Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The weigh-in & motivation!

Hello. Hope you are all having a productive week so far! :)

As I mentioned in previous posts, over the past few weeks I've somewhat fallen off the wagon so to speak (no I'm not an alcoholic, but rather the healthy lifestyle wagon!) So when I took to the scales for the first time since reaching my Weight Watcher's goal weight, way back on the 28th October, I was bracing myself for the results!

However, the nail-biting experience was only further prolonged when it showed my weight in KG. No clue haha. Call me old fashioned but I much prefer the trusty stones and lbs!

So, after eagerly fiddling around with my iPhone and doing a good old Google search, I found my results...

Shocked face, for effect ;)
Amazingly, I'd not only managed not to gain any weight but had also lost a further 3lbs! RESULT. I couldn't believe it as I was convinced I'd put on...literally gobsmacked haha.

Knowing how much crap I've eaten of late as well as the decline in exercise I've come to one possible explanation. Which is, if during the 6 weeks of teaching practice the pure 'hectic-ness' and stresses took a bigger toll on me than I had realised and I in fact lost more weight in that time. Meaning that over the past few weeks I have gained weight but obviously my starting point was considerably lower than I thought?! Who knows? Your guess is as good as mine...

But anyhow, the main thing is happy times as I haven't ruined any of my hard work. Hooray! :P Also maybe a good message can come from this. Maybe it is OK to let your hair down and go all out every once in a while...have a couple of 'big nights' or stay in with takeaways, if you're dead on your feet cut your gym session and go the next night or swap to a less strenuous activity...Don't deprive yourself of treats ALL of the time because that isn't healthy either. 

The key is to find something that works for you and stick to it the best you can. We all have slip-ups and days where we want to give in but think about how far you've come. Remember the time when you couldn't walk up the stairs without the breathless feeling or when you'd stuff yourself to the point of feeling physically sick and wondering was it even worth it?! 

If you're just starting out then well done, you're taking the first step to becoming the person you imagine yourself to be. You'll never feel any better about yourself if you don't do something about it. Only you can make it happen. So, congratulations in mustering up the determination to start something...and when you've finished it and reached many of your goals you'll have all the more reason to celebrate! :)

Stay strong!

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