think more clearly and assess your own life and what's important. For me I realised that my family mean everything to me and that really nothing else matters in the grand scheme of things. So when I get stressed about Uni work, applying for jobs and even get caught up in the waves of sadness that I sometimes suffer with...I need to remember what I felt in that instance.

That evening I did my much-loved exercise classes: Boot Camp and Step n Core.

Friday I awoke a little stiff from the workout but also quite excited to visit a local school. If you don't know any teachers etc...when it comes to applying for a teaching job it's obligatory to look around a school before submitting your application...Well, that's if you want your application to be considered! For me, I got that 'wow' I'd be waiting for. The school that I could imagine myself working at. It ticked all of my personal boxes and I'm hoping I'll tick some of theirs and get invited to interview. Of course I'm not stupid enough to assume I'll get it...I'm one of many...but for now I have a cross all of your fingers and toes for me!

I believe that everything happens for a reason...which is pretty hard to maintain when faced with tragedies like Thursday...but I think fate is a very powerful thing and if it's meant to be it'll happen.

So, excluding a lot more of the really painful sore muscles;  singing alone on the karaoke like a 'saddo' on a Saturday evening, in the comfort of my own home; starting The Host book; oh and, devouring a lot of biscuits dipped in tea...we are back to me having had Sunday dinner and writing this post.

How was your week?


Friday, 15 March 2013

When 2 become 1... the words of the Spice Girls. It's really weird to think that actually many of the songs that I was singing along to and bopping about at, as a child, were generally all sex-related! I mean Zig-a-zig-ahh?! Cringe.

But anyway...despite the perhaps misleading title/intro...I am referring to blogging. Some of you have dirty minds! :)

Up until today I had two beauty directed and one lifestyle/fitness related. But to be honest I felt it was a bit of a juggling act and so I decided to combine the two, after much deliberation.

The other blog, called belliebegone, I feel had a slightly different tone and was a little more personal and sometimes waffly. You may see what I mean if you decide to read some of the posts which I've now imported over.

Anyway I hope you enjoy reading those posts too! And it'll mean I'll blog more often, with all my posts going to the same place!

Let me know what you think!

Ellie x

Goodbye GFC & Hello Blog Lovin'


I'm guessing by now you'll have heard the news that GFC will soon be no more! I guess this is really sad news for so many of you bloggers with a huge following...!

I have very few followers at the moment and continue to write regardless because I enjoy it. However I'd like to think that if someone enjoys my blog(s) then they'll have the option to follow them.

This is where Blog Lovin' is going to become very popular. I know a lot of you already have it but from what I understand, it may take the place of GTF.

So, in prep, if you follow my blog(s) and would like to continue doing so, please go and follow me over at Blog Lovin'. Likewise, if you would like to become a new follower, head on over! :)

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Rimmel 3 for 2 Haul

Hello :)

I've been fairly good since my Urban Decay splurge and have been fighting off the urge to try out the, much hyped about, Rimmel Apocalips. Yes I know, I'm fairly late to jump on the band wagon but there in the end!

Today was a day that deserved some celebration as I passed my QTS Literacy Skills Test,,,yayyy! Thank god! I said to myself, before taking the exam, that I would buy an Apocolips if I passed with that I headed to the nearest Superdrug!

3 for 2 on makeup products is always a tempting one for me and with it being a happy day and all I thought why not...I'm going to take advantage of the offer :)

Starting off with the Apocolips I selected shade 101 Celestial. I had my eye on this from the beginning with it's subtle rose pink colour: a welcome new addition to my lipstick range. The bright pink shade, in Apocoliptic, also appealed to me but I'll see how I get on with the product before indulging in the more stand-out tone!

Pictured on the left, the gold nail polish in God Save The Queen (32) caught my eye. I liked that it has flickers of yellowy-green to it and I thought it might help curb my craving for Chanel's Peridot, which is truly beautiful but truly pricey for me!

I really liked the last of the two polishes, another of Rimmel's Metal Rush edition in Royal Blue (7). Although it has definite blue in it, I'd personally describe it as more of a tortoise shade and it has a lovely iridescent shimmer about it.

I'm really excited to try these things out...No doubt there'll be some NOTDs coming up, along with my thoughts on the Apocolips :)

Monday, 11 March 2013

Hangover from Hell!

Hi guys. Hope you are all well and feeling considerably healthier than me at this moment!

Saturday evening I get a text along the lines of...'We're thinking Rock City tonight? U up for it?' A night out! Well, I haven't been out in a yeah, yeah why not?!

Because you can't handle your alcohol!

Whoever in God's name thought it was a sensible idea to shot neat Malibu after already drinking a standard 4 bottles of beer?! Oh that's!

I knew it was bad when I woke up to my bin which had been turned into a sick bucket, a trail of toilet paper and lots of water and sprite beside my bed. Luckily I have such good and caring friends who looked after me really well.

It's one of those nights where my memory has decided to fail on me and although I was promised we all had a good time up until the point I was sick...I cannot remember a bloody thing! Well, there are glimpses that flashback to me but to be honest it's possibly for the best!

So sadly, this is not the first night that has ended in sick. I say it time and again that I will never get in such a state but unfortunately I have indeed lost count. All I know is, the last time something similar but way worse happened was in summer 2012.

Losing weight has definitely impacted on my ability to handle alcohol. I forget that my body mass is  much smaller. I drank about the same as my friends apparently but I just don't have the stomach for it. Literally I reckon a few beers and I should stop drinking!

At home I very rarely drink and like I've said before (maybe over at my other blog) I don't even particularly enjoy it. I don't mind a casual beer or cider but I hate why I decided to shot Malibu, god knows! The M word still makes me feel a little sick!

Yesterday I spent the whole day lay horizontally in bed. Literally my worst hangover EVER. I couldn't sit up for longer than 2 minutes and despite napping several times throughout the day I couldn't shake off the fuzzy head or moments of nausea.

As for food, I'm generally ravenous after a night of drinking but I couldn't keep anything down. Even my usual dry cracker remedy wasn't all that successful. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say my hangover was a definite 10! I couldn't even take a much needed shower! Ewww gross.

This morning I awoke fairly early for me, around 9:30, and was pleased to feel a lot better. So I got my life in order with a wash, put on some fresh bedding and tided and hoovered my room. I also rinsed and washed my sick stained clothes...lovely!

I then moved onto food and couldn't believe the effect not eating for a day could have on my stomach...almost washboard I tell you!! I started with some toast but an hour or so later I knew I'd moved onto the 'munchies' stage and devoured a full pepperoni pizza.

After doing a bit of Uni work, I took a turn for the worst and a woozy head reappeared and I had to return to bed and nap.

I've not long since been awake but already eaten a full bag of sweet popcorn in an attempt to curb my hunger and soak up some of this alcohol, which is evidently still very much in my system. As for fluids, I'm so thirsty ALL of the time...serious dry mouth. Tiredness, hunger and thirst are to be expected for me when I've been drinking...but this usually happens the day after the night, not on day 2!


Serious hangover. I'll say it now. This is NOT happening again. EVER. Capisce?! Good.

Friday, 8 March 2013

Mother's Day

Hello. Hope you are all well!

So, Sunday is the day when Mums or Mothers are recognized for the super job they do! For being there when nobody else is. For always having your best interests at heart. For being truly selfless and giving you all the love in the world.

Me and my Mum- Christmas 2012
That is my understanding of Mums. I know I'm lucky to have a great one! And I know not everyone still has one... which upsets me, a lot! I mean personally I feel like my Mum is always going to be there and I guess sometimes I take that for granted.

Recently a friend of mine lost their Mum to cancer...the most awful of diseases! And I cannot imagine how hard Mothering Sunday with be for them. Likewise to anyone else who has lost their Mum or perhaps have never known what having a Mum is like. I cannot even begin to imagine how this must feel and I'm praying I won't have to know this for a very long time.

I am a mummy's girl...well a parent's girl I guess. I love being at home, even at the age of 23, and after 4 years at uni I still often get homesick and I ring home on a daily basis, sometimes a few times a day! If this makes me sad or immature or whatever then so be it...I wouldn't change it! :)

Anyway, being a Uni student, with the majority of my upkeep coming from my parents (student loans are not what everyone thinks they're cracked up to be!) I often get told not to bother with the likes of Mother's Day and Birthdays etc. "Save your money, I don't want anything" are the types of things my Mum will say. In the past I've listened, but I don't like not being able to treat the people I love.

So this year I decided I would surprise my Mum with a couple of gifts from two of my favourite shops.

Sadly I won't see my Mum on Sunday as I'm back at my Uni house, but I've already planted the gifts at home! I've been travelling back there quite a bit over the past couple of weeks for various visits around schools (job hunting has begun!) and I had the brainwave at the end of Feb.

My Mum is possibly lipstick obsessed. It's very rare you'll see her without her pink lippy on! However she's only ever had high street products and although I am a big fan of the likes of Rimmel and Max Factor etc, I believe everyone should have a least one Mac lipstick. They are just lovely! The smell, the texture, the finish...just FAB! So, I headed into my local Mac store and carefully selected one, after much deliberation!

Finally, I popped into the Lush store. My Mum is the queen of baths...she never takes showers but will have a daily soak. For Christmas I got her a selection of bubble bars which she really enjoyed, so I had to pick her one of these up! Couldn't resist!

So...hidden away in my drawers at home are my Mum's surprise gifts! She literally has no idea! :D She works nights so as soon as I know she's awake on Sunday, I'm going to direct her to her presents over the phone. I'm quite excited ha!

Want to know what I selected?'s a sneak peak... :)


Mac's Frost in Bombshell & Lush's Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

What did you get your Mum? :)


Monday, 4 March 2013

New Urban Decay Palettes Haul!

Hello. So if you saw my recent beauty wishlist you'll know that I firmly had my eye on the Urban Decay Flushed palette. As soon as I heard about it I knew I had to have it, being a big fan of the Naked palettes. However when I wrote the wishlist I never expected that the next day I would end up purchasing it!

Going shopping with my best friend is always dangerous. We both love makeup and we have a habit of encouraging each other to buy more! So, when we went into Debenhams I knew I was in trouble. I saw so many things I'd like to own, but when I saw the two newest Naked palettes wrapped together in a bargain bundle I couldn't resist!

In total the two ended up costing a pretty sweet £30 because I had £5 to spend on my Debenhams' beauty card. Get in! The palettes are just tiny!

The Flushed palette is beautiful. I love how it allows you to carry around a bronzer, highlight and blush all in one. It's so compact which would make it ideal for travel purposes. I was also impressed to find that the fastening is magnetic. Not sure why, but this instantly appeals to me...I love magnetic things!

On first impressions the products seem really good. I was a little worried that the bronzer would be too dark and a little harsh on my skin tone but actually I'd say this is the most build-able of the three. It doesn't come on really strong and took a few swatches to get the colour in the photo.

As for the highlight colour, I think it's really pretty and everything you'd require in a highlight. It applies to the skin really well and leaves a nice shimmery soft finish.

The blush is possibly the most pigmented of the three and a little bit appears to go a long way. Keeping to it's title, it gives a nice 'flushed' pink look. Love it!

The Basics palette, for me, is a nice bonus at essentially £10. Don't get me wrong, I liked the look of it when it first came out but I wasn't sure if there was much point in me buying it because I already have the two Naked palettes. However when I saw just how small it was, and super cute, I gave it more than a second glance. I was pleased to see that it only had one of the same shades as the other Naked palettes, 'Foxy', yet on comparing the two back at home they do seem to differ in colour? Odd.

I always love Urban Decay's eye shadows and these are no exception to the rule. I like that this palette offers 5 matte shades, with the only shimmer being 'Venus', because the bigger Naked palettes are a little skimpy on their mattes. The practicality of this palettle is a traveller's dream. Being a uni student I'm always packing a travel makeup bag to head home etc and I think I'd be pretty happy with just taking this little guy as my only eye shadows. I reckon it possesses the potential to create a fair few decent eye looks...including a nice smoky eye among it!

All in all I've really excited about owning these!

I'm sure that full reviews will follow once I've become accustomed to using them! In the meantime, let me know if you have these? What do you think? Or, are they on your wishlist?

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Battling the junk food

Hello :)

What I don't understand is why on earth it is so hard to be healthy whilst in student digs?! I go from being the most motivated fit person at home to a health disaster at my uni house.

A typical example was half term last week... I went home, temporarily signed up to my local gym and got back into loosely following the Weight Watchers plan. Piece of cake! Or shall I say no cake!

I felt motivated, in good shape, healthy and I still was able to enjoy a big meal out at the end of the week. In fact I ended up losing a lb or 2, just from cleaning myself back up.

I head back to uni, determined to carry on a good regime and what not, and even bring back a new exercise mat that I bought whilst home. I get back on the Saturday and do pretty well. Sunday I didn't make the gym but I do some floor workouts so all is well. Monday I'm doing really well and attend a Zumba class plus a short gym sess...

And then it takes a downhill path!

After a large meal on Tuesday, I decide to head down to my local Tesco's and buy a large tub of cookie dough ice cream. And if that wasn't enough, I then grab a bar of galaxy chocolate for good measure!

Funny thing is, I don't reckon to have a massive sweet tooth but obviously I did on this night. I eat a quarter of the tub, feel like that is enough but then piece by piece devour the galaxy bar and then return to the freezer for another quarter helping of ice cream. Then of course I feel sick and think why did I do that?! Was there any need?

The next day my stomach feels gross, it isn't used to such crap I guess, and I tell my housemate she can eat the remainder of my cookie dough ice cream...I did not what that screaming at me to finish it!

At this point I'm annoyed at myself because I've woke up feeling guilty and yucky on a day that is supposed to be a treat.

It was my friend's birthday and we were heading to Nando's for tea, watching Dirty Dancing the musical and then grabbing drinks at a local Wetherspoons. Thankfully I felt OK by the time she arrived and I was relieved that I was actually hungry for chicken, rice and creamy mash (my standard there), instead of feeling sick!

But I have to think to myself...why did I still binge on junk knowing full well I would be eating something yummy the following day? Failed on self control for sure!

I guess there's still that little part of me that has the junk food addiction! Sure, I've come a long way from being known as the 'Takeaway Queen' in second and third years of uni, but I still have many moments of weakness.

The worst part is that I don't even particularly enjoy the junk food. I mean sure it tastes nice at the time but often it upsets my stomach and I feel sick more times than not afterwards...either from eating too much or just from pure grease!

I'm not sure I'll ever be able to fully curb my junk food cravings, but I do take solace in the fact I associate home with being healthy.

I think the environment in which you're in makes a massive difference. At home, for example, most of my immediate family are pretty health conscious and this means the food shopping usually consists of fruit, veg and the likes. At uni, on the other hand, takeaways can be a regular occurrence... I mean at home I'd never dream of getting a menu out and ordering food randomly (for perhaps just me), but at uni it's a easy option...which is a dangerous thing!

Then there's the alcohol. At home I rarely touch a drop...To be honest I don't massively like the taste of it and drinking at home seems a bit odd to me if I'm not going out. There's also the issue of it bringing on insane hunger. Alcohol always equals food for me, no matter what.

Uni, of course, usually means big nights out at least every fortnight. I can never get drunk without following it with food...McDonalds, burgers, chips, pizza...standard. Unfortunately this usually carries on into the next day and a takeaway is my hangover cure.

At home I'm also quite lucky in that I seem to have inadvertently passed on the fitness bug to my  sister, who is now an avid gym go-er. This is good for me because it generates the motivation that I sometimes lack in actually getting up and going to workout.

Gym buddies are a good thing! But make sure it's someone you work well point just going for a chat! At uni I have a few friends that occasionally go to the gym but it's not often enough to make an impact on my motivation :P

It's just hard to be healthy at uni...whereas at home, it's almost handed on a plate...a healthy one! Junk food is too easily obtained at uni...It's true what they say, if you remove all temptation then you won't be tempted.

I guess I'll just try my best for now and then go home in summer and live as I really want to live...healthily!

I reckon a takeaway is on the cards this I think a good gym session might be called for this know, in an attempt to limit the damage!

Friday, 1 March 2013

February Favourites 2013

Wow, is it March already?!

So, February was a pretty average month for me and to be honest I haven't been trying many new products. Poor student and all! I've pretty much been loving the same things from my January favourites, so have a look at those if you haven't already!

However a few things did stand out from the crowd this past month...

As always you can watch my favourites on YouTube if you prefer!


I love my Paper Plane make-up bag! I think the design is so cute and the material feels of good quality. However, it is on the rather small side, especially if you don't travel light like me, so I keep my pills and potions in there instead :) I use it all the time when I'm 'to-ing and fro-ing' between my home and student digs.

One of the things I keep inside the "make-up" bag is a prescription gel I got from the doctor for my recent bout of acne. It's called Duac and I've found it's working wonders on my skin.

I've been reaching for my bareMinerals Matte foundation a lot lately. I did a full product review here, in case you're interested. Definitely a favourite over the past month though!

As for February lips, I've been liking the bolder choices and reaching for L'Oreal Paris' Caresse lipstick in Impulsive Fuchsia quite a bit. The pigmentation in this lipstick is great, whilst doing a grand old job in moisturising your lips and making them feel all nourished and soft! Love it!

Keeping with the bright fuchsias, I've been wearing my Miss Sporty nail polish a lot lately. I can't seem to find the shade's name but it's a hot pink all the same. I have a few of their polishes and I've always been impressed with their application. They're cheap too at £1.99!

I've probably spoken about this before but I love Lady GaGa's Fame perfume. It has a sweet fruity scent about it and the I think the bottle is just lovely. True to Lady Gaga, it has a touch of difference in that the fluid is actually black...but this turns clear when sprayed...luckily! :)

Bobbi Brown's Slopes has been my go to blush of choice this past month. It has great pigmentation so a little dab goes a long way and the dusty rose pink colour looks really nice on the apples of your cheeks. Lovely.
Last, but by no means least, is Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide on eye pencil in Perversion. This has everything you'd want in a black eyeliner! It's smooth and easy to apply, it's the blackest of black, and it has some serious staying power- pretty much lasting all day even on the waterline. Well worth the money!

There we go...they're my beauty favourites for Feb but I'd like to hear yours! Please leave a comment with a link to your Feb faves if you've done a post or alternatively list a few in your message :) I love reading/hearing about what everyone else has been enjoying.