Saturday, 27 September 2014

NOTD: Shellac nails

Hi! Just thought I'd share my new nails with you all. I get gel overlays every 3-4 weeks and always swap the colour. Today I went for a nice autumny plum shade in a special nail varnish called shellac. With this type of varnish a UV light is used to set the formula. They come out lovely and shiny and they are instantly dry. It also doesn't chip like regular polish. 

I had the same polish applied to my toes. I love the shellac because as I say it lasts ages. The last time I changed my toes was 6 weeks ago and the shellac I had before was still perfect apart from the nail growth! :)

Gel overlays, shellac nails and shellac toenails cost me £50 altogether. Not cheap exactly but they are so worth it! I'd recommend this polish to anyone. 


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