Monday, 23 July 2012

Personal goal...achieved!

Hey guys. So, today was weigh-in day, just like every Monday. And like every Monday I always feel a little bit nervous. Granted, last week I was more anxious as it followed a rather large chinese, but still, the butterflies were there.

I'd been beyond good all week, with just under half of my weekly points left untouched. Says a lot for my social life this past week. Dull, very dull! And as you may know if you saw my post about Boot Camp, I definitely have been giving my all when it comes to exercise. Two high impact classes in one evening, hardcore. Or crazy!

So like normal, I went to my Spinning class and worked my butt off! Tonight's session was perhaps unusally hard due to the humid warm weather cast down on us East Midlands folk today. I can't comment on anyone else's forecast. Don't get me wrong, I like sun and after the buckets full, or rather ocean's full, of rain we've had lately it was appreciated. Just not a fan of the sticky, 'hot and bothered', air. However sadly, England doesn't tend to do any other kind of warm weather... Rant over!

Drenched, I got on the scales. I've used the same scales since I started Weight Watchers and always worn my trainers, so it stays fair and consistent. Result! Definitely -1 lb !

Now, it's quite difficult to get a completely accurate reading on the scales as I have to try and stand straight, whilst also leaning over to read the damn things. And they aren't digital. I repeat this a couple of times to double/triple check my results. At one point I thought I'd lost 2 lbs but it was hard to be 100%, so I went with the definite -1 lb.

I can't help but be a little dissapointed that I couldn't say that I had lost at least 2 lbs, as losing the most weight you've lost in a week is always a desire. But I shouldn't be greedy, hmm ironic really and should be happy with the loss!

I then also realised that this in itself is a personal achievement. When I started exercising this summer I weighed roughly 9st 10lbs and was seriously pushing the overweight territory at just 5ft 3ins tall. When I started Weight Watcher's I had dropped to 9st 7lbs but still felt seriously unhappy and unfit.

Recalling that I weighed around 9st when I started university 3 years ago, not a huge weight increase I guess unlike some that plonk on a good few stones, I told myself that it would be great to get back to that. I set myself the unspoken goal of dipping under that 9st mark. we are! One personal goal, ticked and counted for at 8st 13lbs!

I am very proud of how far I've come since May...any of you out there that have achieved either weight loss or something similar will understand how much it means. However I did think just under 9st would be enough but I'm nowhere near as supple or as toned as I was before university. And so my next goal is underway...My WW goal weight of 8st 7lbs.

Of course I am only too aware how addictive weight loss can be and I know that when I reach that goal I'll probably give myself a new goal. But I will not be stupid. Healthy is what I aim for, perhaps defined too, definitely not ill! For my height, to be within the healthy section of my BMI I can weigh a minimum of 8st 1lbs. I doubt I will ever reach that to be honest but if I did I'd make sure I didn't go lower...the emancipated look isn't for me guys!

Hope all my WW family did well this week...let me know?! And I hope everyone is keeping up with the motivation?! I find some cracking inspiration on Twitter. This one made me chuckle:

Think of sweat as your fat crying.

It's surprisingly motivating! But they aren't all silly...there is some good tips floating around such as:

Reminder: Skipping breakfast won't make you skinny. Skipping ANY meal won't. It actually puts your body on defense and it stores fat!

I retweet many of the motivational ones, sometimes the funny ones to keep me focused for the day. Why not follow me on Twitter @ellie1989 ... I'd love to hear from you!

Stay strong peeps. New day tomorrow! Good night.

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