Monday, 16 July 2012

Bad veggies!

Hey :)

Now, generally fruit and vegetables are free on the Weight Watcher's plan and I've been enjoying fruits such as; strawberries, cherries, apricots, bananas, nectarines, plums and melon. You'll notice I tend to prefer the finer fruits- apples and oranges just aren't my thing! However, bar enjoying the ocassional corn on the cob (these are actually around 2 points) I haven't been finding veggies easy to fit in. I do like the quick to grab salad bags, cuecumber and tomatoes (actually a fruit, I know) but in terms of cooked veg, it hasn't been happening.

So, I picked up some mushrooms, peppers and frozen veg bags that you microwave. I also bought the Fry Light oil spray so I could enjoy the first two buys fried for nil point! When it came to pointing the veggie bags I naturally assumed that these too would be 0 points...WRONG!

I couldn't believe it...3 PROPOINTS for a bit of frozen veg!!!

I mean look at it! The picture might not show the size, but these things are tiny. And on a daily 26 propoints...I would be crazy to deduct 3 of those for this! Now I'm not entirely sure why they are so high but someone told me that they are coated in something, which would explain their silly pointing!

Something I am fond of, is the WW Toffee and Honeycomb Sundae...

These are truly delicious and you get a rather generous portion. Brilliant for a treat after lunch or dinner. And funnily enough these sundaes are pointed at 3 PP each...

I know which one I'd prefer!? I say...put in a little more effort with your veggies, buy fresh ones and prepare them yourself. Fill yourself until your hearts content with a 0 point total and then tuck into a mouth melthing dessert like this one with those 3 points you've saved! =)

Safe to say, I won't be buying the microwave veg packs ever again.

Have you found anything naughty, hiding behind a 'healthy' disguise? Let me know!

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