Saturday, 15 December 2012


Hey guys. *It's nearly Christmas!* :)

Anyway... being one of those lucky individuals to have the absolute pleasure of troubled skin *joke*, I'm always in the market for a new 'kick-ass' remedy! To be honest I never imagined to have "teenage skin" at 23 but as it goes I do.

So, around this time last year I was doing a bit of shopping and couldn't help but check out the Benefit counter. Along with purchasing a crease-less creme eye shadow, I picked up one of their mini magazines showing off their products and inside I saw BOO BOO ZAP with a 'coming soon' beside it.

After reading on and discovering it was a spot fighting treatment I was immediately interested, especially as I've always been impressed with my Benefit purchases. Once released (early 2012 I believe) I went to check it out, but was a little disappointed with the size of the tube!

Containing just 7.4ml and with a £13.50 price tag I was a little unsure that it would be worth the money. However, as anyone suffering with acne or spots might know, desperate times call for desperate measures and I decided to purchase the tiny little tube anyway.

...And boy am I glad I did!

Not only did the treatment help tackle my delightful spots but it actually lasted me almost a full year. In fact it just ran out yesterday, which is what reminded me to review this little beauty.

I saw that on the Boots site it's called Benefit BOO BOO Zap Blemish Gel, Gel being the arguable word. I wouldn't say that the product's consistency is gel-like in any way, in fact it is more akin to water. This is one of the reasons that I find the treatment so easy to work with. It doesn't leave any noticeable finish on your skin, which means you can easily apply it under make-up without any ill effects. 

There is definitely a fairly strong smell to the formula which I feel resembles alcohol. Personally I like it but I guess it wouldn't be everyone's cup of tea! It actually reminds me of an alcoholic based solution that the doctor prescribed me for my skin issues many years ago...but with a slightly sweeter scent. 

As for the 'spot-fighting', I definitely notice a difference when I've used the product over the course of a couple of days. It is very fast acting in drying spots up and reducing their size quickly. It also claims to prevent new ones from forming and I would probably agree with this. I mostly suffer with blemishes around my chin area and whilst using this over the past few days, (applying religiously at night), I haven't had any new outbreaks and the spots I have are clearing up nicely.

In terms of usage over the past year I would say I've used the product at least every week, often applying generous amounts of it at a time. I've had phases of trying other stuff but generally I've always come back to using this, as it is so easy to use. The substance is clear and quick drying which means that if I apply it at night before bed, nothing is transferred to my pillow.

I am shocked at how long the tiny little tube has lasted me and also at the quick results BOO BOO ZAP achieves. I'm definitely going to repurchase this product within the next few days!

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