Monday, 11 March 2013

Hangover from Hell!

Hi guys. Hope you are all well and feeling considerably healthier than me at this moment!

Saturday evening I get a text along the lines of...'We're thinking Rock City tonight? U up for it?' A night out! Well, I haven't been out in a yeah, yeah why not?!

Because you can't handle your alcohol!

Whoever in God's name thought it was a sensible idea to shot neat Malibu after already drinking a standard 4 bottles of beer?! Oh that's!

I knew it was bad when I woke up to my bin which had been turned into a sick bucket, a trail of toilet paper and lots of water and sprite beside my bed. Luckily I have such good and caring friends who looked after me really well.

It's one of those nights where my memory has decided to fail on me and although I was promised we all had a good time up until the point I was sick...I cannot remember a bloody thing! Well, there are glimpses that flashback to me but to be honest it's possibly for the best!

So sadly, this is not the first night that has ended in sick. I say it time and again that I will never get in such a state but unfortunately I have indeed lost count. All I know is, the last time something similar but way worse happened was in summer 2012.

Losing weight has definitely impacted on my ability to handle alcohol. I forget that my body mass is  much smaller. I drank about the same as my friends apparently but I just don't have the stomach for it. Literally I reckon a few beers and I should stop drinking!

At home I very rarely drink and like I've said before (maybe over at my other blog) I don't even particularly enjoy it. I don't mind a casual beer or cider but I hate why I decided to shot Malibu, god knows! The M word still makes me feel a little sick!

Yesterday I spent the whole day lay horizontally in bed. Literally my worst hangover EVER. I couldn't sit up for longer than 2 minutes and despite napping several times throughout the day I couldn't shake off the fuzzy head or moments of nausea.

As for food, I'm generally ravenous after a night of drinking but I couldn't keep anything down. Even my usual dry cracker remedy wasn't all that successful. On a scale of 1 to 10, I'd say my hangover was a definite 10! I couldn't even take a much needed shower! Ewww gross.

This morning I awoke fairly early for me, around 9:30, and was pleased to feel a lot better. So I got my life in order with a wash, put on some fresh bedding and tided and hoovered my room. I also rinsed and washed my sick stained clothes...lovely!

I then moved onto food and couldn't believe the effect not eating for a day could have on my stomach...almost washboard I tell you!! I started with some toast but an hour or so later I knew I'd moved onto the 'munchies' stage and devoured a full pepperoni pizza.

After doing a bit of Uni work, I took a turn for the worst and a woozy head reappeared and I had to return to bed and nap.

I've not long since been awake but already eaten a full bag of sweet popcorn in an attempt to curb my hunger and soak up some of this alcohol, which is evidently still very much in my system. As for fluids, I'm so thirsty ALL of the time...serious dry mouth. Tiredness, hunger and thirst are to be expected for me when I've been drinking...but this usually happens the day after the night, not on day 2!


Serious hangover. I'll say it now. This is NOT happening again. EVER. Capisce?! Good.

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