Monday, 6 August 2012

Core Blimey & Update!

Hey everyone. Hope you are all well.

I had quite an eventful weekend...I went out for a meal and a few drinks and it turned into a disaster, being well past drunk! Not good. I also lost my iPhone and shoes!...But it seems I'm a lucky girl and they were returned to me. There are some good samaritans still out there! Could get a nice price for an iPhone 4!

I have a feeling that the fact that I don't regularly drink, combined with fact I've been losing weight meant that my body couldn't handle half as much as I thought. Well, lesson well learnt!

So, not surprisingly I've felt absolutely awful for the last two days. However, determined not to be beaten by my own 'stupid-ness' with drink I went ahead to my booked exercise classes earlier tonight.

This week I again tried out a new class...Core Blimey. Now, if you haven't heard of this one or maybe it's given different titles depending on where its taught? Then, as it hints in its name, its a core workout.

The session only lasted half an hour but I'd say it was quite intense. There definitely wasn't much resting time in between the different workouts! We went straight into working the abs and began on the floor doing a concoction of different crunches and sit-ups. We also held the trusty plank for a minute.

Placing a mat on an exercise step we did some more crunches, before lifting the legs up and down, in a sort of rocking technique...

Basically like in this image but higher up on a step. I believe they're called reverse crunches.

Finally we got into partners. There was an odd number of us and I was the one I had to pair up with the instructor! She made the exercise look FAR easier than it was haha. I had to lie on my back whilst she stood just in front of my head. I had to hold on to her ankles whilst pushing my legs up to meet her outstretched hands and back down.

It was like this picture (a vertical crunch) but obviously my hands were above my head, holding her ankles. It truly was difficult to maintain the up and down pattern, but you could tell it was a great exercise to work your core muscles. OUCH!

All in all I thought it was a good quick session that I think I'm going to feel tomorrow. Obviously, me being the exercise junkie that I am, I had to stay for the next class (still the same instructor) and did Body Pump. I did a blog post on this class last week if you wanted to know more about it. Sure is a arm killer! ALSO, I found out what the different coloured weights weighed that I spoke of in that post. Yellow is 1.25kg and green is 2.25kg (If I'm remembering correctly that is!)

I definitely wasn't on TOP form tonight with my hangover still looming but I think I did very well considering! Tomorrow is Spinning and rest for the wicked ey!

Quick update for you all. Now last week I was disappointed with staying the same, but the day after I double checked the scales again and I had infact gained 1lb! Even more frustrating. Which meant I was back up to 9st.

Today however was a much better day and I saw a loss of 2lbs! YAY. It was arguably -2.5lbs but I decided to just stick to whole lbs, as I weigh myself rather than go to Weight Watchers' meetings.

Hope you all got the results you were looking for this week! Also if you're on Pinterest I'm Elliee1989 on there. Always posting some fitness inspiration or other ;)

Boy am I going to ache tomorrow!

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