Saturday, 8 November 2014

Last Sunday was AWESOME!!!

Hello! So I've been wanting to do this post ALL week but I simply haven't had chance until now. So last Sunday, after the exciting few days I'd already had (see here), I woke up early to head down to Warwick for my business training day. I was excited to hear from the special guest speakers and also mingle with people in the business. Once the room filled, (@ the Hilton Hotel) there was approx. 250 guests.

I had absolutely no idea that the presenters planned to do a little celebratory recognition for people who had reached certain positions in the business. As I have recently become Supervisor I had to go to the front along with others like myself. Pretty daunting with a room full of people.

The opportunity arose for two of us to share our story. My heart pounding I decided to volunteer. I promised myself a few months back that I would say YES to more things and take any good opportunities that come my way. It's not everyday that you talk in front of a bunch of strangers!

Over the course of the day I gained so much knowledge and fantastic tips to help expand my business. The speakers were all so brilliant! ...

Then came the prize draw...

One of the many things that this business does well is: RECOGNITION. Already many of us had been applauded and praised for doing well in our businesses, but it didn't stop there. As an extra incentive for the month of October, some of the top people in the business had arranged a raffle type prize draw. There were so many brilliant prizes up for grabs, with the top prize being an iPad Mini.

Around 500+ tickets were in the hat, of which I had 14 of them. After a few announced name came out and I won a lovely Forever Aroma Spa Kit (which I would certainly recommend). Very happy, I went up and collected my prize!

Never did I expect what was to come...

I only went and won the main prize!!! Completely overwhelmed and shaking like a leaf I went up and collected my Brand NEW iPad Mini! Chris (a very successful lady in the business) asked me if she could ask me a question. She said 'has anybody ever given you a free iPad?!' To which I replied 'NO!!' Again, it was quite daunting in front of all those people but completely amazing at the same time!

It's safe to say I went away from the event absolutely chuffed to bits! I still cannot believe the day I had!

I love this business! :)

Take a peek at it here.


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