Friday, 31 August 2012

Running shoe issues!

Hey everyone. Hope you're all having a good week! :)

So, on a previous blog post, I spoke about getting my feet tested for some new running shoes.

The sales assistant firmly assured me that I needed a insole for my 'overpronating' right foot (I explain what this means in the earlier post so check that out) and said that the Adidas trainers, shown in the picture, would be fine. So I went ahead and purchased.

However after wearing my new trainers and insole only a few times, (yes she recommended that I only wear the insole in my right foot!), I realised that something wasn't quite right. My left foot seemed quite comfortable at first but my right foot, with the insole, started developing a nasty inner arch blister! OUCH.

I persevered with the problem for a little more a week thinking that they might need some bedding in, yet if anything the issue just worsened. I returned to the store to see if they could help and was informed that I was given the wrong information regarding the insole(s). Instead I should have worn both insoles as wearing one can cause inbalance and discomfort! They apologised and told me to wear both insoles. Problem solved?

No. After wearing the trainers with both insoles inserted I began to get the familiar inner arch blisters on BOTH feet. Perhaps stupidly, I then went back to wearing the insole in just my right foot again...afterall, surely it was better to get discomfort in just one foot rather than two?! At this point I was convinced that my issues were created by the insoles.

Wrong again. Strangely, after another 1-2weeks, the inner arch blisters, still appearing on my right foot, started to redevelop on my left foot also. Now I knew that the insoles weren't the cause (as I wasn't wearing one in my left shoe) I began to point the blame at the trainers and returned yet again to the store.

The sales assistant said that the trainers may be too narrow for my feet. As for the insoles, he said that they weren't even designed for overpronation, which is why I was sold them in the first place! They were more just for extra comfort/support...not the information I was given and at £20 not something I would have purchased without good reason.

I think the SA felt sorry for me, after all the wrong information and problems I'd had, and agreed to refund both the trainers and insoles.

In their place, I bought these Asics trainers with a price tag of £70. A little more than I wanted to pay tbh. I opted out of buying anymore insoles...the bad experience put me off them!

Problem solved?...Errrrm...sort of. So I gave my new trainers a little 'bed in' before doing a exercise class in them and all seemed well. In fact, I did a whole weeks worth of classes and all was fine. However, when it came to my weekly gym session and running on the treadmill...I ran into some problems. No pun intended lol!

After around 8 minutes at speed 8.6mph I felt that all too familiar burning sensation in my inner arch. This time it was on my left foot! Almost hobbling to a standstill, I uncovered a nasty red blister and was confined to the exercise bike and other machines that required little trainer movement for the rest of my session!

Unsure that the trainer could be the culprit, yet again, I decided to invest in some good socks, specifically designed for running. At £15 for just two pairs of trainer socks I meant business...and I also purchased some blister plasters.

Applying the plasters and the pricey socks I returned to the treadmill. I lasted just over 10 minutes before the  familiar pain resurfaced. Strangely though, I had been wearing the trainers without any plasters or fancy socks for all my exercise classes, without any discomfort whatsoever...It seemed running was the issue.

Determined not to give up, I went with a suggestion of wearing thicker socks. I applied blister plasters, my expensive trainer socks and then a pair of thicker sports sock. This time I lasted a good 20 minutes at a faster speed, before I felt any discomfort and to be fair I ran as much as I had wanted to on that particular session. Result!

Today I prepared my feet in the same way and managed to last 27 minutes before being defeated by the blisters! I had given myself a target of 30 minutes, but the fact that I seem to be running for longer now, gives me hope. I'm guessing that the trainers will get more comfortable as time goes on and my feet will also grow harder to the running?! Wish me luck! :P

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