Sunday, 14 September 2014

What a weekend!

Hey. So my weekend started amazingly well on Friday evening, with the opening night of my musical! The show was 'Sunshine on Leith' and I played one of the cleaners. I had such a fantastic time on stage and loved having the opportunity to wear a head mic! :) My parents also came to watch so I was happy they got to see what I had been rehearsing for, for pretty much the whole summer hols!

Life was good and we got a late night chippy after the show. I was starving!

Then things took a turn for the worse....

Before going to bed at 12:20pm I decided to wash out my protein shake flask ready for breakfast the next day. I was tired from a long day teaching at school and then of course performing so it wasn't the best idea ever! Stupidly I poured boiling water into the plastic flask and added a Steradent cleaning tablet. As soon as I put the lid on it exploded. It went off like a bottle of champagne and went everywhere! It made me jump and I screamed. I knew the boiling water had gone on my hand so I quickly put it in cold water but I wasn't aware of any damage...until the pain started!

The seering burning pain I got when I took my hand from the water made me realise I'd hurt myself. As I started to examine my hand further I started to panic a bit as I realised the burns were much more serious than I'd ever had before. My skin had gone white in places and had almost dented in with wrinkles of skin.

After having my hand in water for a while I rang 111 to see what they'd advise. Immediately they told me to go to A&E but I resisted this idea as I couldn't drive and had no one to take me at now about 1am! However I quickly realised that the pain was unbearable and I followed their advice and wrapped my hand in cling film. In agony I rang a taxi and arrived at A&E at around 1:40am.

The cling film really helped to take away the pain- the 2x ibuprofen and 2x paracetamol did nothing previously. And then I waited...and waited...and nodded...and waited...until finally at about 5am I finally got seen!

Having taken off the cling film it was clear that blisters had now formed and I was told I had superficial second degree burns. The doctor told me to leave it uncovered for the night but to dress it to protect it later in the day.

Awkwardly there are burns situated between my two fingers (the blistered ones), which means I can't separate them! And with it being my right hand, and I'm a very right-handed person, it makes life very hard! 

My hand now looks like this and although I managed to do my final show last night, everyday things are impossible! I can't write, I can't tie up my own hair, can't wash my hair or get my hand wet so my mum has that lovely job later! I'm unsure whether I can drive (testing this theory out shortly). I don't know how I'm going to do my job tomorrow if I can't fasten my own coat, let alone a child's!? So yes, I've well and truly messed things up for myself haven't I!

Note to self: Do not put boiling water into plastic containers, especially with lids!!! *IDIOT!*

Hope you're having a more successful weekend than me?!


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