Saturday, 23 February 2013



In my chocolate alternative post I talked about my family trying a new fruit each week. Well, this week was the turn of the Papaya fruit.

Pictured above, I had high hopes for it because it looked like it would be sweet and certainly juicy. Well...It was juicy...but as for the flavouring...what flavour? My dad couldn't taste a thing lol.

For me, it tasted pretty bland and reminded me of some fish food I used to feed to my pet goldfish! No I never ate the fish food but the papaya tasted what the flakes smelt like, if that even makes sense?!

I guess we should have done our homework a bit first. My mum tried one of the seeds and got a very bitter shock and  no wonder...According to Wikipedia, the seeds can make a good substitute for black pepper! Haha!

Although the fruit is generally eaten raw, it can be cooked and supposedly used in curries, salads and stews. So, hardly the type of fruit to expect sweet things from! Perhaps similar to a tomato in this respect...although I reckon most tomatoes are sweeter tbh!

All in all...for me this is not a winner. I do like this 'try a new fruit each week' thing though...I might just try and continue it when I'm back at Uni :)

It seems papaya leaves a bit of an aftertaste...again reminiscent of fish food!...Going to grab a drink :/ ...Bleurgh!

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