Saturday, 27 April 2013


Hello so I thought I'd do a post about my most used word at the moment!

The last couple of weeks have proven to be very tough and although I knew it would be a pretty hard year with finishing up uni and job hunting, I had no idea JUST how difficult it would be!

For anyone who is not familiar with how you go about getting a teaching job I will explain a little...

Checking for vacancies: There are lots of ways of hearing about schools that have job vacancies but a popular one and my most used is searching your local city website.

Visits: Once you have identified a job that meets your needs (in my case one accepting Newly Qualified Teachers and preferably a early years post) you are encouraged to arrange a visit for that school. You can apply without seeing the school but it is not advisable and can affect your chances of your application being successful. In my experience visits can last between 20 minutes to just over an hour.

Applying: Although visits can be quite time consuming (generally you have to fit around their scheduled appointments), applications take the longest. You first have to fill in a pretty generic form that the school supplies you with, which is no bother. However you then have to write a cover letter which generally is your chance to sell yourself and tell them what you've done and what you can do. This is always a ball-ache because let's face it, not many people like to big themselves up as it were! This letter also has to meet the requirements of the school's personal specification e.g. experience in KS1: essential, knowledge of behaviour management strateges: essential etc etc. There's usually a long list so it can be tricky to fit it all in a letter (I try to keep mine to 2 pages max!)
Occasionally your letter also has to include set things e.g. my first application required you to address 4 bullet points- one was how I differentiate learning.

Getting an interview: After you hand in your application, you then have to play the waiting game. You are given a date of when they will be short listing candidates (choosing who they want to interview), but generally you just have to wait to see if you hear back. If you aren't successful you generally do not get told, you just assume that no news means no interview!

Interview prep: If you are lucky enough to get invited to interview (the competition is unbelievable so it means you've done well to even get shortlisted from god knows how many people), you then have to prepare a lesson. This is specified in the letter you receive inviting you to interview. Usually you are expected to teach for about 20-45 minutes and often the age range is indicated, but not necessarily! Thinking of ideas for lessons when you know near on nothing about the children you will be teaching is pretty intense and stressful let me tell you!

My first interview was very nerve-racking and caused me many a sleepless night. However once I got there on the day it dispelled many of my concerns and it was almost an enjoyable experience. Sure, it's a little odd being sat with the 'competition' as it were but everyone was really nice and it was fair to say everyone deserved the job. Needless to say I didn't get offered the position, as it went to a more experienced teacher, but it gave me confidence knowing that my lesson got good feedback and I was able to do an interview!

In terms of stress levels and confused emotions...I've never experienced anything like the past couple of days.

I applied for a school but after not hearing back within a week of the interview date I resigned myself to the fact I had been unsuccessful. Honestly, I was disappointed but I didn't want to dwell so arranged more school visits and concentrated on applying to others. It also meant that I would get to go to my friend Sammy's (over @ bellini beauty) birthday night out (Thursday) and I bought a lovely sailor costume to fit in with the 'S' theme.

Wednesday at dinner time I get a call. It's only the school I thought I had missed out on inviting me to interview! However the interview was on Friday!!! Short notice or what?! As it goes someone had pulled out and I was the reserve. This didn't give me great confidence but I thought I may as well give it a shot!

That afternoon I went to visit another school (as it was already booked) and this caused a rise in stress levels...I just wanted to start planning my interview lesson! I also had to cancel my plans to go out as a Sailor :(

Anyway to cut a long stressful story short Thursday consisted of panicking, cutting out rivers, panicking, painting treasure chests, oh yeah...and more panicking! I'm one of those people that is repelled by food when I get stressed so food certainly wasn't priority that day!

In case you were wondering...I didn't get the job. In fact I didn't actually get interviewed. I got great feedback for my taught lesson and I did a written task but the day was cut short for half of us because we weren't suitable. Again experience came into play...but in terms of managing adults. Personally I know I am nowhere near being ready to guide others...I need guidance myself! If I knew that's what they wanted before then I would have never have applied. But hey ho!...I went in as the underdog and felt like a fish out of water whilst there but I tried! The process wasn't executed professionally imo and there's no excuse for rudeness...but I do truly believe that 'everything happens for a reason'. Fate is a powerful thing.

It's been an incredibly stressful time and I'm truly glad I can find a release in exercise! Unsurprisingly though, with my recent loss of appetite and my normal workout routine I've actually lost 4lbs over the last 10 days...not something I was aiming to do! Don't worry though I made up for it last night...

 Haha! Admittedly it did defeat me but I ate most of it! And I've also recently jumped on the protein shake wagon...but I may do a post about that another time :)

On with the next interview prep I suppose! Oh, and just one last awful assignment to write!!!

Hope everyone is a little more chilled than me at the moment! I saw this and just had to laugh...


  1. Bless you, hope things clear up a bit for you.
    Don't get disheartened, I always like to think that things don't work out for a reason. The perfect job will come along for you :).

    Sally x

    1. Aww thank you! Yes you're right, if it's meant to be :) Hopefully I'll get something soon! :P

      How's everything with you? :) x

  2. Hi Ellie,

    This was so so useful to me! I'm desperately looking for a job for the summer so will take on board all of your tips and advice. I'm brand new to the blogging world and really trying hard to promote my blog! I'm at

    I will enjoy following you,

    Emily x

    1. Hi :) Awww thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it and it was somewhat useful!! Best of luck on the job front...I know how hard it is! I'll check out your blog now :) x