Saturday, 29 December 2012

A 'Beauty-full' Christmas Haul

Hello. So I hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas! :)

*CAUTION* This is a if you don't like then I suggest you click the x now!

I was a very lucky girl this year and Santa brought me lots of lovely presents. I thought I'd show you the beauty related gifts I received! 

Full Christmas Haul
I did a full Christmas haul over at my YouTube channel so click the caption if you want to watch that instead! 

Onto my beauty gifts...

I'll start with the electricals!

These were a total surprise! My parents gave me them to unwrap about half an hour after I'd opened all of my presents. Very excited to finally have a pair of GHD's. They straighten like a dream! :)

This again was a lovely surprise. I'm suffering with quite bad skin at the's like return of 
the acne from my teenage years! So my mum bought this in the hope it might help. I also suffer with sinus issues so it may just kill two birds with one stone, so to speak ;)

Again my parents were very thoughtful in buying me this present. Since becoming a fitness freak earlier this year (you can read about my journey in my other blog belliebegone) my feet have suffered a little and my heels have become hard, dry and itchy! Nice. This electric pedicure machine should sort them out in no time!

And now for the make-up. It's my haul after all so there was always going to be make-up involved! :p 

SO excited about this present! I love all things MAC (apart from maybe their cleanse off oil!) and when I saw this online I instantly wanted it. However it was £45 and so I hummed and ahh'ed until the next time I looked it had SOLD OUT! :( ...But, I was amazed to find that my local Mac store still had these in stock with just days to go until Christmas. My mum asked me if I'd like it?...Well...erm...too right! Thank you thank you thank you! 
The beautiful kit comes with a 129se blush/powder brush, a blusher in Born to Love, a lipglass in Pure Flattery, a Creme Sheen lipstick in In A Heartbeat and finally a technakohl liner in Photogravure, a nice brown shade! Additionally the case it comes in is just to die's top quality!

Staying with the Mac theme...It's the 217 eyeshadow blending brush! I've been wanting to get my hands on one of these for so long! :D

My mum usually does a little makeup bag like this every year and I always enjoy finding some nice goodies inside. She got me a MUA The Artiste Collection eyeshadow palette, 4 peel-off face masks, Vasaline healthy hands and stronger nails hand cream, Vasaline Rosy Lips balm (perhaps the Vasaline products came with the bag?) and a MUA Lip Boom in shade LMK. There was also a mascara but I traded it with her so I can get the new Max Factor Clump Defy one ;)


I've never been much of a perfume fan as many fragrances used to give me migraines. But recently I've been getting better with smells and have two perfumes: The Fame by Lady Gaga and the DKNY Apple. This is my third perfume. My mum decided to hope for the best when she bought me the Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy perfume and hoped I could wear it without any ill effects. Fingers crossed!

And last but not least, skin and body care.

Something else that was on my hit list for quite some time...I thought I'd join the Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish crew! I picked this present but was still excited to receive it and try it out! The starter kit comes with the Cleanser, a Tonic and a muslin cloth.

And finally, a Soap & Glory Soaper Heroes gift set! This includes Clean On Me, Flake Away, Righteous Butter, Girligo and the famous Hand Food. Can't wait to try all of this lovely stuff out :)

And there we have it...there are the amazing beauty themed things I received for Christmas this year. I know I am very lucky and I really appreciate everything I get. I literally cannot wait until I'm no longer a student and can start buying brill pressies for my parents!...I feel like I have a lot of repaying to do!

I'd love to see other Christmas be sure to link me yours on here or Tweet me: @ellie1989 

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