Friday, 15 March 2013

Goodbye GFC & Hello Blog Lovin'


I'm guessing by now you'll have heard the news that GFC will soon be no more! I guess this is really sad news for so many of you bloggers with a huge following...!

I have very few followers at the moment and continue to write regardless because I enjoy it. However I'd like to think that if someone enjoys my blog(s) then they'll have the option to follow them.

This is where Blog Lovin' is going to become very popular. I know a lot of you already have it but from what I understand, it may take the place of GTF.

So, in prep, if you follow my blog(s) and would like to continue doing so, please go and follow me over at Blog Lovin'. Likewise, if you would like to become a new follower, head on over! :)

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