Wednesday, 3 April 2013

London Marathon Gym Challenge


I feel like today has shaped up to be quite a productive day so I thought I'd mark it with a post :)

Admittedly my day didn't really begin until 12 noon. Since being back home and up-ing my exercise I've fallen back into the insomnia trap. Working out in the evening means that I find sleeping ever so difficult until around 1am/2am. Then I occasionally wake up early morning as well. Today I jumped awake at 7:30am before forcing myself back to sleep. Headache.

Why not exercise earlier?'s difficult when most of the exercising I do is in the form of group classes, so I go whenever they are on...mostly around 6/7pm. Nevermind. I love it so I don't mind a few ill effects...

like the blisters...


Wednesday's are typically one of my gym days so I get to workout earlier than usual.

At my local gym they have started a challenge during the month of April where you can record the number of miles you run/walk on the treadmills, with the aim of essentially completing the London Marathon (just in however number of attempts it takes you).

I think it's quite a neat idea. The wall shows you where you would be in London in turns of the mile markers and you have a little tracker with your name on it to plot where you are.

I signed up to it today and managed to run 3 miles in just over 28 minutes, before my lovely blisters surfaced and meant I could barely walk afterwards, let alone run haha! NICE!

My name is somewhere on the wall along with many others...3 miles is a popular point at the minute though!

My sister ran 4 miles today which has given her 7 miles in total so far, so she's doing really well but it doesn't matter who finishes first...

At the end of the challenge everyone who's completed the 26 miles will get the chance to win a free month's membership (name in a hat type draw). I think this is good because it gives everyone a chance to do it in their own time but still having had achieved a fair amount of mileage :)

Apparently one guy completed the challenge on Day 1 in about 4 hours...Hats off to him I say!! :)

Anyway, aside from the good old fitness...Today has also been worthwhile for me in terms of revision. I'm currently in the process of revising for my Maths QTS skills test and boyyy is it grating on me! 

I've never been a fan of Maths and although I managed to somehow get a B in GCSE I've never found it to come easy to me. However I feel as though I am starting to make progress...slowly, step by step!

Actually finding the motivation to force myself into revising in the first place is half of my battle but once I'm doing it it's not too bad :P

So yes, revision CHECK, 3 miles CHECK...and the night is still young. Good times :D!!

How was everyone's day?


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