Saturday, 30 March 2013

March Favourites 2013 almost April!

I kept my favourites short and sweet this month so decided to feature them all, rather than top 5.

As always you can watch my faves instead if you prefer...(When it's uploaded I'll link you up!)

1. Soap & Glory's Heel Genius. A god-send to my over-exercised, dry, itchy feet! I apply a small blob to my heel area and work across the entire surface of my 'under' foot. It gives a nice cooling sensation and really feels like it's doing something! Leaves my feet soft as a babies bum :)

2. Rimmel's Metal Rush nail polishes. Featured here and here, I've really been enjoying using these beauties. The metallic effect is truly lovely and in different light you have a different nail colour...especially the Blue shade: that can appear blue, purple and green. They apply really easily too and are fast-drying.

3. Baremineral's Matte mineral foundation. I have really come to love this recently, with the shade Fairly Light matching my now slightly tanned skin perfectly. The product provides a light to medium buildable coverage and it buffs really easily into the skin. I like this foundation for days when I can't be bothered to apply a heavy liquid foundation...This looks and feels like normal skin so you can't even feel that you are wearing it.

4. Urban Decay's Naked Basics Palette. Amazing. I did a quick review along with a eye look I like to create using this palette here, but if I had to choose just one fave this month it would be this! I love how the shades all compliment each other so well and as always with UD's eye shadows, they apply and blend really well. There are 5 matte shades and 1 shimmer which is a nice change from the the other Naked Palettes that heavily feature shimmers. I love it and it's super cute size means it can go along with you anywhere :)

5. Urban Decay's Naked Flushed Palette. Again a great buy. I love how all three products: blusher, highlighter and bronzer all feature in one compact and convenient palette. The blusher is truly amazing. It's very heavily pigmented so a little bit will go a long way. It will last years I tell you! The highlight is really pretty, nothing out of the ordinary but nice all the same. The bronzer is a great builder so if you have pale skin you'll be fine with a dab of this. As for the darker skin tones you will also be good to go with this as you can build it up really well. I like that it is more subtle and not over-kill though. I've been using the palette almost everyday since I opened it. Brill!

6. Rimmel's Apocolips Lip Lacquer in Celestial. I'm sure you're sick of hearing about these but I'm  indeed a fan. I would say they are a cross between a nourishing lipstick and a lipgloss. Not sticky like some glosses but they keep that moisture without drying out like a lot of lipsticks tend to do. I want more shades!...I forgot to mention this in my video but the downside for me is the scent/smell. They remind me of something I'm not keen on...plastic-y, waxy? Not sure but I wish they smelt/tasted like Mac lipsticks <3

7. Lastly, Body Shop's Born To Be Lippy Lip Balm in Pomegranate. Delicious smell and makes your lips soft and moisturized. What more could you want!? My lips have been incredibly dry lately so this has been taking some hammer but it seems to be lasting a long time :) For £3, bargain!

Thanks for reading. Please link me your monthly favourites, I love hearing about them all :)

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