Monday, 16 July 2012

The verdict! if you saw my Chinese takeaway post you'll know that I was unsure what the impact would be on today's weigh-in. And it wasn't brilliant. I lost 1/2 a lb.

So it was a loss which is something but it was disappointing. I guess I wanted to have my cake and eat it, so to speak, and lose at the rate I have been.

However, although I'm putting my pityful results down to the intake of chinese I do have to question whether other things also came into play.

* Last week was the only week that I ate just my daily points and didn't dip into my weeklies until it got to Friday/Saturday (where as you know I ate them all!). And as I do daily exercise classes that are quite intense I know sometimes my body requires some weekly points on top of my dailies, especially when I am earning 7+ activity points. By not doing this I may have been not eating enough on those days, perhaps causing my body to hold on to, as opposed to lose??!

* Another thought, one I would rather not accept, is that my body may be getting used to my eating and exercising causing my weight loss to plateau. Eeek! I really hope this isn't the case!! Although I'm pretty sure if you follow the WW plan, then you are supposed to see losses each week and I suppose I did, even if it was minute!

Regardless of my theories...when it comes down to it, I was truly right in saying that chinese should be seen as a treat! I feel like it's fine to indulge every now and again, but I guess if you do then you've got to be prepared for its effects!

I'll definitely enjoy it again, but for the time being I'm going to stay clear of it. I guess I've had my fix for now so I'll be able to go a while without! I know, I've just made it sound illegal or something haha!...but literally I cannot be trusted around it. If I was strong enough to fight temptation, then I would just order a chow mein dish for myself when other's are ordering, but I don't quite have that amount of willpower! It makes me weak. Good job it's not something part of daily life, I'd be doomed!

I feel sorry for the chocoholics out do you do it?! Any tips & tricks?

I'll be back on track this week! Wish me luck and I'll send some your way.

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