Saturday, 26 January 2013


Hi guys.

So I haven't posted in a while, mainly because I've been a bit naughty of late. I came down with a chest infection which has generally put gym sessions and the like on hold. Don't you just hate it when you want to do something but illness gets in the way!

I felt the picture was quite apt...I definitely feel like a round blob at the moment! I've been attempting to cheer myself up with food...but of course in times when you need comfort you reach for the comfort food... and the enjoyment and happy effects are short-lived. In fact you then end up feeling worse because you now feel ill and also fat...Well this is what happens to me at least. Do any of you guys get that?

So now, having consumed a home-made gammon, egg, chips, peas etc meal, a yoghurt, a mini kinder bar, a helping of melba toast with houmous, two satsumas to try and curb the chocolate craving but then failing anyway and eating a cadbury's fudge bar with a hot chocolate drink- all after 6pm, I'm sat on my bed thinking...IDIOT! lol.

I wouldn't usually mind too much if it wasn't for the whole medium sized dominoes pizza I ate last night followed by nearly a full share-sized pack of cheese savouries. I have sinned. Sinned big time. I confess!!! Phew...feel a little lighter now ;) But we all have moments of weakness don't we?! Or moments of greed in my case.

As far as I'm aware, based on the last time I checked a week or so ago, I'm still maintaining my goal I guess that is something. But, I just hate that guilty, fat, bleurgh feeling you get after eating waaay too much. Never learn!

So there we go, I too have bad food days. Tomorrow is a new day.

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