Saturday, 28 July 2012

Does Slendertone really tone?

Hi everyone. Having a good weekend?

So I have one of these...

A Slendertone flex belt. And before you I didn't buy it! It was my mums but she let me have it a few summers ago. So mine is possibly an older version- perhaps the original?

Now, I actually get along with the belt quite well. The sensation is very strange and you can feel your stomach muscles contracting. Be aware that if you turn it up too high it can be painful! Lesson learned on that one!

If you can get by the weird pulling feeling, then it's important that you find the time to use it on a daily basis. But... does it work?!

Well, two summers ago I used the device on a daily basis, sometimes more than once per day, and I did feel it helped to achieve a flatter stomach. However, if you are looking for a magic quick fix then don't be fooled into thinking that this will give you one. In fact, is there any such thing as a quick fix? No pain no gain in my eyes.

However, saying that I have experienced some soreness around my stomach muscles after using this repeatedly (I suggest building up usage gradually to avoid this discomfort). The fact that you can feel where it's been suggests that it does SOMETHING?! Right?

I definitely think that the device is best paired with regular exercise to achieve optimum results. I personally feel that if a 'couch potato persona' is thinking that 30 mins of this a day, in front of the TV, will perform wonders, then they'd be wrong.

If something feels too easy and seems too good to be true then it usually is. However, my mum isn't able to do workouts or strenuous exercise due to back problems, yet she believed this to work. I can't help but think that this could be the placebo effect but she seemed pretty adamant so maybe, just maybe it does work to some degree on its own. Of course, she paired healthy eating or dieting with the device...and that's a whole different story ;)

So...I thought I'd give the belt another try for myself. In fact, I started using it on Thursday but forgot to put it on yesterday so I'm starting afresh from today. Obviously, I'll still be doing my exercise routine and following the Weight Watchers plan, so it won't be a test solely using the ST belt. But, I will have some idea of its results! I'll keep you posted on this.

As for other Slendertone products, well...I stupidly went ahead and purchased...

The Slendertone flex shorts. At a overpriced £99.99 I was bitterly disappointed. The silicone pads inside the shorts (6 in total) made them really difficult to get on.

And after a good 5 minutes applying the shorts, I found them to be very uncomfortable with a cold wet feel to the pads. This literally made my skin crawl! So much so, that I had to physically stop using them! 

As for the was similar to the belt, yet unlike that device, I didn't feel they pulled in any muscles as such. I never felt a difference after I'd worn them and often the pads would remain stuck to my legs when removing them. The process of peeling them off myself and reapplying them to the metal studs was tedious and frustrating and generally the whole experience was rubbish!

I assume, like many, I was drawn into buying these shorts by the fact that they appeared to tackle most women's main problem areas- the bum and thighs. However, sadly I never felt any 'tackling' was being done and after persevering with the shorts for a few months I put them in the back of my draw with no intention of ever wearing them again. Later, I sold them on Ebay...hope the buyer got on with them better than I did!

Of course these are only my personal opinions and not everyone will agree with them. If you have them and like them, then I'm least you didn't waste your money! But, in terms of me recommending the Slendertone Flex's a big thumbs down!

Any Slendertone experiences out there? I'd love to hear about them. Feel free to get in touch with me via Twitter also- @ellie1989

Bye for now!

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