Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Body Shop's Mandarin & Tangelo Scented Candle

I'd forgotten how much I love a good old candle burning sess! 

The Body Shop's Mandarin & Tangelo Scented Candle has to be my all time favourite. In honesty though I perhaps haven't tried that many candles, so it's perhaps not the ground-breaking statement it sounds but anyhow I think this is a delicious one!

I am a big fan of citrus scents and so as you would expect this candle ticks that box. The orangey infused fragrance is refreshing whilst also quite warm smelling...if that makes sense!
It comes in a nice box, as pictured above (taken from and the wax itself is held in a nice average sized glass tumbler.

At just £10 I think it's a bargain and you'll get hours of burn time out of it. I haven't kept track of the exact time but it feels like I've had it for ages!

It's so yummy! A must for any zesty fragrance fans! :) I'll certainly be re-purchasing!

And candles are so pretty, flickering away in the dark! Just remember to blow them out before you go to sleep :P

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