Saturday, 27 September 2014

Invisalign braces #1

Hey! So, I thought I'd share with you my experience of Invisalign braces by doing a series of blog posts following my journey from the start. At the moment that is pretty much where I am. The start.

What are they?
Well if you haven't come across them before they are a special type of brace that aims to correct the teeth to give a better smile I suppose! Unlike typical train-track style braces they do this using a clear plastic-y material that clips over your teeth.

Why do I want them?
Quite honestly from around 15 I have hated the way my teeth look, especially when they are flipped by a camera! I'm sure if you watch my YouTube videos you will certainly see my point here. They aren't great by any means. I would simply like to make my smile more symmetrical and actually show my teeth when it comes to smiling for a photo rather than hiding them away!

How much do they cost?
I have found a fairly local dentist that is Invisalign qualified, working within an Oasis practice. I think the cost of the braces are pretty much a standard price anywhere though and mine are costing roughly £3250. I know, a lot of money!

So what has happened so far?
The free 15 minute consultation
A month back I went along to my first appointment to discuss with the dentist why I wanted Invisalign braces. This visit also allowed him to check my teeth to see if I was eligible for the braces as not everyone is an appropriate candidate for Invisalign. Luckily he felt I was and I booked my next appointment.

X-rays and moulds
So yesterday I went back to the dentist unsure of what to expect. He started by taking a series of photos of my teeth and face. He then told me he was going to take a mould of both sets of teeth. This wasn't great and made me want to gag but I persevered!

Next up were the X-rays. I've never had my teeth X-rayed before and I didn't enjoy it! The cards they insert into your mouth are quite sharp and uncomfortable. Some of them hurt a little! Apparently I have a small mouth. Haha.

Finally he said he needed to check my teeth for any work that needs to be done before the braces. He said that any cavities that might normally only need to be watched would need doing straight away as the braces would cause them to worsen quickly. He told me that I needed 2 small fillings and then I asked for one of my grey fillings to be replaced with a white one. So all in all my next appointment is going to be very fun and costly!

The visit yesterday cost me £69. Ouch... But it WILL be worth it...

...For this... :D

Anyone had these braces before? Look out for my next blog post!



  1. I am almost done with them. They are amazing! Good luck!

    1. Ahh thanks for letting me know! It's very reassuring to hear. Thank you :)