Monday, 27 August 2012

Error, Update and Bank Holiday

Hey everyone.

In my last post I told you all about how I thought the scales I'd been using were wrong...well I was right about that! Indeedy they told you a weight 7lbs lighter than you in fact were!

Presumably the Boots scales that I paid to use were correct with a more realistic reading of 9st 3lbs!...At first I was a little disappointed that I had been thinking I was under 9st but then I realised that it didn't actually matter. I have lost 11lbs whilst doing Weight Watchers and this is an achievement in itself. Proud!

I was also a bit relieved as I knew in myself that I must have been heavier...I was reaching my goal weight and still not feeling like I assumed I would!

Anyway, so today of course is a Bank Holiday Monday in England which means a nice day off for a lot of workers out there :) Sadly, for me it just means that my exercise classes are cancelled and my local gym is closed. Charming.

Today is also my 'weigh-in' day as it were but both the 'wrong' scales and some other scales, that I've now determined are correct, are located in the closed gym...So I'm going to try the ones at a gym further afield!

I'm guessing I've lost 1-2lbs this week as a quick check on Friday said 9st 1lb whilst Saturday read 9st, we'll see!


Now, as some of you may have seen on YouTube in my recent haul video...I purchased a treadmill. I wrote a post a while back on whether it would be a wise decision to buy one, with the intention of taking it to my uni house with me. wasn't a good idea. In fact it was rather stupid of me!

When ordering the machine I checked the length, width, depth, all seemed fine. But, I missed out one crucial piece of information...the WEIGHT!

Needless to say it was HUGE! Why did I never expect a folding treadmill to be so big and heavy?! One review on the machine, from a lady, spoke about how it was easy to fold away and move. I'm thinking she must have looked like this is...

...because there was no chance I could move the machine on my own. In fact I couldn't even lift half of it up and the two huge delivery guys struggled!

So...back it went! I had to wait two weeks for a collection slot...but finally I saw the back of it! Good job because I was fed up of tripping over it to get around my bed haha!

I learnt a lesson there- Always check the KG info and generally just don't order big machines! OOPS :)

Hope you're all having a productive week!...Keep motivated and continue to think about how far you've come, NOT how far you have left to go!

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