Monday, 8 October 2012

Hilton's Living Well Gym/Spa & Weigh-In

Hey everyone :)

As some of you may know, if you've read some of my past posts, I've recently moved into a new student house for my final year of University. Sadly this meant that my gym membership had to be cancelled and I've had to leave behind my beloved classes! Crazy, but I actually  really miss them!

But of course being the fitness freak I am, I could not go cold turkey on the exercise front, I had to search for a new local gym. I had a few priorities in mind when selecting one, e.g. a gym with a pool, fitness classes, good facilities like showers etc and also the location/easyiness in terms of getting to and fro.

Consequently, when I came across the Hilton- Living Well it seemed perfect as it appeared to tick all of the boxes (based on their webpage). However, when I got there I realised that this particluar health spa/gym didn't run any exercise classes bar aqua aerobics, due to space limitations.

But an all honesty I was so impressed with the things it did offer that I went ahead anyway and joined. I also got a special deal whereby the usual £75 joining fee was scrapped and the monthly student price of £35 was cut to £10 for the first month. Bargain! :P

So, my initial thoughts...Well I must say I am quite happy with my choice. I have probably been around 6 times now (I joined the other week) and each time I've started off in the gym and then finished up in the pool and the steam rooms. Yes, I am really enjoying the novelty of the steam rooms at the moment! :) The jacuzzi is pretty fun too!

As for the showers and changing areas, they are always really clean, modern and quite posh. I absolutely love that they give you a towel when swiping in at reception- it really does make my life a lot easier. Instead of travelling home all sweaty and still having to wash and shower, I get all of that out of the way before leaving. They also have hairdryers (free of charge) so I can also get my hair all sorted whilst there too!

Like I say, I do miss exercise classes but for the short time I require the gym membership it really isn't a massive deal. I also plan on going back to my home gym during uni breaks...get my fix of classes! :D Can't get enough!



Ok so since I've been in my new house I've been a little slack with following my Weight Watcher's plan. Unable to turn down my housemates on an 'all you can eat' chinese lunch last week and then a clubbing night out leading to a 2am KFC feast, it's safe to say that I wasn't entirely within my propoints entitlement! However the good news is I still LOST, weighing in at just under 8st 11lbs. So, I lost just under 1lb, which yes isn't amazing but it is certainly better than I expected! :)

Also, my goal weight is now 4LBS AWAY!!! Wooo....cannot believe I've almost achieved what I set out to! I suppose maintaining will also be a challenge but I'll have to just see how I get on with that and work out what works best for me.

For now though, I'm going to continue with the plan but perhaps be a little more relaxed with it, afterall I can do it in my sleep now after 4 months! :)

And to those of you that are battling with the desire to give-up...don't think about how far you have left to go, but how far you have come.

Or, if you are just starting out...think about why you need to do it for yourself....why do you want to change? And imagine something that will inspire you. For me, the thought of not feeling completely vile in a bikini on holiday and instead having more confidence to wear one was in the front of my mind when I started. And guess what....I achieved that! I didn't die at the thought of getting into swimwear but actually felt good about myself, of how much better I looked than I ever have before. I didn't reach perfection, but perfection doesn't exist. I just felt more comfortable. BIG CHANGE! :)

Hope this spurs you on. Feel free to message me. Twitter: Ellie1989

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