Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Max Factor Flipsticks...

Now I'm pretty sure most of you will have seen the popular Max Factor advert on television at some point, showing off the Colour Effect certainly got some airtime! The shade 'Gypsy Red' caught my attention in particular. I loved the idea of adding a touch of gold on top of a vibrant red colour! And quite frankly, the model made it look beautiful. Max Factor brought out 6 shades in total and I have 3 of them to show you in more detail.

Top: 15 Boreal Mauve
Middle: 30 Gypsy Red
Bottom: 10 Folky Pink
The first thing I noticed about these lipsticks or 'flipsticks' rather, is their delicious smell. They don't have any particular scent I wouldn't say but they are just generally nice smelling lipsticks! Which if you ask me, is a bonus :) 

They have a very creamy texture which makes applying them easy and gives your lips a nourishing feel. However, I did find the 'Gypsy Red' shade to be a little different to the others in that you can indeed feel the glitter within its formula. This unfortunately gives this one a rather grainy feeling and it doesn't feel as moisturizing as perhaps the other two.

The lipsticks all have two shades, with the idea being that the darker colour is worn underneath the lighter shade. Alternatively you could simply wear the two shades individually, however I feel it's the combination of the two that gives it that extra 'appeal' factor. 

Gypsy Red, Boreal Mauve, Folky Pink
If you're a fan of sparkly orangey-red lipstick and don't mind the feel of glitter on your lips then I'd say pick up the flipstick in 'Gypsy Red'. The effect of overlapping the colours gives a really nice look and the colour is fairly long-lasting. 

The shades in 'Boreal Mauve' worn individually are really pretty, yet I wouldn't say wearing the two together give any standout results. I think the colours are a little too similar to make any stark contrasts but I guess applying them both will make the lipstick last for longer. If pretty in pink is your thing then give this one a go!

As for 'Folky Pink', this is my favourite. The berry shade is all in this season and the pigmentation of this colour is brill! It gives a long lasting stain to your lips and applying a little of the goldy-silver shade on top gives it that extra shine!

All in all, I think Max Factor did a good job with these! They retail from the likes of Boots for £8.49 each.

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