Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Minor Set Back & Update

Hey. Hope you are all doing well?!

So, tonight I found out that the scales I've been using to weigh myself on are possibly 7lbs light and so if true I'll actually weight 7lbs more! Not ideal! However, the only good thing is that I've been using the same scales from the start so regardless of them being correct I have still lost the weight I had thought I had.

But now I don't know what to think. The gym I go to have said that the upstairs scales are correct but I don't really trust those either. It's quite frustrating to think you're 3lbs off goal weight then discover you probably aren't! I suppose at least I've definitely lost 11lbs since joining Weight Watchers...regardless of my start weight I'm definitely much happier now :)

As for tracking my weight and the app and what not....I think I'm going to have to go to weigh myself at the doctors or something to ensure I get a correct reading and then adjust my start weight accordingly? Or maybe just alter my goal weight to lower than it actually is?! Arrrrghhh.

What a pain in the ... ;)

Anyway, as for an Update  ...it was a STS (stay the same) for me this week but I actually wasn't disappointed for once. I was surprised to have lost 2lbs the week before...so it all balances out, kind of.

I guess this is where going to meetings is a better choice as you get a correct weigh ins! Nevermind, I'll sort it out somehow. Very proud to have dropped a dress size and even two dress sizes in terms of dresses!...Just shows what a bit of hard work and motivation can achieve =)

So keep with it everyone!...YOU CAN DO IT!

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