Friday, 27 July 2012

Treadmill countdown

Hey guys...hope you are all well!

Ok, so I wore my impulsive buyer's hat and took the plunge and bought a treadmill! I know, I know. It was only yesterday that I started considering one!

I actually clicked the buy button last night after a very hard boot camp class. Guess I was feeling motivated?! In the end I went with one from Argos...

...It's the Reebox Pure+ Treadmill. I bought it for £319.99, down from £499.99. Bargain!

Now, sadly it's not being delivered until Friday 10th of August as this was the earliest date I could opt for. Hence my countdown title! But I am rather excited :)

This particular one had two 5* rating reviews, but it's little brother (the Reebok Pure Treadmill) had over 20 very positive ones. I figured they were essentially the same but the Pure+ would be slightly better, if only for the mp3 speakers. Yes, it has speakers! Big plus for me. There's no better motivation than music in my eyes!

Sooo...that's my news! When it arrives I will no doubt let you know what I think and do my own user review. To treadmill, or to not treadmill? I'll let you know! ;)

Bye for now!

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