Sunday, 15 July 2012

Chinese takeaway...EEEK!

Hello. Hope everyone's feeling fit ;) Now, I have a dirty confession... Saturday night I had a chinese take out! But, before I get shouted at I need to mention that it was all above board and was within my Weight Watcher's ProPoints!

To be honest I was a little concerned because it has been said that you should avoid your danger foods. Danger foods meaning the ones that you can't just have a little of and end up stuffing yourself to bursting! Chinese is my major danger. I know many are choc-a-holics or cheese fiends but no, I have been known to eat my body weight in ribs, rice and spring rolls! OOPS haha.

However the way I see it is, if this WW plan is basically for life (perhaps not always AS regimented but still) then I can't cut out something I love so much completely. Where's the enjoyment in that?! =) So I decided that, rather than it being contraband and perhaps only eaten when 'cheating' (which, let's face it, this would definitely end up happening eventually), I would allow it as a treat every once in a while. Seems fair to me, and boy did I have fun! ...

So I scrutinised the menu and despite being encouraged to choose the 'healthier options' by other WW users, I decided I would select things that I really wanted. I mean what is the point in having chinese and ordering something totally different to the stuff you like?! So, I went with:

Crispy aromatic duck with pancakes (I shared this starter and had 3 rolls in total)
Egg fried rice (Half of a container)
Szechuan Chicken (Less than half of a container)
Chow Mein (Less than a quarter of a container)
Spring roll (I had 1 as they came as a freebie!)

The portions vary on the different dishes literally because I ate until I was full. I thought that this might be a challenege though, as I find it difficult to resist chinese and usually end up eating until I'm uncomfortably full... just through pure greed! So the fact I managed to resist dipping into the leftovers meant I was quite proud, if I do say so myself :) The Chow Mein was probably a bit ambitious as I ordered too much but I saved the remains (basically a full dish) and had it for lunch today. They point Chow Mein at around 9 so I counted it as 7. As for the total points for the chinese meal, I generously calculated it as 59 using my remaining daily points and all the weekly points I'd worked so hard to save all week.

As I've said previously, I usually find I lose the most weight when I've used up most of my weeklies so I'm hoping this will be the case tomorrow when I do my own weekly weigh-in! To be honest I am a little apprehensive about whether the massive meal will impact on my progress, but given that I also had 34 activity points aswell I should be ok, fingers crossed.

They say that when dieting your body eventually adjusts to what you're eating, so eating more every so often is supposed to give your metabolism a kick up the behind! Well, I will soon see tomorrow. Wish me luck!

I'll let you know how it goes...I'd love to hear about your progress this/last week?? What is your danger food?

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