Saturday, 8 December 2012


Hi there!

Slacking...well yes, on two counts! Firstly apologies for not posting in a while, I guess life just got in the way! Secondly, I've also been slipping a little on the fitness front...

Da da daaa! O oh! :/

Yes, I'm afraid since stopping the scrutiny on my food and counting Weight Watcher points and the likes, I feel that I've been a bit naughty and junk food has crept back in!! Sometimes things just get too tempting to resist!

I have to say that my main trigger/downfall is clubbing! Whenever I go on a 'big' night out I know that, for one, my calorific intake will be through the roof with alcohol beverages and two, I would rather die than not get food at the end of the night! Literally I feel like I turn into some kind of wild animal, desperate for the taste of greasy food...drunk munchies are awful! And then the next day is also often a complete write-off as I am constantly attempting to fill the horrible empty feeling of hunger (due to the booze)! Soak it up!

Big thumbs down to alcohol...afterwards at least!

Luckily though I'm not a mega crazy student and don't actually have THAT many big nights out...Quite boring like that :)

Over the last two weeks I've been particularly off form. I finished teaching practice. Yes, I survived! Just. And I have to say that it was a stressful time indeed, especially as I picked up a bug that was circling around my school. Silver lining was a decrease in eating I guess. But that didn't last long and the tiredness really started to take its toll towards the end of my practice, resulting in more sugar and less gym action.

Anyway I passed my teaching practice...woooo! But then of course this called for celebrations, and quite a lot of them. Takeaways, big nights and lots of laziness and skipping gym sessions. I deserved it right?!

Yesterday I moved back home for the start of my Christmas holidays and after a lovely but guilty chinese with my family last night, this morning I made a point of signing straight back up to my local gym. Time for my much missed exercise classes! I paid £22.50 for a two weeks membership which I didn't think was too bad considering I'll get my money's worth in 2-3 days! Boy have I missed them! :)

Weight wise? Well I actually haven't set foot on any scales since I reached goal weight at the end of October, so Monday will the first chance I get to see if I've caused any damage with my overindulgences over the past few weeks! I'll let you know the results! Wish me luck.

If you haven't been 'good' today, it doesn't mean the whole thing is ruined. Start afresh tomorrow :)

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