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Sorry I haven't written in a while...things have been a little hectic! I feel that I've become a bit too complacent of late and have definitely been over-indulging. I mean, I'm a big believer in treating yourself but then there's pure greed isn't there! And, I've well and truly slipped off the wagon...almost derailed the damn thing!

I've learnt that when I'm not strict with myself I'm pretty darn good at making up quite plausible excuses to eat crap or skip the gym. 

I chose beer because I'm so classy and only usually drink this along with cider on a night ladylike, but cheap! 
Alcohol certainly plays a part. For me, I'm one of those people (I assume there are others out there that can relate but?) who once intoxicated become so hungry that I could eat a horse...figure of speech of course...but who knows with the latest beef scandal! OOPS!

Anyway, I can only describe the sheer intensity of the hunger like perhaps the desire a vampire would have in regards to blood, after being locked away for an eternity! Bit dramatic, I know, but at this point food is a NEED not a want lol. 

So of course I go in search of Mcdonalds, KFC or simply one of those dirty kebab places for a cheeseburger and chips. I don't care to be honest. My only fussiness is in terms of chicken. I once got the most horrendous food poisoning from a chicken burger after a night out, so I never buy chicken. Unless, of course, its from Maccy Ds or KFC because I trust them :)

After a night of drinking, dancing and munching on crap, it's bedtime. Sadly the food doesn't stop there. I usually wake up a little hungover but mostly tired and thirsty. Dry mouth is a bitch! After I sort that out I then start to crave food. And not just any food...

...oh no, the food has to be greasy! Nice. So generally anything from chips to pizza to chicken nuggets, you name it. Chinese is a popular one for me.

And 'because I'm hungover, I've got to eat rubbish...I can't help it'. A valid excuse. Then I eat crap and 'I may aswell eat more crap cause today's a write-off anyway'. You can see the pattern!

Hangover's generally write-off gym sessions too, unless I'm really motivated on that day and decide to work it off. It has to be said that exercise is great for getting rid of hangovers, I've never regretted going. But of course it's the getting up and going that is half the battle. And 'I'm hungover' is sadly another valid excuse. However it's not the only one where the gym's concerned...

9/10 times the main reason for me not going to the gym whilst at uni is the getting there. It's a 15 minutes walk or a slightly longer bus ride and generally that puts me off. It seems like added effort. Sad, but true. At home I get a lift's much more motivational!

My next biggest deterrent is the weather. The problem is...'the house is so warm and comfy, why would you want to leave?!' Then you look outside and it's pee-ing it down with rain (I live in the UK so more often than not it is!) 'Ohhh I don't want to get cold and wet...I could just watch the soaps on TV instead?!' 

Today...the heavens opened and cold white stuff came down and decided to settle on the ground. 'I'll probably fall over ...It's too cold and dangerous, better stay in'. Bloody hate SNOW!!! Arggghh.

And then, among all of the reasons not to go to the gym is the plain CBA syndrome. 'Can I actually be bothered to go? I'm not sure I'm feeling it today...probably won't be productive if I go anyway....'


So, you see, I'm full of them! I struggle a lot at uni...more drinking, more takeaway opportunities, no mother to cook for me resulting in more junk, nobody to give me a lift to the gym etc etc. Life is hard haha!

But I popped back home Monday and whilst there I decided to make the most of it and went along to two of the classes that I love at my local gym, Core Blimey and Body Pump. If you're not sure what these classes involve then I've linked them to my previous posts where I describe what they are. Really going for it, I up-ed my weights...

I'm hoping that this motto is correct because SORE can certainly define me right now. To think I did the classes 2 nights ago and the pain this morning was worse than ever! My arms and legs seem to be attached to my vocal chords because every time I move, the words 'Ow', 'Ooo' or 'Ouch' slip out! It's that painful that it's actually funny...must have had a mega workout!

Good news's half term next week which means I get a full weeks worth of classes at home. I'll be doing something everyday, like I did in Summer, so here's hoping I actually survive it! :P

Let me know you're favourite excuses?! Comment below, or drop me a Tweet

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