Saturday, 6 September 2014

Body Shop's Raspberry Eau De Toilette

Hey. Just a quick post to share with you my new find. It's the Body Shop Raspberry Eau De Toilette spray. 

Now I have to tell you I'm in no way a massive fan of fragrances and perfumes. In fact I have to be careful with scents as many tend to cause me headaches. However I do enjoy fruity smells such as DKNY apple perfumes.

When my friend Fay took me into a Body Shop store recently, I honestly wasn't expecting to be leaving the shop with a bottle of the above product! As I say, fragrances aren't something I tend to shop for but I simply could not resist the raspberry spray! The Eau De Toilette is so lovely with quite a sweet scent whilst also having a sharp/sour kick to it meaning it doesn't get sickly.

I love this and at £8 a bottle for 30ml I don't feel it'll break the bank. Also the size of the bottle is just perfect for your handbag. I take mine with me everywhere, even on nights out when I feel I want to freshen up a little!

If you like raspberry, then I'd say go and check this out in store. I don't think you'll be disappointed! :)

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