Friday, 19 April 2013

Micheal Todd's Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner

For a long time I neglected toners and didn't really get the reason for using them. When I started looking into the idea behind them...balancing your skin's PH levels and removing any leftover makeup etc I started to use Simple's Toner as I thought I probably should.

However more often than not I'd forget and whenever I'd remember I didn't get any satisfaction from using Simple's. To me it was like rubbing water over my scent, no feeling, not a lot going on really.

But when my skin started to break out left right and center and I developed a bacterial infection around my chin I started to look into maybe buying a new toner.

I first came across Micheal Todd's Blue Green Algae Antibacterial Toner over on YouTube in one of Fleur De Force's Videos. I was interested in the tingling sensation of the product she described and after reading more about it I felt it could be really good for my recently acquired acne!

I headed over to the Micheal Todd site, here, and was surprised to find it was $18 (just under £12)- I had expected it to be more to be honest! It's said to smell of lavendar and birchwood and whilst I recognise those scents, to me it's slightly reminiscent of green tea?! Anyway it is a really pleasant smell which I was relieved about because I don't handle a lot of fragrances too well!

When I read "...customers love this toner for its antibacterial formula to help improve problem skin.." I was completely sold and quickly ordered myself a bottle. P&P was reasonable I remember and although I was quoted an approx. 3 weeks delivery time, it was here after just a week. Fab, quick and easy service!

I've been using the product near-on twice a day every day since I received it about a month ago and have about half a bottle left! I'm slightly addicted to the pleasant tingling feel to it when it's applied...I feel like I can actually FEEL it working its magic.

As for results, I definitely think that it is helping to tackle my skin problems. I cannot categorically say that this is the sole reason why my skins improving, as I'm using many things at once but I'm 100% sure it's having nothing but a positive effect.

Along with that, I find it amazing how after washing my face REALLY well my MT's toner-covered cotton pad still reveals a little left over makeup. It's crazy how stubborn it can be!

So, to conclude...This, for me, is a winner! It's worth all the hype it receives! I'd recommend it to anyone but especially to those of you that have troubled skin!

Let me know if anyone tries or has tried this? What do you think?!

Ellie x

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