Friday, 8 March 2013

Mother's Day

Hello. Hope you are all well!

So, Sunday is the day when Mums or Mothers are recognized for the super job they do! For being there when nobody else is. For always having your best interests at heart. For being truly selfless and giving you all the love in the world.

Me and my Mum- Christmas 2012
That is my understanding of Mums. I know I'm lucky to have a great one! And I know not everyone still has one... which upsets me, a lot! I mean personally I feel like my Mum is always going to be there and I guess sometimes I take that for granted.

Recently a friend of mine lost their Mum to cancer...the most awful of diseases! And I cannot imagine how hard Mothering Sunday with be for them. Likewise to anyone else who has lost their Mum or perhaps have never known what having a Mum is like. I cannot even begin to imagine how this must feel and I'm praying I won't have to know this for a very long time.

I am a mummy's girl...well a parent's girl I guess. I love being at home, even at the age of 23, and after 4 years at uni I still often get homesick and I ring home on a daily basis, sometimes a few times a day! If this makes me sad or immature or whatever then so be it...I wouldn't change it! :)

Anyway, being a Uni student, with the majority of my upkeep coming from my parents (student loans are not what everyone thinks they're cracked up to be!) I often get told not to bother with the likes of Mother's Day and Birthdays etc. "Save your money, I don't want anything" are the types of things my Mum will say. In the past I've listened, but I don't like not being able to treat the people I love.

So this year I decided I would surprise my Mum with a couple of gifts from two of my favourite shops.

Sadly I won't see my Mum on Sunday as I'm back at my Uni house, but I've already planted the gifts at home! I've been travelling back there quite a bit over the past couple of weeks for various visits around schools (job hunting has begun!) and I had the brainwave at the end of Feb.

My Mum is possibly lipstick obsessed. It's very rare you'll see her without her pink lippy on! However she's only ever had high street products and although I am a big fan of the likes of Rimmel and Max Factor etc, I believe everyone should have a least one Mac lipstick. They are just lovely! The smell, the texture, the finish...just FAB! So, I headed into my local Mac store and carefully selected one, after much deliberation!

Finally, I popped into the Lush store. My Mum is the queen of baths...she never takes showers but will have a daily soak. For Christmas I got her a selection of bubble bars which she really enjoyed, so I had to pick her one of these up! Couldn't resist!

So...hidden away in my drawers at home are my Mum's surprise gifts! She literally has no idea! :D She works nights so as soon as I know she's awake on Sunday, I'm going to direct her to her presents over the phone. I'm quite excited ha!

Want to know what I selected?'s a sneak peak... :)


Mac's Frost in Bombshell & Lush's Creamy Candy Bubble Bar

What did you get your Mum? :)


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