Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Gyms abroad...

...obviously don't require the same safety regulations! Haha

Hi everyone. Currently blogging from Gran Canaria. Im not sure where the image is going to show on the blog as I've never used this blog app before...but you should see my pool shot!

It's a rather nice pool :)

So being the exercise junkie I am I knew that there's no way I could go a whole week on holiday without a workout fix...so this morning (I arrived yesterday afternoon) I went on search for the gym I saw on the complex's map.

Despite having a long walk around, the gym was actually right in front of my room, literally about 15 metres away!

Free for complex guests I just showed my key card and then was able to use the equipment straight away.

Sadly a lot of the machines were out of order which meant that there was only one working treadmill and one cross trainer. Both were being used so I started with some weights. These were quite rusty and perhaps not entirely 'safe' looking but they did the job!

I then sort out the exercise bike. Funnily enough there was no resistance change option so I pedalled faster than usual. The rust was also apparent and the seat didn't appear truly safe but it was comfy so silver lining!

Funny though, after about a minute I was dripping thanks to the hot humidity, so I felt as if I'd already done 10 mins.

I also managed some floor exercises before noticing the cross trainer was vacant. Rather quickly I moved over to the machine and did about 10 minutes worth. The cross trainer was a little more modern and felt much more like home!

I forgot to take water so I didnt stay too long...but it was definitely an experience. Made my local gym at home seem like the Ritz or something! :p

Off to do some laps round the pool now and I'll probably continue to use the gym for the rest of my stay...I think maybe early morning would be better to ensure a good machine though!

As for the Weight Watchers side of things...Im having a week off but not going overboard. To be honest my stomach has shrunk in size so I'm finding I can't finish a meal as the portions are much bigger than I'm used to! There's a change from my old eating style.

Hope everyone has a good week.

Before I came away I was down to 8st 11.5 lbs so when I'm home I'll let you all know about any weight gain! It's inevitable I assume.

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