Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Beauty Wishlist

Hello :)

As always there's a lot of beauty things I'd like, but just lately I feel that the list of 'definitely getting at some point' is mounting up! So, I thought I'd get them down on a blog post to ensure I remember what they are and also share my beauty desires with all of you!

I've heard good things about Bioderma, as I'm sure you all have!? Bloggers have gone mad for this bottle of solution and I can't help wanting to get my hands on one. I've found a few of these around eBay for £16-£20, but apparently it is launching in the UK soon, (it's mostly available in France atm). So, I think I'll keep an eye out and ear open for this!

Next up, Clinique's Bottom Lash Mascara. This seems to me like such a cool and handy product to have. I mean, I'm always smudging my mascara when applying it to my bottom lashes and it seriously annoys me! However it's definitely not a beauty 'essential' I guess, so it's whether I can warrant spending £11 on something I don't actually need. But ohhh...I do want it :)

Ohhh what a beauty! As soon as I heard about the Naked Flushed Palette I got excited! Like a lot of you I imagine, I'm a huge fan of the Naked eye shadow palettes and couldn't imagine eye makeup without anything paletted and titled Naked would most likely appeal to me. That being said it is £20, so for now I will have to lust over it!

The YSL Glossy Lip Stain. To be honest I love everything about these. The packaging is fab with the shiny gold lids and I love how they've included a little window in the base so you can see a pop of the shade colour! From drooling over these in store, the applicators seem good and the formula seems very smooth and easy to apply. However although I said I loved everything about these, I guess this isn't true because their price tag is a little off-putting at £22.50-£23.50. ...One day...

For a while now I've been thinking how unsightly my cuticles are! However I literally cannot stand the feeling of pushing them goes through me! *Shiver* So, I'm thinking this might be a good solution? Anyone used it, or something similar?

Nars, Nars, Nars! I'm actually yet to own or try anything from this brand! I know, it's criminal...especially as I've heard so many great things, time and time again, about their blushes! The shade I'm after is Super Orgasm, which has received a lot of good press...haha press...pressed powder...sorry, bad joke alert! :P Anyway, at a little more than £20, I'll admire from afar...for now.

And last but certainly not least, the DiorShow 360 Mascara. My friend Gina pulled this amazing tube out of her makeup bag the other day, and as soon as I saw it's rotating brush head I knew I needed this in my life! Does anyone remember Maybelline's 'vibrating' mascara a few years ago?! Well I absolutely loved that! It made my lashes twice as long and I never found any clumps! I'm imagining that Dior's moving mascara will recreate these results!?

And there we go...I'm 100% sure there's more I could add to the list but for now, these are my wishes :)

If anyone owns any of these, please let me know what you think of them?! Or if any of you have them on your wishlist!?


  1. YSL glossy stain is on my March wishlist. Think I also need to try a bottom-lash mascara. But I own a couple of cuticle remover gels and drops and they do NOT work. At best they soften it to push back easily, which any oil or cream does. Want the mascara! I have the Bourjois rotating mascara which I love, so this should be fabulous :)
    My Beauty Junction

    1. Ahh thanks for the heads up about the cuticle removers! I think I'll just go with a oil then! :)

      o0o I didn't realise that Bourjois have a rotating one too! Might look out for that!