Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Owww stitch!

Hi. So I'm currently in the gym and doing what I usually slate people for doing...playing on my phone!

All was going well until 10 minutes in on the treadmill I started with stitch. No biggie, usually run through it.

Not this time! Chronic stitch, that hurts like a bitch lol. Ever the poet :p Owwww!
So, I did some sit ups and returned to the treadmill. Made it 6 mins in before having to stop my run again! Never had it this bad before :/

So now I've resigned myself to the exercise bike! Which to be honest, I don't overly enjoy. I just want to run but my stupid body won't let me haha. Booo. And now I've become one of those gym folk that 'play at' exercise :(

Any get rid of stitch quick tricks? I usually go with the pushing in the area of stitch with my fist...but that was to no avail today!

Oh get on with my playing...

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