Saturday, 16 February 2013

Broken record

Hi guys.

As I mentioned in my last post, it's half term in my area which means I'm home from uni. This also means I'm able to be reunited with my local gym and much loved exercise classes! :)

Starting as I mean to go on this week, after getting home last night, I hit the gym hard today. Just about  a 2 hour worth sess to be precise! On a side note, I have to admit I was coaxed into staying for that long by my sister who is also a religious gym go-er, but either way I did it.

In fact after my recent appauling-ness at anything fitness related I've been doing well over the last couple of days- even fitting in the gym before I was collected from Uni yesterday! Go me! was a GOOD day...gym wise at least. Ask me about the revision that I'm supposed to be doing and that would be another story!

Maybe my productiveness came from realising I have in fact gained a lb...

And whilst I know it won't provoke the above reaction, it's still a gain. Fair enough a lb is neither here nor there but that's how it starts. That lb multiplies and before you know it you're back to square one and all your weight loss achievements have been undone! Been there, got the bigger t-shirt!

So...let's just say I'm being more careful!

Anyway, this was me on the treadmill today....

...Ok so, I jest. I was definitely miles behind Mo's speed, and fitness, and...whatever...but I felt like I maintained a faster speed than I usually would. It was quite odd because I started as I usually would, pretty much disliking running and giving myself a usual 10 minutes goal.

But then 10:00 came and went and I was still running. I felt better than ever so I thought...I'll run for 15 minutes.

...15:30...Wow can't believe how fit I'm feeling...

19:50...I might stop at 20?...20:01...Nah I reckon I can carry on...

24:00 God I can't believe I'm still running!! Hmmm think I can feel my inner arch blisters coming on though....

27:30...Bloody trainers!...I don't want to stop but yes definate blisters now...may aswell push to 30 though!

31:00 minus the 1:00 I walked for before running....STOP!...

Wooo personal RECORD! 30 minutes of running straight!...Might not be all that impressive to some people but let me tell you, for me, being someone who started out unable to run for the length of an average song,'s a BIG achievement!

So, after a few weights and the cross-trainer again, I left feeling quite happy with my record. Shame that my trainer's tend to rub after constant running, otherwise I reckon I could have gone on for a lot longer!

Just thought I'd share my happy time with you haha! Let me know about any goals you've achieved or any aspirations, like running for a certain time etc?! 

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